The Sex Games

Harry. Harry Styles
He said all sweet, I didn't believe him
He was a player and wouldn't love me

What happens when your friends and you play a game called
"The Sex Player"
Where Harry,Niall,Zayn,Liam and Louis try to win over a girl to have sex with her will seine fall in love or just use her for pleaser find out in the Sex Games
Sexual content


12. chapter 11

Niall's P.O.V

*ring *ring

My phone was going off and I answered and it was management.

"Hello Niall"- Simon said

"Hey Simon what's up?" I said kinda if nervous

"So you are with this girl named lily right" he said getting more stern.

"Yeah we are dating" I said wondering what he was getting at.

"Well you better brake up her because we have This girl Barbra and you are going to fake date her for attention. (Don't get mad I love Barbra).

I froze and couldn't move. Me and lily. What about us. I love her and if I have to "date" Barbra it will test me and her apart.

"What do I do about the girl I love and she is my girlfriend" I said

"Dump her and don't tell her why then walk in the house with Barbra and make her jealous so she will want to leave and paps.

I couldn't do that to her.

"We will give you 5,000 million if you do it" he said

"I'm not doing it bu-"

"Niall, Niall do it or your out of the band"

I starred in front of me to see Lily starring at me with a confused look on her face that's when I said to him.

"Deal but nothing more than hugs."

"Deal, do it sooner" he said

That's when I walked over to Lily and starred to say.

" Lily I have to tell you something but i still love you."

"What do you mean Niall" she said getting a little concerned.

"I met a girl and her name is Barbra and I am going to start dating her bu-"

"You are joking right. Niall how could you do this to me is she prettier is that what it is. Niall I trust you and after what happened with me and Harry you did that. We are through and don't even look my way and by the way I liked someone anyway and they will treat me with respect me" she said screaming.

She started crying and I whipped it away until she slapped my hand away and was about to get up from the bed and walk out when I grabbed her arm and started to talk

"Lily don't be m-"

"Don't be Niall you are leaving me for another girl thanks for caring"

She walked and I will never see her again...

I just fell back in bed and whispered to my self

"What did I do"

That's when I started crying and fell asleep.

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