I am the new girl at the Sega Beta sorority and the leader and I don't get along and her boyfriend bothers me, what happens when something unexpected happens?


2. Chapter 2

I wake up the next morning to the smell of bacon so I get up and change and go downstairs, walking past the living room where there are a bunch of sleepy girls, some that are asleep and I see Shyann walking downstairs. “Hey.” She says and I smile and we walk to the kitchen together. We get a plate and start piling food on it. “Way to be a pig.” Brittany mutters and I look at Shyann and she rolls her eyes. “Way to be a bitch.” I mutter and Shyann giggles. “What are you giggling at?” Brittany asks and I look at her. “I told her a joke.” I say, smiling. “Well, do you mind sharing it?” She asks, crossing her arms over her chest. “Actually I do, it’s for mature ears only.” I say, winking at her and then walking out of the kitchen. “I see you two are getting along nicely.” She whispers and we go outside and sit on the porch. “She was being a bitch to me first just to look cool in front of her boy toy.” I say and I see Louis flirting with another girl. “He is on the move.” I say, biting into my bacon. “I am not surprised.” She says and I snort. “Me either.” I say and I see the boy with brown hair and brown eyes from yesterday. “Hi Shyann,” he says, smiling and she giggles and blushes. “Hi Liam,” she says and he walks past and she sighs happily and I stare at her. “What was that?” I ask and she laughs. “Nothing,” she says, her cheeks turning a bright pink. “Ok, then stop blushing.” I say and she blushes deeper and I laugh. “Exactly, do you like him?” I ask and she giggles. “Just a little bit,” she says and I nudge her and she pushes me and laughs. I take our plates inside and in the sink. “Um, new girl, do the dishes.” Brittany says and I look at her. “None of the other new girls did the dishes.” I say and she laughs. “Because I asked you to,” she says, laughing. I glare at her and quickly do the dishes with her laughing at me the whole time.

I go back outside where Shyann is staring at a shirtless Liam playing soccer and Louis and Niall and two other boys. “Way to look creepy.” I say and she jumps and looks at me and I smile. “Oh, I didn’t notice I was staring.” She says and I laugh and go down the drive way. “Look out!” Shyann yells and I turn and catch the football that was so close to hitting me in the face. “Be careful!” I say and I throw the ball at the guy who threw at me. “She loves balls to the face.” Louis says, making all of the guys with him laugh. “You are the dicks who keep kicking them at me!” I exclaim and he smirks and I go inside and get my bag. “Let’s go.” Shyann whispers and Shyann and I walk to the college.

We go through the whole day in all of the same classes. After classes we go back to the sorority and of course Brittany wants us to do things. “Tonight is the annual mixer.” She announces and I lean on the wall. “Christy, Shyann, you need to get the snacks.” She announces and I sigh and Shyann and I leave. “She is treating us like her own dogs.” I say and Shyann nods. “She treats her dogs better.” She says and I roll my eyes and I see Alex. “Hi Alex,” I sigh and she smiles. “Hi.” She says and I notice Niall is not with her. “Where’s Niall?” I ask and she shrugs. “Hanging out with the guys, he says sometimes he needs to be with guys and not with me all of the time because I am boring.” She says, looking at the ground and I turn and I see him laughing with some guys he is with. “Hang out with us, we are about to go to the market.” I say and she nods and walks with us.

We show up to the market and grab a cart. I step on it and push off of the ground and ride on the cart. The girls chase me and I start grabbing chips and throwing them in the cart. I step off and we all burst into hysterics. “What should we get besides chips?” I ask and Alex shrugs. “Chex Mix?” She asks and I shrug and I go down the aisle and grab some and throw it in the basket. We go up and down the aisles and I push Alex in the cart and she laughs and then Shyann gets in. We go to the bike section and Shyann and I plop down on a bike but Alex hesitates. “Come on; let’s give you some confidence to show Niall how cool you can be.” I say and she smiles and gets on a bike and we ride up and down the aisles and grab balls and bounce them on the ground. Soon we are kicked out, still having to pay for everything and we head back to the sorority.

We go inside and put all of the bags on the table and go back outside. “Hey Alex,” Niall says, walking up and she smirks. “Hey baby.” She says and wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him and he just stands there. “OOO!!” Shyann and I say, laughing and she turns and winks at us. She grabs his hand and pulls him along with her. “Have fun you two!” I say, laughing and she laughs. “There’s Liam, alone.” I say to Shyann and she looks at him and smiles. “Come on, I will come with you and talk to him.” I say and she bites her lip. “Ok.” She says and we walk over to him. “Hi Liam,” she says and he looks up and smiles and then looks at me. “Christy, right?” He asks and I nod. “Hi.” He says and I nod again. “What’s up?” Shyann asks and he shrugs. “Just sitting here,” he says and I smile. “Ah, looking for me?” I hear Louis say and I turn and he is smirking at me. “No, I wasn’t.” I say, walking away from Shyann who was making Liam laugh. “Calm down.” He says, grabbing my arm and I yank it away. “Don’t touch me asshole.” I say and I shake my head. “Why are you being such a bitch?” He asks and I scoff. “Why are you being such an asshole?” I counter, crossing my arms. “Babe, are you ok?” Brittany asks, walking up to Louis. “Yeah,” he says and she kisses him and I roll my eyes and walk away.

“Christy!” Shyann shouts and I turn and she runs in. “He said yes!” She says and I sit up. “To what?” I ask and she laughs. “I asked him out on a date and he said yes!” She says and I smile. “We are going after lights out, do you think you can help me, sneak out, I mean.” She asks and I smile. “Fine,” I say and she hugs me and I smile and we go downstairs for the party.

We go outside and dance and we see Alex and Niall and they are making out in the corner and I giggle. “Hi Liam!” Shyann exclaims and he smiles. “Hi!” He says and they walk away and I just go to the snack table. “Hello.” I turn and Louis is there. “You are everywhere, aren’t you?” I ask and he smiles. “Everywhere you are.” He says and I laugh. “What’s your fascination with me?” I ask and he smiles. “Everything,” he whispers and then he escapes, going over to Brittany but he keeps staring at me for the rest of the night.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies! Chapter 2, I hope you like it!! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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