The Life Of The Unknown

a normal pure-blood girl goes to a muggle school and has to leave everybody she loves behind and breackes up with her boyfriend just to go to hogwarts when she is 16 years old and starts in first year and is by far the oldest in her year and falls for draco the slytherin bad boy/ hart throb but she is in griffindor she is their princess what she doesnt know is that she is one of the last airs of griffindor alive other than dumbudor and is hated by ravinclaws and hufupufs cause of her brains and she has what all 4 founders valued top of her class but is smarter than harry potters group even hermine she is a planed house prefect and the schools head girl.


1. meeting me

See the pic? yer well that is me 

Name: Lucky Envert

Blood: Pure- but doesn't know but when she does find out she is proud

House: Slytherin

Age:     16

About:   Heya people my name is Lucky Envert I have pretty BLUE EYES that everybody loves                 the girls at my school envy me as I'm by far the prettiest and I can get any guy I want but I'm not a girly girl yuck I"m a TOMBOY i hate skirts and dresses with a passion even my mum and dad don't understand but really KEEP THEM AWAY FROM ME OR I WILL BURN IT!! I swear I'm a nice person once you get to know me you see trusting somebody is hard for me my hart has been broken that meany times you have to earn my trust I don't give it away to people all the girls think I'm mean when they don't know much about me at all I get beaten daily at home school is my escape and in my room I have a first aid kit I was adopted I don't know my real mum and dad all I remember is them saying to me it is for my own good it's to keep me safe cause some mad man is apparently after me and the people that adopted me are vile and cruel I have to do all the work but I do get paid for it which I'm grateful for they let me go shopping for new clothing in January each year for my new look they are famous so they can afforded it so I go shopping with my 'mum' she is the one that lets me go shopping it's my 'dad' who abuses me to him I am no more than a sex toy, my mum trys to stop him so she is going to put me in boarding school for my safety because of how bad he treats me.


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