Turn the Page


1. Chapter 1

~"Merry Christmas! Can we wrap your gifts for you today?" I asked trying to act energetic at my new job. I was a gift wrapper at the mall and since it was my first day, I was trying hard not to screw it up. My first customer was an old woman shopping with her grandson who insisted on her buying the entire Lego store. You had to flag down people and pressure them into allowing you to wrap their gifts with a huge, fake smile. I think the worst part of the job was the uniform. We had to wear santa dresses and reindeer antler headbands that jingled. I had my real clothes on underneath but customers weren't able to see my skinny jeans because of the table in front of us for gift wrapping.
"Sure, that'd be great. Thanks." a blonde haired guy smiled. He placed his items on the table and I passed them to the wrappers as he got out his wallet to pay. He looked through it for a minute then pulled out a debit card. I smiled then swiped the card on the register.
"I like your antlers." he remarked. He looked up from his wallet and flashed me his stunning blue eyes.
"Oh yeah, they're great." I responded sarcastically. I gave him back his debit card and the wrappers were almost done. He'd gotten some pretty expensive things; an iPhone 5c, Xbox One, universal remote, and guitar.
"Have a nice day." I handed him his bag of wrapped gifts and I left my station.
"Wait! Where are you going?", Kayla, one of the gift wrappers, called me. I turned back around so I was facing them.
"It's the end of my shift, I've gotta go home." I replied taking off my antlers and santa dress revealing my skinny jeans, t-shirt, and chuck taylors. I went back over and placed the antlers and dress on the table. I pulled out my iPhone and began walking to the lift to go down to the first floor. I reached the lift, pushed the button then sent my mum a message that I was coming home. I looked up when I heard a ding. I walked in and began playing "Counting Stars" by OneRepublic.
"Wait!", I faintly heard someone yell from outside the lift. I took out one of my earbuds to see who was calling. Someone ran into the lift in a rush.
"Almost missed the lift." He explained. I nodded and placed the earbud back in my ear. He had blue green eyes and dark brown gelled up hair. His hands were full with bags of gifts. He said something but I couldn't hear what he said over my music. I paused my music and took off my headphones.
"Sorry?" I asked.
"Louis. My name's Louis." He smiled. He reached out his hand to shake but it was carrying an enormous amount of clothes. It nearly slipped out of his hand but he caught it.
"Need help?" I chuckled.
"Yeah, thanks..." Louis waited.
"Paige." I smiled.


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