A George Weasley Love Story

Mia is a normal witch except that her parents hid a secret from her and her sister Pheme. Their parents died trying to keep them safe but the girls don't know what the secret is. This story follows them through their lives at Hogwarts, with conflict, relationships and the magic.


9. The Truth

. Then there was a bang from outside the Great Hall, then in came a pregnant Pheme with a 2-year-old Diana. –




Mia ran into her sister arms. Pheme hadn’t been at school very much for the past 3 years as she had been pregnant with Draco Malfoy’s child and then she was currently pregnant with Fred Weasley’s child. –


Pheme: I heard that the war was over and I came to see you.

Mia: Pheme I have some sad news.

Pheme: What?

Diana: Mommy?

Pheme: Yes.

Diana: Why are all those people sleeping?

Mia: Do you want me to take her outside?


Mia felt a hand on her shoulder; it was George. –


George: I will tell her the news.

Mia: Thank you.


Mia picked Diana up and walked outside with her. –


Diana: Aunt Mia?

Mia: Yes sweetie.

Diana: Why were those people sleeping?

Mia: Diana, they aren’t sleeping.

Diana: Then what are they doing?

Mia: They are dead.

Diana: How did they die?

Mia: They died saving the world from evil.

Diana: Cool.


Then Pheme came outside with George. –


Diana: Mommy?

Pheme: Yes Diana?

Diana: Why did you stay inside with all the dead people?

Pheme: Because one of them is…was your sisters’ father.

Diana: Did he die saving the world?

Pheme: Yes he did.

Mia: I think you should go home.

Pheme: You should come with me.

Mia: I don’t…

George: You should go home.

Mia: But Tonks isn’t there.


Molly came walking out with the whole family; expect for Fred. –


Molly: Come home with us.

Mia: Are you sure?

Molly: Yes, and Diana would bring more spirit to the house.

Pheme: Okay well I guess we could go back there.

Molly: Good, now lets all apparated together.


The group all came together and help hands and all apparated to the Burrow. Where Diana was put to bed and the girls were in the kitchen helping Molly and the men were in the lounge room talking things over. –


Molly: Mia can you get the parsley?

Mia: Yes.


Mia pulled the parsley out and had a large spider jump onto her hand. –


Mia: Ah!


The men ran into the kitchen wands ready. –


George: What’s wrong?

Mia: Sorry there was a spider on me.

Ron: You scream at a spider but can stare down a Death Eater?

Hermione: Be quiet Ronald.

Ron: Sorry Mia.

Mia: No it’s okay. I was just a little shocked.

Molly: Mia go and sit down with Pheme, I’m sure you have something to tell her.

Mia: Yes, Mrs. Weasley.

Molly: Please call me mom.

Mia: Okay…mom.


Mia grabbed Phemes arm and pulled her into the lounge room and sat her down on the couch. –


Mia: Okay. I spoke to Bellatrix today.

Pheme: She killed our parents and you spoke to her?

Mia: Well really I tortured her and I got an answer for what we have been looking for.

Pheme: So what are our ‘secret’ powers?

Mia: Well do you remember when they said that the wind warned our parents?

Pheme: Yes.

Mia: Well that was because our mom was a wind welder.

Pheme: Excuse me?

Mia: We are capable to control the elements without a wand.

Pheme: And you believe Bellatrix?

Mia: Well at first I didn’t believe her but after thinking about it, it all works out.

Pheme: Okay, what evidence do you have?

Mia: Remember when I over reacted when you were pregnant with Diana?

Pheme: Yes.

Mia: And we had that battle with our dragons?

Pheme: Yes.

Mia: Well Ebony made you capable to weld fire and we thought it was nothing.

Pheme: Phoebe was injured and you were able to save her without a wand.

Mia: Exactly, you are able to weld fire and I am capable to weld earth or spirit.

Pheme: How will we know for sure?

Mia: By practicing.


Mia and Pheme hugged each other and Mia remembered back to the day where the fight took place. –

Mia stormed into the Dungeons followed by Ginny. Mia was looking for Pheme as she had rumors going around about Pheme and Draco having a child. They got to the Slytherin door and it wouldn’t let them in.


Mia: For fuck sake let us in or just get Pheme.

Portrait: You dare speak to me like that you filthy blood traitor.

Ginny: Please could you get Pheme Shepard?

Portrait: Fine, if you leave after I do that it would be great.


The portrait disappeared and a few moments later Pheme walked out of the Slytherin common room. –


Mia: Is it true?

Pheme: Is what true?

Mia: Are you pregnant?

Pheme: Who told you?

Mia: Oh so it is true.

Pheme: I got together with Draco when I was drunk with firewhiskey.

Ginny: So you were practically raped.

Pheme: Keep out of this Weasley.

Mia: Don’t talk to her like that.

Pheme: Why not?

Mia: Because she has a point. Draco Malfoy raped you.

Pheme: Fine, but I am keeping the child.

Mia: If you keep that child you will stay with Grandma.

Ginny: Or she can stay with us?

Pheme: Oh the Weasley’s will take me in after what I did?

Ginny: Mom loves you both and she would do anything to look after you.

Pheme: Fine. I will stay at the Burrow.

Mia: Thank you. Now I have a cockroach to squash.

Pheme: Don’t you dare touch him.

Mia: Why not?

Pheme: Because I want him to see his child.

Mia: Fine I will only talk to him.


Mia stormed out of the Dungeons with Ginny next to her and Pheme struggling to keep up. She soon found Draco in the courtyard tormenting a first year. –


Mia: Stupefy!

First Year: …

Mia: Leave!

Draco: Shepard. What a pleasant surprise.

Mia: You got my sister pregnant.

Draco: Oh Pheme that was nothing.


Pheme walked into earshot and heard Draco. –


Pheme: Well that’s great to hear.

Draco: I didn’t mean that.

Pheme: Sure you didn’t Malfoy.


Pheme ran off in the direction of the Forbidden Forest. Mia punched Draco in the face and followed her sister. –


Mia: Pheme please stop.

Pheme: Why, so you can ruin my life even more?

Mia: What? I didn’t do anything.

Pheme: If you hadn’t confronted him then I wouldn’t have known and everything would be fine.

Mia: Yeah, because having a dysfunctional family is what your child wants.

Pheme: Stop acting like you did something good for me.

Mia: But I did.


Their two dragons came flying from the forest, taking a stance in front of their girls protecting them. Then they both sprung at each other as Pheme lifted her hand up and pointed it at Mia and flames shot out of the end. Mia sprung out of the way just in time but her dragon leapt in front of her still protecting her and it coped the hit of fire. Pheme stood back and watched as Mia crawled to her dragon and placed her hand on its heart. –


Mia: Please don’t leave me. I can’t have somebody else leave me in this world.


Then the dragon leapt to its feet and glared at Pheme and her dragon, Pheme ran in the direction of the castle as her dragon flew into the forest. –


Mia: Thank you. Now you need to go before somebody sees you.


Mia watched as her dragon flew off into the forest. –


Pheme: Mia?

Mia: Sorry, I was just daydreaming.

Pheme: Okay, now how do we do this?

Mia: I guess we just concentrate.

Pheme: Okay.

Mia: Do you want to try first or me?

Pheme: I will.

Mia: Okay.


Mia stepped back and watched Pheme as she closed her eyes and concentrated after a few seconds a red flame was produced from her hands. –


Mia: Pheme you can open your eyes now.

Pheme: Okay.


Pheme opened her eyes and smiled as she saw the flame in her hand. She then closed her hand and the flame was gone. –


Pheme: Your turn sis.

Mia: Okay.


Mia closed her eyes and concentrated on her hands that were stretched out in front of her. After a couple of seconds she felt a warm feeling run down her arm and into her hands. The she opened her eyes. In the palm of her hand she had a ball of light. –


Pheme: I guess you can weld is spirit.

Mia: Yeah.

George: Girls dinner is … Mia what is that?

George had walked outside to fetch the girls for dinner and saw the ball of light in Mia’s hand. –


Mia: My element.

George: So it’s true?

Mia: Yep. I weld spirit and Pheme welds fire.

George: Amazing.

Mia: It is but now I am hungry. Lets go and eat.


Mia grabs George’s hand and they make their way in side accompanied by Pheme. When they got inside Mia and George sat next to each other at the table whereas Pheme sat next to Diana. –


Mia: This looks delicious.

Molly: Well I hope it is.

George: It always is mom.

Pheme: Mia?

Mia: Pheme what’s wrong?

Pheme: My water just broke.

Mia: What?

Fleur: So has mine.

Bill: Alight to St Mungo’s we go.

George: I will take Mia, Pheme and Diana with me.

Bill: I will take Fleur.

Ginny: Bill can I come with you?

Fleur: Yes come on Ginny.

Molly: Be careful we will be there soon.


George dragged Pheme into the fireplace and they used the Floo Network to get to the hospital and Mia and Diana did the same. Mia made her way through and found Pheme who was being taken to a room with some nurses. –


George: They will only let family in.

Mia: Can you look after Diana and I will go for Pheme.

George: Okay.


Mia gave Diana to George and moved to Phemes room where she was pushing her second child out. –


Pheme: Mia get over hereee.

Mia: Coming.


Pheme grabbed ahold of Mias hand and she squeezed a few more times she pushed and out came a beautiful baby girl. The nurses tidied her up and passed her to Pheme. –


Mia: What are you going to call her?

Pheme: Fred decided he wanted to call her Cherry because he thought he was going to have red hair like the Weasley’s.

Mia: It’s a very suitable name.

Pheme: Thank you. Can you please bring Diana in here so she can meet her sister?

Mia: Sure thing.


Mia walked out and crouched in front of Diana. –


Mia: Do you want to meet your sister?

Diana: Yes.

Mia: All right come on then.


Mia grabbed Diana by the hand and pulled her into the room so she could meet her sister. –


Diana: What’s her name?

Pheme: Cherry.

Diana: Cutie.

Pheme: Mia can you bring the rest of the family in when they want to?

Mia: Definitely.


Mia moved outside and sat next to George and held his hand. –


Mia: Do you want to see your niece?

George: Does she look like Fred?

Mia: She has his eyes and it looks like his smile.

George: Then yes.


Mia stood up still holding George’s hand and they walked into Phemes room where on the other side they had moved Fleur in so the whole family was in there. –


George: She does have his eyes.

Pheme: I think she is going to be as cheeky as him.

George: They are going to have a mini female Fred running around Hogwarts.

Mia: That is true.

George: And he will get to meet her when she goes there.

Pheme: Yes he will.


Pheme reached up and gave Cherry to George and he sat down on a chair next to bed and held her while he cried. –


Molly: My Granddaughters; Victorie Weasley and Cherry… Is she a Weasley or a Shepard?

Pheme: She is a Weasley as Diana is Malfoy.

Molly: And Cherry Weasley.

George: She is cute.

Pheme: Yes she is.


George stood up and gave Cherry to Pheme and grabbed Mia’s hand. –


George: I’m going to go home with the others. Bill is staying with Fleur and I don’t know if Pheme wants you to stay with Diana or not.

Pheme: I can hear you and I will stay here with Diana, Bill and Fleur. We should be home tomorrow.

Mia: Are you sure?

Pheme: Definitely.


The group moved out and went through by pairs in the Floo Network back to the Burrow. –


George: Mia?

Mia: Yes.

George: Do you ever want kids?

Mia: George?

George: Not now but later in life?

Mia: Maybe, if it’s the right time.

George: Okay.


Mia and George exchanged a quick hug before Ginny, Harry, Hermione and Ron all came through the fireplace carrying Teddy. –


Harry: Look who we found.

Mia: He looks just like his mom.

George: Harry, aren’t you his Godfather?

Harry: Yes but there was someone else there who said that he was her cousin.

Mia: What?

Harry: She said that her name was Lola Tonks.

Mia: I have no idea who she is.

George: Do you want to go back and see her?

Hermione: There would be no point as she was gone and said that she would be back tomorrow to see Pheme.

Mia: How the hell does she know who we are?

Harry: Well if your mom was Nymophadora’s sister then she could be your cousin.

Mia: True but Nymphadora has never told Pheme or me about her.

Ron: How could you do that this morning?

Mia: Do what?

Ron: Kill your aunty?

Mia: I didn’t kill my aunty.

Hermione: Really you did.

Mia: How did I do that?

Hermione: Well your mother was Annabeth Tonks the daughter of () Tonks who was the sister of Narcissa Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange.

Mia: Does that mean that Diana is the child of my Uncle making her my niece and my cousin?

Hermione: I’m afraid so.

Mia: Excuse me for a minute.


Mia ran out of the lounge and ran to the bathroom where she made it to the toilet just in time to vomit in the bowl. Mia locked herself in the bathroom for a few more hours until she let Ginny in to drag her out to George. –


George: Um…Are you okay?

Mia: Not really.

Ginny: You do realize that no body else knows so that if we keep it a secret that Diana can just be Malfoy’s child without them knowing that Draco was Phemes uncle.

Mia: I guess that’s a good thing, but we can’t tell Pheme straight away.

George: Are you sure it’s a good thing not telling her?

Mia: It’s for her safety and for Diana’s as well.

Ginny: Then if you’re sure we won’t tell her.

Mia: Yes I’m sure and thank you.

Molly: Are you guys ready to go to sleep as it is getting late.

George: Mom I’m going to take Mia back to my place at the shop.

Mia: Are you sure you want to do that George?

George: Yes.

Molly: Then do that if you wish.


George allowed Mia to say goodbyes to everyone and then he grabbed her hand and they apparated to the shop. George showed Mia to the little house they had upstairs and he showed her to the bed. As soon as her head hit the pillow she had fallen asleep, George kissing her softly on the head awoke her the next morning. –


George: Mornin’

Mia: Morning.

George: Come on, mom sent some clothes for you to be ready in to see Pheme and Cherry.

Mia: Okay.


Mia walked into the bathroom where the clothes were set on the counter, she had a shower and decided to change the color of her hair to a deep purple to show that she was proud. The clothes that Molly had sent was a short beige dress with a bow at the back with white leggings and beige colored flats, as Mia moved them around out dropped a headband and some jewelry. She put everything on and walked out to meet George who stood there speechless staring at Mia. –


Mia: Are you just going to stand there or are we going to go?

George: We can go.

Mia: Thank you.


Mia grabbed George’s hand and they apparated to the Burrow where they nearly landed in the middle of a fight. It was between Ginny and a young looking girl with blue hair that was slowly turning red. –


Ginny: You cannot just walk in here and expect to get Teddy and leave.

Lola: Actually I can and I will.

Mia: I highly doubt that.

Lola: Really and who the hell are you?

Mia: I am Mia Shepard and you are leaving.

Lola: I don’t think so cous.

Mia: What did you call me?

Lola: You heard me right. I am Lola Tonks your cousin.

Mia: Okay well that doesn’t give you the right to come here and take Teddy.

Lola: Well I don’t care I am taking him.

Mia: No you’re not.

Lola: Yes I am.

Harry: Really you can’t because I am his Godfather and I have been placed as his guardian.

Lola: I don’t give a rat’s arse that you are Harry Potter but I am related to him and I demand to take my cousin.

Ginny: You had better fuck off before I hex you.

Mia: I’m with Ginny on that.


Molly came running in with her wand at the ready, she had been asleep at the time and had heard the racket so she got up. –


Molly: Who the bloody hell are you?

Lola: I am Lola Tonks and do not wish to repeat myself, so whether you like it or not I am taking Teddy.

Molly: Over my dead body you are.

Lola: Fine have it your way old woman.

George: If you say anything else to somebody in this room I am sure that you will have to deal with all of us as we have had enough shit for the past couple of days.

Lola: Fine. I will leave but this isn’t the end of it.


With that Lola apparated out of the Burrow and left the family standing there with their wands at the ready as Bill brought Pheme, Fleur and their children into the Burrow. –


Bill: What’s going on?

Mia: Just some distant relative trying to make family feud.

Pheme: What?

Mia: Don’t worry I will explain it to you later.

Pheme: You better.

Fleur: Molly where can I put Victorie?

Molly: I have put two cots in…Fred and George’s old room; one for Victorie and one for Cherry.

Pheme: Thank you Molly.

Molly: Its okay.


Pheme and Fleur both took their sleeping child up stairs in the cots. Mia sat down and had Diana come and sit on her lap. –


Diana: Cherry is so cute.

Mia: She is isn’t she?

Diana: When can I play with her?

Mia: When your mom lets you.


Arthur came walking into the room holding a tray of butterbeer and handed them out. –


Arthur: So Mia I heard you got high scores on your N.E.W.TS?

Mia: Yes I did, I got O’s on everything except Potions where I got an E.

George: Wow. That is amazing Mia.

Mia: I didn’t think I would get it because of everything going on but I got through it with help from my friends.

Ginny: Yeah you helped me so much.

Mia: You helped me as well.

Arthur: have you thought of a career?

Mia: Well I always wanted to be an Auror but after seeing the nurses working yesterday I think I want to be a healer.

Arthur: That is great and you have the scores for it as well.

Bill: Well I thought I may need this pamphlet but I think you may need it more than me.

Mia: Thank you Bill.


Bill leaned over and gave Mia a pamphlet that had information to start as a healer. Mia grabbed it and began to read it. –


Mia: The first tryouts are tomorrow morning.

George: I can get you there.

Mia: Thank you George.

George: Your welcome.


Pheme and Fleur came back down the stairs and grabbed their butterbeer and Diana jumped onto her lap. –


Diana: Mommy, Aunt Mia is going to be a Healer.

Pheme: really?

Mia: Well after seeing what they can do I want to do the same.

Pheme: How long do you have to train for?

Mia: A year.

Pheme: Well you are doing that for the next year and I have to look after my children.

George: I’m working at the shop and I will be happy if Ron helps me out if he isn’t doing anything.

Ron: Looks like I’m working at the shop.

Ginny: I’m going to help Pheme with Diana and Cherry.

Hermione: I’m going back to school to finish my N.E.W.TS.

Harry: I’m going to become an Auror.

Fleur: I’m going to look after Victorie.

Bill: I think I will help Harry.

Percy: I’m going to become an Auror and in my spare time look for love.

Molly: That’s sweet; I’m going to help the girls with the babies.

Arthur: I’m going to go back to work.


The group was having fun talking about their year ahead that nobody noticed that Mia had passed out after having too much butterbeer. After they had finished George picked Mia up and took her back to the shop where he laid her down on the bed and went to sleep. Mia woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon and eggs; she got up and walked out to the kitchen where George was cooking breakfast. –


Mia: It smells delicious.

George: It’s a great breakfast to get you through the day of healing.

Mia: Oh that’s today isn’t it?

George: Yes.


Mia sat down at the table as George served her breakfast. Then he sat down with her eating his breakfast. –


George: Mom gave me more clothes for you last night.

Mia: I’m so sorry for falling asleep.

George: Nobody blames you.

Mia: I guess I let everything get to me.

George: No one cares Mia.

Mia: I guess so.


After they finished George showed Mia the bag of clothes that Molly had given her. She eventually decided on a grey singlet, a red baggy sweater and three quarter shorts with sneakers. She then went and had a shower and changed her hair color to brown with pink tips. Then she walked out into the bedroom to George. –


Mia: I’m ready for my first day.

George: No, you’re not.

Mia: I’m not?

George: Here is something I wasn’t able to give you the other day.


George got down on one knee and grabbed her hand a placed a large beautiful ring on it. –


George:  This was the ring my dad gave to my mom when he proposed to her.

Mia: Wow it is beautiful.

George: They gave it to me yesterday when you were asleep.

Mia: Thank you George.

George: You are welcome but we had better go or you are going to be late.


They went to the fireplace and they moved into it and used the Floo Network to get to St Mungos. Then George said his good bye and left Mia in the Reception. –


Dean: Mia?

Mia: Dean, what are you doing here?

Dean: I am training to be a healer. What about you?

Mia: Same.

Dean: Wow that is awesome.

Mia: You can say that again.


Then the pair were interrupted by Pansy Parkinson entering the room. –

Pansy: Oh no, more blood traitors.

Mia: It’s nice to see you too Parkinson.

Pansy: Still with the Weasel I see.

Mia: I most defiantly am.

Pansy: Still with the clingy girlfriend?

Dean: Yes.

Pansy: Then you are both still as pathetic as I remember.

Mia: We aren’t pathetic you are probably the most pathetic person I know, because you are still having petty reasons to pick on us even though we fought in a war with each other no more then a couple of days ago.

Pansy: Thank you for reminding me bitch.

Mia: You are welcome.


Then a doctor walked in and stared at the trio, as they were the only ones who had turned up. –


Doc: I can see that only three people favor their futures.

Mia: Does that mean only us three will be practicing.

Doc: Yes even if one more person was to turn up I will still have to keep you all together.


Then another person walked in with tight skinny jeans, and white polo, leather jacket and a cashmere scarf as she turned around she revealed her face; Lola Tonks. –


Doc: I can see that one other person wishes to pursue a happy future.

Lola: Yes, totally.

Doc: Okay, now everyday for the next year except for weekends you will be here in the morning at 6 o’clock then leave at 6 o’clock at night having finished your twelve hour block. If you unable to come for a day you will get in contact with one another and then catch up in your own time. Understand?

All: Yes.

Doc: Good. Now today all I want you to do is to fill out some paper work then you can leave and rest.


The group got up and walked to the doctor who handed them their papers and then Mia sat down next to Dean. –


Mia: Name: Mia Shepard.

Dean: Well this seems easy.

Mia: So far. There has to be a test or something.

Dean: True.

Mia: Age: 17 years old. Parents Names: Annabeth Tonks and Leonardo Shepard. Siblings: Pheme Shepard. Relationship Status: Engaged. Children: None. Skills: Metamorphmagus and Element Welder.


Mia just finished writing her skills and then the paper levitated and flew to the doctor who looked at Mia and called her over. –


Doc: A Metamorphmagus? Show me.

Mia: Okay?


Mia changed her hair through different colors then her facial features form different animals. –


Doc: What do you mean an element welder?

Mia: Here.


Mia showed him how she could weld spirit by making a ball of light appear in her hand. –


Doc: What can you do with that?

Mia: I brought a dragon back to life.

Doc: Interesting. You may go now the paper work is finished.


Mia then walked outside into the city air. She was in the Muggle world but the Muggles couldn’t see the hospital. She walked around the corner to the café and sat down, she was soon served by a waitress. –


Waitress: What can I get for you?

Mia: Can I please get a Latte with two sugars?


Then Dean came and sat next to Mia. –


Dean: Can I get that as well?

Waitress: Absolutely.


Then the waitress then walked away with their order. –


Dean: Hey.

Mia: Hi. How did the paper work go?

Dean: Mine was good, though the doctor asked me a couple of questions about my parents and then he said I could go.

Mia: Yeah he asked me a few questions about my Metamorphmagus and then I was able to go.

Dean: I need to go to the bathroom; I will be back in a sec.


Dean got up and went to the bathroom, leaving Mia with an open seat at her table. Mia looked up and there in the doorway stood Lola, she saw Mia and walked over to her and sat in the vacant seat. –


Lola: Hi.

Mia: What do you want?

Lola: Well I was hoping to carry on with my life and join the hospital but I guess you had the same idea.

Mia: Pheme; my sister had a child yesterday and after seeing how the nurses and doctors worked I wanted to be apart of that.

Lola: Wow, that’s really deep.

Mia: Bitch.

Lola: Sorry, I just wanted to have a mature conversation but I don’t think that is going to happen.

Mia: I’m sorry.

Lola: Sure you are. I have to go now I promised mom I would meet her in five minutes. Bye.

Mia: Bye.


Lola got up and left the café just as Dean came out of the bathroom and their Latte’s were served. –


Mia: Thank you.

Waitress: No problem.


The waitress then walked off to serve another person. –


Dean: So what have you done these past few days?

Mia: Just watch Pheme give birth to Fred’s child and figure out what I want to do with my future.

Dean: Wow, what did she call the baby?

Mia: She called it Cherry; Fred had already picked the name out, as she would be a redhead.

Dean: That’s cool.

Mia: Yeah. What have you been doing?

Dean: Well…

Mia: Do I want to know?

Dean: Well I have been spending most of my time with Lavender.

Mia: Most?

Dean: Fine, all of my time with Lavender.

Mia: Aha, and how is that relationship going?

Dean: Very well. I had no idea that she was such a great girl.

Mia: Wow, you guys seem like you having a ball.

Dean: Yeah.

Mia: Young love is so sweet.

Dean: Shut up. How are you and George?

Mia: Great. Well I have spent most of the time asleep.

Dean: Well that’s understandable with everything that’s going on.

Mia: Yeah.

Dean: Do you and the others want to get back together and go to the Muggle films?

Mia: Sure. Who do you want me to ask?

Dean: Who are you in touch with?

Mia: Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Ron, George and Pheme, though I don’t think Pheme will be up to it.

Dean: Ask them all. And I will ask Lavender, Seamus, Luna and Neville.

Mia: It’s a deal. Wait we all have girlfriends or boyfriends except for Seamus.

Dean: Yeah. I wish Cedric wasn’t gone, he was so happy with him even if it was secret.

Mia: Yeah.


Mia looked down at her Latte and didn’t want to look up at Dean in case she began to cry as she was very close to Cedric and she had been devastated when he died in the Tri Wizard Tournament in year four. –


Dean: Oh, I’m so sorry Mia.

Mia: No it’s okay. Nobody really talks about him and Seamus wants to forget.

Seamus: What do I want to forget?


Seamus had walked in to the café without them noticing. –


Mia: What are you doing here?

Seamus: Well I live right around the corner.

Dean: Oh, I forgot about that.

Mia: Me too.

Seamus: Don’t worry most people have forgotten after what we went through.

Mia: Yeah.

Seamus: So what did I want to forget?

Mia: We were talking about Cedric.

Seamus: Oh, that.

Dean: We were going to go out tonight and we were going to invite you but everyone had partners except for you.

Seamus: Well I do have someone.

Mia: Who is it?

Seamus: Well he is a Slytherin…or was a Slytherin.

Mia: So?

Dean: Come on spill it.

Seamus: Flint. Marcus Flint.

Mia: Wow. When did you get together?

Seamus: We were together talking after the battle and then he kissed me and we have been talking ever since. But at this point we are just going slowly.

Dean: Congratulations.

Mia: Well done.

Seamus: Well I just came to get some food and then I was going to meet him, but if you are going to go out later then count us in. What time?

Dean: Meet here at fiveish and then go to the films just around the corner then go out and have fun.

Seamus: Sounds great see you then.


Seamus gave Mia and Dean a hug and brought some food and he was gone, then Mia finished he Latte and said goodbye to Dean and that she would be in contact with him and then left. She went back to the hospital because George was due to meet her at any minute to pick her up. Then she got there and he was there with flowers waiting for her. –


Mia: Well, well what have I got here?

George: Beautiful flowers for my beautiful fiancé.

Mia: When we get back I need to talk to the gang.

George: You make us sound like we are cool.

Mia: Well we were in school.

George: True. All right lets go.


The pair apparated and gathered the group in the lounge and Mia explained. –


Mia: I met up with Dean today and he wants us all to get back together and go out for a film and then some fun after that.

Hermione: That sounds great.

Ginny: Yeah it will be.

Mia: So are we all in?

Pheme: I don’t know.

Molly: I can look after Diana and Cherry if you like?

Pheme: Would you really do that?

Molly: Yes.

Pheme: Thank you, I’m in.

Ron: Maybe, you can ask the guy from the Ministry to come with you?

Pheme: Shut up.

Mia: What guy?

Pheme: He came while you were gone to check up on the babies as he works in the health department and we had a connection and he asked me out for a coffee tomorrow.

Mia: Ohhhh.

Pheme: It’s nothing but I could ask him.

Mia: Go ahead and I will get in contact with Dean to tell him we are in.

Pheme: Okay.


Pheme walked outside to call the guy and Mia walked into the kitchen to call Dean. –


Dean: Hello?

Mia: Hi Dean, it’s Mia.

Dean: Hey.

Mia: I just called to tell you that we are all in. Pheme is getting Diana and Cherry looked after by Mrs. Weasley and she is bringing someone.

Dean: She found someone?

Mia: Maybe. But I don’t think she can move on this soon after Fred.

Dean: Me neither. Can you meet at Seamus’s house instead? Well we had better go and get ready because it’s four already.

Mia: Sure. Okay see you soon. Bye.

Dean: Bye.


Mia hung up and walked into the lounge again to tell everyone to get ready and she found Pheme smiling happily. –


Mia: Let me guess, he’s coming?

Pheme: Yes.

Mia: Okay lets go and get ready then.


The boys all stayed sitting as they were ‘ready’ and the girls all went upstairs to Hermione and Ginny’s combined room. –


Hermione: All right what are we meant to wear tonight?

Ginny: Well its warm weather so nothing to revealing and nothing to covering.

Mia: I know what I’m wearing, so I will leave you guys to it.


Mia walked into the bathroom but left the door open so she could cast some clothes into her. She had got a navy blue sleeveless sweeter that went to just above knees and then she had black sequined tights on and navy blue flats with a black bow. When Mia walked out of the bathroom the res of the girls were is dresses and heels. –


Ginny: Without my help you can still get dressed up very nice.

Mia: You have taught me well master.

Ginny: You have learnt well my student.

Hermione: All right lets go and meet the boys.


The girls all went down stairs and could see the boys crowding around someone else, as they got closer Mia could see that this could be the guy that everyone was talking about. When the girls got down stairs he got up and walked over to Pheme and gave her flowers and then kissed her on her check. –


Chase: You look beautiful Pheme.

Pheme: Thank you, you look very good yourself.

Chase: No one could compare to you.

Mia: Sorry to interrupt, but I am Mia. Phemes sister.

Chase: Yes she mentioned you a lot today.

Mia: She did?

Chase: She said that you were amazing and one of the bravest people she ever knew.

Mia: Wow.

Chase: And by the way I’m Chase.


The group then made there way through the fireplace and got out at Seamus’s house. There standing in front of them were Seamus, Marcus, Dean, Lavender, Neville and Luna. –


Seamus: You all look amazing.

Ron: What is he doing here?

The Weasley’s all tensed up when they saw Marcus. Then Seamus had to explain. –


Seamus: Well it’s no secret that I am gay. After the battle Marcus and I got together.

George: Well done Seamus.

Seamus: Thank you.

Ginny: That’s so cute.

Hermione: It is cute.


The group got over the surprise of Marcus and went out to the films to watch Mortal Instruments. Dean was buying the tickets and nobody complained. They all went in with popcorn and soda and sat down all in one row to watch the film. -


George: So are you finding this film interesting?

Mia: Yes I am.

George: what is the most fascinating?

Mia: How they express the different opinions on the creatures.

George: Yeah I heard about the explanation you gave Ginny. Ever since then she has been so interested by Muggles and their books.

Mia: Is that why she took Muggle Studies with me?

George: Yeah.


Mia and George quieted down and watch the rest of the film, by seven o’clock it was finished and they all went around the corner to a Wizarding bar for a few drinks. –


Dean: My shout of drinks. What do you want?

Mia: Firewhiskey.

All: Same.

Pheme: Can I get a glass of butterbeer?

Chase: I will get that as well thanks.

Dean: Yeah sure.


Dean and Lavender walked over and ordered the drinks and came back a few minutes later to give everyone their drinks. –


Mia: So what have you guys been up to since the battle?

Lavender: Well, I have been spending most of my time with Dean. Then with the rest of my time I have just been cleaning the apartment.

Dean: Well I’m training for my degree as a nurse at St Mungos with Mia.

Seamus: I have been around the Ministry with Blaise looking for a job.

Neville: I have been asked by Hogwarts to come back as a Professor.

Hermione: Congratulations.

Neville: Thank you.

Luna: I have entered as the new writer for the Quibbler.

Mia: I look forward to reading your reviews.

Luna: Good.


The group sat there for an hour more until they decided to go out and see the Muggle City. The girls were having a look at all of the retail stores whereas the guys seemed paranoid and were constantly looking behind them. –


Mia: George, what’s wrong with you all?

George: We think we are being followed. Don’t tell the girls because if they stop doing what they are doing then they would know that we know.

Mia: Who are they?

George: Probably some Muggles but we aren’t allowed to use magic around them so if anyone is good at hand to hand combat then that would be great.

Mia: I learnt some karate in Muggle Studies and so did Hermione and Ginny, then I know Seamus and Dean were Muggle born so maybe they have some training.

George: Well we have decided to head back to Deans house and see if they will show themselves there if they don’t then we all Floo back to our houses.

Mia: Okay.


The group made their way back to Deans and sat down on the lounge, waiting for the stalker to reveal them selves. After a couple of minutes there was a rattle at the gate, the boys all ran to the windows to have a look and there on the path was a figure lying on the ground. They all went out side to see who the person was; as they lifted them up they recognized them as Lola. –


Mia: What are you doing here Lola?

Lola: Looking for you and Pheme.

Mia: Why?

Lola: Because I have come to get you.

Pheme: Why?

Lola: Because my mom wants to meet you.

Mia: Why?

Lola: Because she has some explaining to do to you.

Pheme: What about?

Lola: I don’t know she just said that she wants to meet you and explain some stuff so I came to get you.

Mia: Can I meet with you at the hospital so that we can get to work and then at the end Pheme can turn up and we will follow you there.

Lola: Sounds like a deal.

Pheme: Okay.

Lola: See you two tomorrow.

Mia: Bye.

Pheme: Seya.


The group watched as she walked away and then they walked into the house again and began saying their goodbyes and then they were all at the Burrow again. –


Ginny: So is she taking the nursing course as well?

Mia: Unfortunately it’s Dean, Pansy, her and me.

Pheme: How is Pansy?

Mia: I wouldn’t know, as she still hates Dean and me so she just wanted to fight and argue over petty things such as our blood.

Pheme: What a bitch. Well it’s getting late and I had better check on Diana and Cherry then go to bed.

Mia: Okay goodnight.


Pheme walked up the stairs and Mia and George said their goodbyes as they apparated to the shop where Mia got changed into some comfortable clothes. She was dressed in an extremely long shirt that went to her knees and she had her hair tied up in a messy bun when she walked into the kitchen that was alight with George counting money for the shop. Mia went and sat next him as their kettle boiled with water. –



Mia: You do know that nobody expects you to open the shop after Fred?

George: But he wants me to move on with my life.

Mia: I realize that you have been keeping yourself busy so that you can forget what happened and that every time you look in the mirror you see him. You have to stop doing that to yourself.

George: I know I shouldn’t be doing it but I have to you don’t understand.

Mia: I don’t understand do I? Why do you think I dove into the nurse’s role at the hospital? Why do you think I don’t want to be near Lola?

George: I’m sorry.

Mia: I know you are. Just leave that and lets talk. I’m making coffee do you want one?

George: No, I’m fine. I think I will go to bed; I have been having restless nights.

Mia: Okay. Night, love you.

George: Love you too.


George packed the papers up and kissed Mia on the head before he left for the bedroom. Mia silently made her coffee and sat down at the table again and drunk it as she read the Quibbler. After a few minutes she heard a knock at the door down stairs, she made her way down but had her wand hidden. As she opened the door there was a man who wasn’t much older then her and he was standing in the rain with his wand pointing at the door. He looked at Mia and then lowered his wand. –


Steve: May I come in Mia?

Mia: How do you know my name?

Steve: I’m a family friend of Lola’s and I was wondering if you knew where she was?

Mia: Not at the moment but I am meeting up with her tomorrow after we finish at the hospital.

Steve: Okay well would you mind if I came with you tomorrow?

Mia: No that should be fine.

Steve: Do you know where I would fine a place to stay the night?

Mia: There is a place five minutes down the road, that way.

Steve: Thank you Mia. See you tomorrow.


He then walked off in the direction Mia had pointed in and Mia then shut the door and walked back to her coffee. She then went to bed and went to sleep, the next morning she woke up and George wasn’t in bed she got up to have a look where he was. She heard voices down stairs and went down to have a look. –


George: You just better not hurt her; she has been through a lot lately.

Lola: I understand but this has to be done.

George: So tell her when she is ready not in your time.

Lola: The sooner she knows the better.

Mia: The sooner I know what?

Lola: That is why I am taking you and Pheme home today so you can find out. Now have something to eat and we will get going.

Mia: Okay.


Mia walked back up the stairs and made some toast and ate it quickly she then went and got changed. She was dressed in a pair of dyed baby blue denim shorts and a black crop top with a blue cardigan; she then chucked on her sneakers and rushed down the stairs to Lola. –


Lola: You ready to go?

Mia: Yeah.

Lola: All right bye lover boy.

George: Bye Mia.

Mia: Bye.


Mia pecked George on the check and then apparated with Pheme to the hospital where they met Dean and soon after Pansy. –


Pansy: Ready for your life to be a living hell?

Lola: Only if you want to spend eternity in Azkaban?

Pansy: Who do you think you are?

Lola: I’m pretty sure I am Lola Tonks.

Pansy: Stop being a smart arse.

Lola: I’m not; I am just simply stating the facts of the question that you asked me.

Pansy: What?


Then the doctor came in and wanted silence. –


Doctor: Well, because our numbers haven’t gone up we will all be starting in the midwifery section.

Pansy: Do we have to deliver babies?

Doctor: Yes.

Lola: Cool.

Doctor: Anymore questions? No? All right Lola Tonks and Mia Shepard you two are paired up and Pansy Parkinson and Dean Thomas are paired up. Nurses Tonks and Shepard you are in room 15B while Nurses Thomas and Parkinson are in room 23B. Off you go.


The Pairs split off to their rooms Mia and Lola walked in just as one of the nurses were delivering a baby. They were quickly rushed over and were forced to deliver it themselves. Lola took the crouch so she could see the baby while Mia stood up to calm the woman. –


Lola: I see the head.

Mia: All right I’m need you to start pushing now.

Woman: What?

Mia: Do it with me. Push! Push! Push!

Lola: Done!

Woman: Where is my baby?

Mia: Right here.


Mia cleaned the baby up after Lola handed it to her and then she past it to the woman after congratulating her. When they were shown to the door there stood the doctor writing in a notebook. –


Doctor: You two may leave early today as, what I wanted you to do is done.

Lola: Okay thank you.


The two girls went and collected their belongings and then apparated to the Burrow to find that Pheme and Cherry, Diana had gone out shopping with Molly so they apparated back to the shop; George wasn’t home either. –


Mia: Last night a man came to my door saying that he was a family friend and that he was looking for you and the last place he heard where you were was here. Do you know anyone like that?

Lola: That would be Steve Wyatt, he is an old family friend but we haven’t seen him in years.

Mia: I told him he could come with us today.

Lola: That’s fine mom will cool with that.

Mia: That’s good; I was kind of scared you wouldn’t let him come.

Lola: Nah. We may want to get dressed?
Mia: Into what?

Lola: Something black.


Mia sat in the middle of her room rummaging through her clothes as Lola was getting changed in her bathroom, she had found a black singlet, tights, pin skirt, headband, jewelry, sneaker and a pair of flats. Lola came out of the bathroom in a pair of sweat pants and a singlet with sneakers. –


Lola: Come on I will give you something.

Mia: No, I’m fine. I will eventually find something.

Lola: No we have to meet Pheme before she goes to the hospital.

Mia: Fine, what do you have in mind?


Lola had given Mia a pair of torn jeans, a mid-drift saying rock and roll and a pair of studded converses. The pair were down stairs ready to leave. –


Mia: Are you sure you don’t have anything else in there I can where?
Lola: Yep.


The pair apparated to the Burrow where they found Pheme dressed in a short, tight black dress ready to apparated. –


Mia: Pheme?

Pheme: Why aren’t you at the hospital?

Lola: We got let off early for doing well.

Pheme: Oh, Mia you look nice.

Mia: They are Lola’s clothes, as I have nothing black to make an outfit.

Lola: Can we go now?

Mia: Sure.


The trio apparated to a large, dark mansion where they were greeted by a lady who reminded them of their mother; she had waist long, pastel pink hair and she was fit and healthy. They followed her inside and only then she introduced herself. –


Aunt Eve: Hello girls and welcome home.

Mia: I’m sorry who are?

Aunt Eve: Oh where are my manners. I am your Aunt Evelyn.

Lola: This is my mom.

Steve: It’s great to see you all.


Steve had apparated in the middle of the conversation. –


Aunt Eve: What a pleasure it is to see you Steve.

Steve: The pleasure is all mine. Hi Lola, how are you?

Lola: Fine now that you’re here.

Steve: That’s wonderful.

Lola: Yes it is.

Aunt Eve: Now I think that maybe we should explain why you are here.


Just then Professor McGonagall walked out of the kitchen holding a tray of tea and biscuits and sat them on the table in the dining room and gestured for the girls to walk forward and sit down. Lola and Steve walked out. –


Mia: What are you doing here Professor?

McGonagall: Well I am here to tell the news with Eve.

Pheme: Why is that?

McGonagall: Because your family has hidden some important secrets from you both.

Mia: What kind of secrets?

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