There's nothing special about me. I grew up like any other normal Amity girl. But my test results..... Maybe I'm not like the other girls...


1. The Choosing Ceremony

I walked with my family toward the huge building looming before us. The Hub is the tallest building in the city, so tall you can't even see the top. You used to be able to, back when the marsh was still a lake. Now, the top disappears behind the cloudy and foggy sky. I've heard rumors that people used to go to the top floor of the building and stand in thin glass boxes. That probably wouldn't be the best place to be if you were scared of heights. Really, I think anyone willing to stand in one of those things had to be an original dauntless. Talk about bravery! The dauntless now would never be that brave, or stupid, enough to do that! 'Speaking of dauntless,' I thought, watching as huge groups of people jumped out of the train passing by.


A wave of nervousness washed over me as I thought about the Dauntless and the Choosing Ceremony. My entire family is expecting me to choose Amity and to spend the rest of my life with them, working in the orchards, taking care of the kids there, like my mother did when she was my age. But the results of my test... Maybe it's not the life for me... Maybe I do belong in a different faction.


We walked in to the main room and took our seats. I sat next to my friend Cece, but she was talking to the person on the other side of her, so I just looked around. I looked over at the large bowls and the knife that would decide our fate. Each bowl was holding a different substance to represent each faction. Reflective glass for Candor, calm water for Erudite, smooth grey stones for Abnegation, soft earth for Amity, and sizzling coals for Dauntless. By the time they start calling names I was already squirming. My legs were falling asleep and if I didn't get up and stretch soon, I'd surely die. My mother always tells me to be more patient and to relax, but I've never been good at sitting still for too long, and I can never seem to relax, no matter how hard I try.


"Erin Underwood." They called. As I walk toward the front of the room I realized, I haven't thought about what I'm going to choose. I trip over my own shoe and stagger forward to regain my balance, getting muffled snickers from some of the Candor near me. As I get to the bowls, a man from Erudite offers me the knife. I hesitantly take it, remembering what happened the last time I held one. I carefully placed the blade against my palm and jerked it down. I stood there, not knowing what to do. I looked down at the thin long cut going across my hand and the blood that was starting to come out.


Without thinking, I closed my eyes and put my hand out in front of me, listening as my blood sizzled on the hot coals.

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