The Sex Games

Harry. Harry Styles
He said all sweet, I didn't believe him
He was a player and wouldn't love me

What happens when your friends and you play a game called
"The Sex Player"
Where Harry,Niall,Zayn,Liam and Louis try to win over a girl to have sex with her will seine fall in love or just use her for pleaser find out in the Sex Games
Sexual content


4. chapter 4

Lily's P.O.V

Today was the day I'm turning 18. Well first I has to go work. On my BIRTHDAY!! They didn't believe me I was so pissed but then I'm going to Harry's. He made me feel so happy and loved. I wonder if he knew it was my birthday. I got to work and I just couldn't stop think about my birthday and Harry. Until my boss yelled at me for not doing anything. I do modeling here so I don't known how I'm supposed to do something but just stand there and greet people. Yeah our boss tells us that if we have cute models we will get more customers. So she put me out there. REALLY!!

Ok it's time to leave finally l. When I was leaving I was supposed to call Harry? Who knows why but I did anyway.


Hey- I said

Hey so are you leaving-he said like he was rushed

Yeah. I will be at your house in about a half an hour-I said kinda confused

Ok, babe see you later- he said

Bye-I said

I hung up and walked to my car.

Harry's P.O.V

I knew she was kinda scared after the party I was going to ask her to be mine. I was scared all the boys were kinda still pissed at me from that night me and Lily had sex.

We knew what we were doing and we had fun. Anyway we were all ready for her to come well what we were going to do is everyone was going to hide and I was going to be in a box and pop out as a "present".

I hope she likes it.

Lily's P.O.V

I was pulling up to Harry's house but it looked like nobody was home. I knocked in the door and nobody answered. I just walked in and it was pitch black. I was kinda scared.

I went to turn on the light when the light turned on and everyone jumped out of a spot and yelled SUPRISE!!!!

I was scared at first then I realized what happened. It was everyone from school so there was drinks. No adults so, that means beers and making out.

Everyone walked up and said happy birthday and some girls from school come over and hugged me. I realized Harry wasn't there. I asked people and they just ignored me. I was looking when someone started to talk in a microphone.

"I would like to wish Lily a happy birthday!"- Niall said loud in the speaker. He went on "so I got you this present"

I turned around and seen, a big box bring rolled in. I went to open it when Harry popped out. It scared the shit out of me but it was really cute. He yelled SUPRISE. I jumped and everyone started laughing. I kissed him and everyone just awed.

We started dancing and having beers. Me and Harry we grinding on each other and drinking beer. I was really drunk by the end of the night so I just decided to spend the night there. The party was still going and Harry pulled me aside he wasn't really drunk.

He pulled me outside and he bent down on his knees and said

"Lily will you go out with me"- he said with a sexy low voice

I studded and said "y-ye-yes"

Harry's P.O.V

She said it. She said yes. I am so happy. Lit was already 2:30 am so the party was over and she decided just to stay here and so did the boys. She was drunk so she wanted to play truth or dare.

Zayn yelled really loud "YES!"

We all laughed and got in a circle and got a bottle. Lily said she would go first because she thought about playing.

She twirled the bottle and it landed on me.

"Truth or dare Harry"-Lily said

"Dare babe"- I said and winked all the boys were confused.

"I dare you to kiss-" I was waiting to say her but it happened

"Kiss Louis"- it was still funny so I did it.

It lasted 2 seconds

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