I am the new girl at the Sega Beta sorority and the leader and I don't get along and her boyfriend bothers me, what happens when something unexpected happens?


1. Chapter 1

I am on my way to my new college and I am kind of nervous. A lot of stuff can happen and I could get kicked out. The taxi pulls up to the large stone building and I get out and grab my bags and look around. “Hello, welcome to Sega Beta sorority,” someone says and I turn and there is a strikingly beautiful red headed girl says. “Hi, I’m Christy.” I say, shaking her hand and she leads me inside the building. Everything is wood, except for the trophies and furniture. “Lisa! Give me my bra back!” A girl yells, chasing after a girl who looks like the girl chasing her. The red head leads me upstairs and to a little room in the back that fits two people. “This is your room; by the way my name is Brittany.” She says and then leaves. I sit down on the bed and look down at my phone where my boyfriend left me a message. ‘I love you Christy, I miss you so much <3’. I smile and quickly text him back. ‘I love you too Blake, I miss you too!! <3’. I put my phone in my back pocket and I go outside where there are girls flirting with some guys. I see a group of guys playing soccer and some throwing a football. I walk down the driveway and I sit down on the stone fence, under the cherry blossom tree.

I am looking around when something hits me in the head and I fall to the ground. “Are you fucking kidding me?” I ask, getting up and picking up the soccer ball that was kicked in my face. “You should have moved.” A boy with brown side swept hair and teal eyes says, walking up to me. “You should have warned me.” I counter, holding the ball under my arm. “I did, you shouldn’t have been daydreaming.” He says and I roll my eyes. “I wasn’t.” I say and I kick the ball and it flies back to the group of guys. “Next time don’t be my target.” He says, narrowing his eyes at me. “Whatever asshole,” I say and he smirks and looks me up and down and then walks away. “Babe, take it easy on the new girl.” Brittany says, kissing the guy. “She was bitching at me.” He says his British accent clear. “Louis, be nice.” She says and he rolls his eyes. “Sorry that I kicked you in the face.” He says sarcastically. I flip him off and sit back down. “Don’t worry about him.” A girl with blonde hair like mine and hazel eyes and glasses says. “Hi, I’m Shyann.” She says and I smile. “Hi, I’m Christy.” I say and I shake her hand. “I am staying in the Sega Beta sorority.” She says and I smile. “Me too, I am new.” I say and she laughs. “Me too!” She says and I laugh too. A girl with brown hair and blue eyes, carrying a lot books walks by with a blonde boy and then she falls. “Princess, are you ok?” The boy has an Irish accent. “Yes.” She says and I hop up and help her pick up her books. “Hi, I’m Alex and this is my boyfriend Niall.” She says and I smile and help her up. “I’m Christy and this is Shyann.” I say and she smiles at us. “She is kind of shy.” He says, putting his arm around her. “It’s alright, here are your books love, have a nice day.” I say, smiling. “You too,” Alex says, smiling and they walk away and I go inside and Shyann takes me to her room.

We go down for initiation and I am surprised at what Brittany tells us to do. “You have to clean Zeta’s sorority.” She says, smirking and I glare at her. I can already tell I am not going to like her. We walk to the boys’ sorority and go inside. “You, bathrooms,” a boy with brown hair and brown eyes says and points a little group of girls. “You all are lucky, you get the bedrooms.” He says, smirking and we go upstairs and fan out, cleaning the rooms. “I am not surprised to see you here.” Louis’ voice fills my ears and I roll my eyes and turn and he is shirtless. “I am just trying to get through initiation.” I say, picking up a dirty shirt. “Well you are in my room.” He says and I roll my eyes. “Good for you.” I say and I start picking up random, dirty clothes around the room and I could feel him watching me. “Do you love the view?” I ask, not even looking at him. “Yes, quite enjoyable.” He says and I roll my eyes again and turn and he is right behind me. “Back off.” I say, pushing him away and I leave his room and find Shyann. “Can’t handle this,” I whisper. “You have to try.” She says and I nod and I go back to Louis’ room. “Back again, I missed you.” He says sarcastically and I sigh. “I am just going to pick up all of this dirty shit and then I will leave.” I say and I set down the basket that I have and pick up some jeans. “Don’t forget the shirt on top of the telly.” He says and I turn and there is a shirt on top of the TV so I walk over and grab it and throw it in the basket.

The rest of the day, Brittany made us do the weirdest things until most of us just stopped. Shyann and I go up to our rooms and I collapse onto the bed and stare at the ceiling. I climb into the bed and under the blankets and I grab my IPod and turn on some music and soon fall asleep.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies! I hope you like this story! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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