A George Weasley Love Story

Mia is a normal witch except that her parents hid a secret from her and her sister Pheme. Their parents died trying to keep them safe but the girls don't know what the secret is. This story follows them through their lives at Hogwarts, with conflict, relationships and the magic.


10. The New Weasley

McGonagall: Well…you two aren’t really sisters.

Pheme: What?!

Mia: Excuse me?

McGonagall: Well Mia your parents are Annabeth and Leonardo but Pheme here has different parents.

Pheme: Who are my parents?

McGonagall: Well that would be Severus Snape and myself.

Pheme: WHAT?

McGonagall: I’m sorry.

Mia: Why isn’t he here?

McGonagall: Its because he died in the battle.

Pheme: My father betrayed me by following Voldemort?

McGonagall: No, he was protecting you he didn’t want the Dark Lord going after you.

Pheme: Then why wasn’t I told?

McGonagall: Because the Dark Lord had ears everywhere.

Mia: Then it’s okay for Pheme to have had a baby with Draco?

McGonagall: Yes.

Pheme: Why wouldn’t it be okay?

Mia: Because our Grandma Tonks is the sister of Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy.

Pheme: That would have made Draco, Diana’s father and Uncle?

Mia: She would have also been my niece and my cousin. Not mentioning that would make you my sister and my aunt.

McGonagall: Enough of the incest. Now, you are able to weld fire because Severus was a welder as well.

Pheme: So you are my mother, Snape is my father. I was put into Slytherin because I have traits more like his, yet I also show bravery.

McGonagall: Precisely.

Mia: That would make sense with all the times you and Snape checked up with Pheme from me.

McGonagall: Yes.


Then Lola and Steve walked back in smiling and continually looking at each other. –


Aunt Eve: So, do you understand everything?

Mia: Yes. But why did you keep this from us?

Aunt Eve: Because it was to protect you, everyone in the order knew about it and swore to keep it a secret.

Pheme: So Molly, Arthur, Sirius, Remus, James and Alistor all knew?

McGonagall: Yes.

Pheme: And they kept it from us?

Aunt Eve: Well James, Sirius and Alistor couldn’t tell you because they were all taken away.

Mia: But Molly, Arthur and Remus had the chance and even when Remus married Nymphadora he couldn’t tell us?

Pheme: Then Mia you are engaged to George and Molly and Arthur couldn’t say something?

Aunt Eve: It wasn’t their place to tell.

Mia: That is true.

Pheme: Well…fine.

McGonagall: See I told you they would be okay with this.

Aunt Eve: Yes. Now you two must be off Molly would be waiting for you.

Mia: Okay?

Pheme: Can we all get together and have a family grouping?

Aunt Eve: Sure.

McGonagall: Of course.


Mia stood up and put her hand on Phemes’ shoulder and then pushed her chair in and made her way to the fireplace. She looked back and there was Pheme having an awkward hug with Minerva McGonagall. –


Mia: Come on Pheme.

Pheme: Coming.


Pheme made her way over and the girls held hands and Flooed to The Burrow. When the Floo Powder dust had settled their eyes laid upon a steamy and hot make out session between Hermione and Ron. –


Pheme: Umm…

Mia: Leave them.


The girls crept around the couple on the couch and made their way into the kitchen where the rest of the family was trying hard not to laugh. –


George: So how was the show?

Mia: It was…awkward.

George: Tell me about it I walked in on them too.

Pheme: But what was worse was that they didn’t even know we were there.

Molly: Well we better leave them for a bit longer.

Arthur: That would be best.



The pair sat down at the table and spoke about Easter. –


Molly: Mia, do you and George have any plans for Easter?

Mia: Well….

- Just then Phemes mobile began ringing with the tone of ‘Physical’ –


Physical, physical.

I want to get Physical. Lets get into Physical. OH.

Let me hear your body talk.


Everyone turned and looked at Pheme nearly laughing. She stood up. –


Pheme: Sorry, I have to get this.


She walked out and everyone began talking. –


George: What’s not to say that, that’s the Doc?

Mia: Maybe.

Ginny: Surely not.

George: Why not?

Fleur: Not this soon after Fred.


Silence filled the room then in came Hermione and Ron is high spirits. –


Ron: What?

Hermione: Did we do something?

George: Why don’t you tell us?

Hermione and Ron began to blush as Pheme reentered the room. –


George: Who was that on the…the…the…

Mia: Mobile?

George: On the Mobile.

Pheme: Just Chase.

Mia: I could be working for the hospital and you are hooking up with my future bosses boss?

Pheme: I’m not hooking up; I am just getting to know him.

George: In a physical way?

Pheme: No…



The room fell silent again and Mia decided to get up and grab George and go home. So they said their good byes and were on their way. –


George: What was the rush?

Mia: I’m in a mood…

George: Fine with me.


They then rushed into the bedroom… -


3 years later:


Mia ran from the bathroom and into the kitchen where George and Ron where discussing the shops finances. George looked up from paper work and looked at the trail of water that followed Mia from the bathroom. He then stood up and looked in surprise. –


George: Mia?

Mia: Our baby is coming.

Ron: What?

Mia: Hospital now!


George grabbed her hand and apparated to St Mungos where they were greeted and helped by Dean Thomas who had been placed in charge of the Midwife section. They were raced to a bed and Mia began pushing. –


Dean: Now push.

Mia: Argh!

George: Ah!

Dean: George I’m sure you aren’t helping Mia.

George: Ah! There’s a head.

Dean: Yes, George that’s meant to be…Parkinson can I get a hand in here.


George had passed out cold on the ground after seeing his sons’ head half way out of the birth canal. Dean called for Pansy and she came in to help. –


Pansy: Is that George Weasley?

Mia: Why? What has he done now?

Pansy: Your fiancé seems to have passed out.

Mia: He what?

Dean: Mia? Concentrate on the baby.

Mia: Argh!


Pansy had finally made George come back to consciousness as the rest of his baby came out of the birth canal. –


Dean: All done.

George: What did I miss?

Mia: Nearly the birth of your first child.

George: Oh, right.

Dean: What are you going to call him?


Dean asked as he passed Mia her born son. –


Mia: Fred.

George: Really?

Mia: Why not?

George: I just didn’t expect you to call him that because I was going to say that.

Mia: I know that and that was why I said it because I knew it would mean so much to you.

George: Thank you.

Mia: No worries.


The couple shared a sweet kiss and then stared into their son’s eyes. –


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