A George Weasley Love Story

Mia is a normal witch except that her parents hid a secret from her and her sister Pheme. Their parents died trying to keep them safe but the girls don't know what the secret is. This story follows them through their lives at Hogwarts, with conflict, relationships and the magic.


7. The Yule Ball



Luna: Mia you have to get up Ginny would like you.

Mia: Give me five more minutes.

Ginny: Mia you have slept most of the morning, you do not need five more minutes.

Mia: What’s the time?

Ginny: Eleven o’clock.

Mia: I definitely do need those five more minutes.

Luna: Why?

Ginny: Because she was out late with my brother last night.

Luna: Should that mean something?

Ginny: She was making…

Mia: Shut up. It’s no biggie.

Ginny: Don’t tell me to shut up because I will drag you out of the bed if I have too.

Mia: The bad thing is that I believe you.

Ginny: Me and Luna will go down stairs and if you don’t turn up in the next ten minutes I will come up looking for you.

Mia: All right, all right.

Ginny: Good.


Mia heard the door close and she got up and made her way into the bathroom; where she had a quick shower and she got dressed into a crop top, sweat pants and sneakers. After drying her hair she decided to make her way down stairs. –


Ginny: You took your time.

Mia: I had to *yawn* have a shower.

Ginny: I can see. Now off to have breakfast, then a whole day of makeup and hair.

Mia: Oh crap. That’s today isn’t it?

Ginny: Yes it is and I have given myself the challenge of doing your make up, hair and nails.

Mia: Well you’re going to have to catch me first.


Mia ran out of the common room and was followed by Ginny. Mia was in fits of laughter that she bumped into someone unexpectedly. –



Dean: Oh, sorry I… oh hi Mia.

Mia: Hi Dean, what you doing?

Dean: Getting away from the swarm of girls in the Great Hall.

Mia: Why?

Dean: You wouldn’t guess who had the love potion spilt all over them.

Mia: Who?

Dean: George. Now all the girls in the Great Hall are flocking all over him.

Mia: Aha, seriously? Poor bloke. First he is going to the Ball with one of the least popular girls in the school and now this.

Dean: You are pretty popular Mia.

Mia: Bullshit.

Dean: No, really. All the guys I know have fallen for you but are kind of scared that you would punch them if they asked you out.

Mia: Really? Like who?

Dean: Well Neville, Ron, Harry did at one point, George as you know, me and…

Mia: Come one who else could have liked me?

Dean: Malfoy.

Mia: What the F…

McGonagall: Miss Shepard.

Mia: Um… yes Professor.

McGonagall: Can I speak with you for a moment?

Mia: Sure, bye Dean.

Dean: Bye Mia.

McGonagall: Well there have been some rumors about saying things about your sister.

Mia: Like what?

McGonagall: That she is pregnant with Mr. Malfoy’s child.

Mia: And you wanted to ask me if it was true?

McGonagall: Yes.

Mia: Well they aren’t but I wouldn’t be too concerned as that is his plan for tonight.

McGonagall: Excuse me? He is planning on getting your sister pregnant tonight?

Mia: Yes. But I have it all under control.

McGonagall: Well I bet you do. Nothing to serious I hope?

Mia: Well not that serious but it will place a dent in his ego.

McGonagall: Well that is all you may leave now.

Mia: Yes Professor.


Mia walked away from Professor McGonagall and walked around the corner right into Ginny; who had of course heard the whole conversation. –


Ginny: Malfoy wants to make Pheme pregnant.

Mia: Yep.

Ginny: And have you tried telling her?

Mia: Yep and she doesn’t believe me.

Ginny: That sucks.

Mia: Do you know what else sucks?

Ginny: What?

Mia: Being hungry.

Ginny: All right lets go and get some food.

Mia: Yay.


Mia and Ginny ran into the Great Hall and pigged out on food. Mia stacked her plate with eggs, toast, bacon, sausages, marmalade, and two goblets of orange juice. –


Mia: This…is delicious.

Ginny: Yes, it is isn’t it. Are you sure you need all that food?

Mia: Yep.


George and Fred walked up to the table and sat down. George just sat there staring at Mia not knowing whether he should kiss her and risks his face being eaten off or just say hi. –


George: Hi, Mia.

Ginny: I wouldn’t interrupt her.

George: I wasn’t thinking about it.

Fred: So are you girls doing all the girly stuff today or can we steal Mia to set up a prank?

Ginny: I thought maybe after the girl thing maybe you would of had enough of pranks. Mia I know you do not wish to do the girly stuff but it is needed.

Mia: But *burp* I need to prank.

Ginny: Cover your mouth, and you do not need to prank. Are you finished eating?

Mia: Does it matter if I say no?

Ginny: No.

Mia: Then I guess I am finished.


Ginny grabbed Mia’s arm and didn’t let her say goodbye and pulled her off the Gryffindor common room. –


Mia: Why am I here?

Ginny: Because I couldn’t be bothered getting everything to your dorm so we are doing everything here.

Mia: Isn’t there more of a chance of George seeing me?

Ginny: Good point, all right help me get everything to your dorm.

Mia: Mobiliarbus.


Mia pointed her wand at the make up, hair accessories and all the other things that Ginny needed and she moved them to her dormitory. –


Ginny: Um, thanks.

Mia: Shit, I shouldn’t know that spell yet but I read it in a book.

Ginny: You still read books?

Mia: Yes, I still read books. What’s so hard to believe?

Ginny: Maybe you should make George read a book or a few. It couldn’t hurt him.

Mia: Aha, yeah I guess that is true though I’m still banned from reading books around them.

Ginny: Right. Well let’s get to your dorm.


Mia and Ginny walked out of the Gryffindor common room and walked right into Professor Snape. –


Snape: Miss Shepard, still reading books that are too old for you?

Mia: Yes.

Snape: Well, lets hope that it will come in handy in Potions next year.

Mia: Yes Professor.


Snape then walked off with out another word. –


Ginny: I thought that you would definitely get detention.

Mia: So did I.

Ginny: All right hurry up, otherwise we won’t have enough time to do your things.

Mia: How much do you need to do?

Ginny: Lots.


Ginny grabbed Mia’s arm and began smiling evilly and then pulled her along down the hall until they got to the Ravenclaw Tower. –


Ginny: Are you ready to be reformed Mia?

Mia: No.

Ginny: That’s the spirit.


Luna then pulled Cedric into the room. –


Luna: Mia, someone wants to see you.

Mia: Hi Cedric.

Cedric: Hi Mia.

Mia: What brings a Hufflepuff into the Ravenclaw Tower?

Cedric: Questions.

Mia: What kind of questions?

Cedric: About your family.

Mia: Okay?

Cedric: Mia, you have been the closest friend that I have had since you have been here. Even though you are younger than me I still come running to your for help and answers. I am feeling very untrustworthy since everyone else seems to know about your family except for me. Have I done something wrong?

Mia: Well I never really wanted to tell anyone but I really needed to talk to someone the other night and everyone was busy having dinner so I got back to the common room and Luna was here so I told her. And I didn’t know that she was a sleepwalker and even though it wasn’t her fault people found out. So I did the right thing and went and explained and apologized to the people who were offended that they hadn’t been told. I had no idea that you were upset that I hadn’t told you, if I did I would have come and told you.

Cedric: It’s okay, as long as I haven’t done anything wrong. I haven’t have I?

Mia: No Cedric you haven’t done anything wrong.

Cedric: Okay well I think I will let you get back to what ever you are doing.

Mia: Okay, bye Cedric.

Cedric: Bye.


Cedric walked out and so did Luna, she could see that she wasn’t needed anymore. –


Ginny: Wow, okay can we keep going?

Mia: Yes carry on. Would you mind if I read while you do my hair?

Ginny: No that is fine.


Mia stood up and found her copy of a Muggle book she had borrowed from Muggle Studies; Vampire Academy. –


Mia: Have you ever read these books?

Ginny: No I don’t read Muggle books.

Mia: It’s just so fascinating all the books that Muggles do write all have their own opinions on how different creatures, beasts and beings should be. Like in this book Richelle Mead has split Vampires into three different categories; Damphir, Moroi, and Strogi. Damphir’s are the offspring of a Moroi and Damphir, which means they are half human half vampire and they spend their whole, lives training to protect the Moroi’s from the Strogi. Moroi are the ‘good’ vampires that spend their time cooperating in politics and welding elements. Storgi are the ‘bad’ vampires that are the dead undead. They were once Moroi but chose to be immortal and only a silver stake to the heart can kill them or being decapitated or burned. They spend their lives living in the shadow of the night killing helpless victims trying to get their ultimate prize; a Moroi.

Ginny: Okay?

Mia: You find no interest in this do you?

Ginny: I will listen if you want to talk.

Mia: Thank you.

Ginny: What is another book with other opinions?

Mia: Twilight.

Ginny: Okay.

Mia: What Stephanie Meyer has thought of is that all vampires are the same but some are Vegetarians that only drink the blood of animals and can hold out for a long time without blood. The there are the other which kill and drink blood for fun and they are always hungry. Though in Meads book the vampires burn in the sun light, in Meyers book they all sparkle in the sun so that is why they live in cloudy places.

Ginny: I can see what you mean.

Mia: Yeah, but then these books all came from legends that were past down generation by generation from the witnesses of our world.

Ginny: Wow. That is amazing.

Mia: So every little book has its own truth that has been twisted and turned to become the writer’s own creation.

Ginny: That is cool. Can you make your hair blonde with blue streaks but keep the style the same?

Mia: Sure.

Ginny: Okay now the make-up.

Mia: What first?

Ginny: The foundation; this is very important as it will allow the other makeup to be applied easier and it will take the shine out of your skin.

Mia: Okay, next.

Ginny: I will work down from the top of your head.

Mia: All right what are you doing?

Ginny: I will explain as I work. Well your eyeliner is winged and the mascara is think and long. The eye shadow is the same color blue as your dress. There are gems that highlight your eyes and the wings on the eyeliner. The blush is a natural, soft pink. Your lips are a similar color to your blush yet brighter.

Mia: This sounds wonderful, why can’t I look in a mirror?

Ginny: You have to wait until I am finished.

Mia: Okay. Have you finished my face?

Ginny: Yes, now the nails next. Mia?

Mia: Yeah?

Ginny: Do you bite your nails?

Mia: Yes, sorry I do it when I am nervous.

Ginny: Do you know a spell that could make them better so I can paint them?

Mia: Yep. Reparo.

Ginny: Thank you.

Mia: What color are my nails?

Ginny: The same color blue as your dress.

Mia: Okay, my nails are done, what is next?

Ginny: Getting dressed.

Mia: What are you doing when I’m getting dressed?

Ginny: Putting my make up on.

Mia: Okay.


Mia walked into a closed off area that Ginny had put up so that she couldn’t see her self in a mirror. Mia couldn’t stand not looking at her self in a mirror; she trusted Ginny but she just wanted to see what she looked like. She finished getting dressed and saw on a table some jewelry and her shoes. She put them on and felt a little better, she couldn’t see herself but she thought that she must look really pretty. She moved the curtain and nearly walked into some one. -


Mia: Ginny there is some…


It took Mia a couple of seconds to realize it was her and it was a mirror. She looked stunning. Ginny had done an amazing job. –


Ginny: Do you like it?

Mia: Ginny I love it.

Ginny: That’s good I hope George does as well.

Mia: I’m sure he will.


Mia looked away from the mirror and looked at Ginny, she had the cute little dress that she brought and she was having trouble finishing her make up and her hair. –


Mia: Do you need help?

Ginny: Yes, could you do something?

Mia: Absolutely.


Mia walked over to Ginny and sat her down in the chair. Mia grabbed a little of her hair on both sides and pinned it together at the back with a butterfly clip. She then started on her make up: neutral except for the golden eye shadow and the swirls that came off her eyes similar to her wings. She then gave her light pink lip-gloss that was a similar color to her nail polish. Mia stood back and admired her work she had done. She then moved Ginny over to the mirror. –


Ginny: Mia thank you so much.

Mia: Your welcome. Now are you going to tell me whom you are going with?

Ginny: Neville.

Mia: Neville Longbottom? Aw how cute.

Ginny: We are just going as friends.

Mia: Okay. Now what is the time?


Ginny looked behind Mia at the time and grabbed her cardigan. –


Ginny: We have to go or we are going to be late.

Mia: Crap.


Mia really wanted to run out of the castle and down to the Black Lake and sit there and read a book but Ginny kept a strong grip on her arm so that she couldn’t get out. Ginny nearly dragged her around the corner to the Great Hall when Mia saw George. Mia jumped back around the corner dragging Ginny with her. –


Ginny: What’s the matter?

Mia: I can’t go.

Ginny: Why not?

Mia: I’m scared.

Ginny: Did Mia Shepard just say that she was scared?

Mia: Yes I did.

Ginny: There is nothing to be scared about.

Mia: There is everything to be scared about.

Ginny: Really? Like what?

Mia: What is George doesn’t like it?

Ginny: He will.

Mia: What if I spill something?

Ginny: You aren’t clumsy.

Mia: What if the dress tears?

Ginny: Mom put a spell on it so it won’t tear.

Mia: What if…

Ginny: Just get out there and give it a shot Mia.


Then Ginny ran around the corner and down the stairs, she knew that Mia would try to follow and she did. When Mia turned the corner there was Ginny standing next to George pointing up at Mia. Mia knew the only thing to do was to walk down the stairs, so she did. She walked down them only looking at her feet she didn’t look up until she had made her way down to George where he put his hand under her chin and lifted her head up. –


George: …

Mia: What?

George: You look …

Mia: Horrible in the dress?

George: Gorgeous.

Mia: Really?

George: Really.


They locked lips for what felt like forever until Professor Flitwick moved them apart. They both chuckled and then moved into the Great Hall. Nearly everyone had their eyes on Mia until the four contestants made their way into the Great Hall with their partners. –


Mia: Is that Hermione with Krum?

George: It is too.

Mia: Wow.

George: Yeah you can say that again.

Mia: Who is Cedric with?

George: Cho…

Mia: Oh.


The slow music started and the four pairs began dancing. Then the teachers began joining in and then other students. George then stepped in front of Mia and bowed. –


George: May I have this dance?

Mia: You most certainly can.


Mia grabbed is hand and he spun her into the dance area where they moved together to the sound of the music. When the first song finished the music became more upbeat and faster, Mia and George jumped right into the rhythm and were puffed after that dance so they decided to take a break and to have a drink. Other couples had the same idea as them. -


Mia: Wow, this is amazing.

George: Yeah it is really cool.

Mia: I wonder where Ginny is?

George: Still in there dancing.

Mia: Aha, wow she looks so happy.

George: But your sister doesn’t.

Mia: What?


She looked at George and he was pointing towards the exit and there was Pheme and Draco having an argument. Mia saw Fred looking at them and he made his way over to them and coped a punch from Draco, Pheme chose this moment to run out. Mia ran over there having difficulty with the dress but she ran passed Draco and glared at him. She tried to follow Pheme but she was having trouble and soon lost her. –


Mia: Pheme where are you? PHEME?


Draco appeared out of the darkness with a split lip and a black eye forming on his face. –


Draco: She doesn’t seem to be here.

Mia: I can see that. What do you want Malfoy?

Draco: Oh please call me Draco.

Mia: I don’t give a rat’s arse what you want me to call you. What happened between you and Pheme?

Draco: Well I told her what I wanted to do with her and she didn’t want to lose her virginity at a young age so I told her that I didn’t want anything to do with her then. After that Weasel came and I thought the best thing was to hit him and I did. Then you ran past me and I knew I had to stop or get a teachers attention so I began shouting and we were soon split apart. And then I came looking for you.


Draco walked forward and reached out and touched Mia’s check, but she slapped it. –


Draco: Please don’t be angry with me, I did what I had to do to get closer to you.

Mia: Why did you want to get closer to me?

Draco: Because I am in love you Mia.


Mia heard footsteps coming closer and she really wanted to call out to them but when she opened her mouth Draco’s lips were moving all over hers. His had moved down to her leg and lifted it up and pushed the dress up revealing her leg. –


George: Mia?


George had been making those footsteps; he had come looking for Mia. Mia sprung away from Draco as George turned away from her and Draco, George then walked away from the spot with Mia running behind him. –


Draco: See you later Shepard!

Mia: Go fuck yourself Malfoy! George please I can explain.


George stopped a couple of corridors away; they could still hear the music pumping from the Great Hall. George then turned around. –


George: Go ahead and explain.

Mia: I went looking for Pheme and Draco confronted me and pushed me up against the wall and I couldn’t get free.

George: Didn’t look like it too much effort.

Mia: He kept walking closer and closer to me when he was talking to me and I cornered myself up against the wall without realizing.

George: You are just a freaking slut!

Mia: George you know I would never do this to you.

George: Do I? It seems that nobody really knows who you are. Do you even know?

Mia: I know that I was happy when I am with you.

George: Bullshit. You are nothing but a liar and a slut.

Mia: But …

George: No I have had enough of the shit you have caused for me.

Mia: What shit? Everyone keeps saying that I am making you happy.

George: That’s what I thought also, but after seeing tonight I know it’s just an act.

Mia: Would it be an act if I kissed you?

George: You’re not freaking kissing me with the lips you kissed the cockroach with!

Mia: But I didn’t kiss him back.

George: Lie.

Mia: I am not.

George: I am going to leave before I do something I regret.

Mia: Like what?

George: Like hurting the girl I loved.

Mia: Loved?

George: Yeah I loved you, I guess it was just blindness to who you really were.

Mia: You didn’t even tell me.

George: I am so glad that I didn’t you slut.


With that the man that Mia had loved, the man she would have done anything for just walked out of her life and left her standing there sobbing. Mia made her way back to the Ravenclaw Tower and sat in her dorm on the floor in her dress crying. Ginny a few hours later found her there with Luna after her absence was found at the Ball. Mia told them the whole story and they understood everything even George’s reaction. –


George Weasley the man I love walked out of my life because I wasn’t able tell him everything about myself because I thought I needed to keep it a secret but I don’t. Because of that I lost the only man I will be able to love truly and because of what I did he will never be able to trust me again…I guess a 14 year old girl can fall in love and have her heart broken.

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