A George Weasley Love Story

Mia is a normal witch except that her parents hid a secret from her and her sister Pheme. Their parents died trying to keep them safe but the girls don't know what the secret is. This story follows them through their lives at Hogwarts, with conflict, relationships and the magic.


1. The Encounter

Hey guys I don't own any of these characters except for Mia and Pheme Shepard okay :)

J.K.Rowling owns them but I wish i did.

Hope you enjoy this the next chapter will be up in a few :)

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Cho: Mia you’re going to have to get up. Your sister is in the common room waiting for you, and we are late for breakfast.

Mia: Okay, I’m getting up. What does my sister want?

Cho: I have no idea but it must be urgent because she was barely staying in one spot whilst she was explaining that she wanted you.

Mia: Fine, tell her I’ll be down in a couple of minutes.


Mia jumped out of her bed and rushed to the bathroom and got ready for the day, when she had finished she went down to the common room and found her sister in her Slytherin robes –


Pheme: Merlin’s beard you take forever to get ready in the mornings.

Mia: No, I just had a late night last night.
Pheme: And why is that? Hmm, were you with the twins last night?

Mia: I have already told you, we are just FRIENDS.

Pheme: Yes ‘friends’ who are in love with each other.

Mia: Geesh will you shut it! What are you here for anyways?

Pheme: You have no idea who just asked me to go to the Ball with them!

Mia: Oh I have no idea. Was it Malfoy?

Pheme: Wow, you just love to spoil things don’t you?

Mia: Nope, I’m just in the smartest house at Hogwarts and it’s extremely obvious.


The sisters walked out of the common room and made their way to the great hall for breakfast. Pheme walked to the Slytherin table and Mia made her way to the Gryffindor table where her friends were waiting for her-


George: You have no idea how hard it is keeping the food from Ron.

Mia: I never asked you to save me any.

Fred: Don’t worry George; it’s THAT time of month.

Mia: Just shut up, no it’s not that.

Hermione: What’s the problem Mia?

Mia: My sister is going to the Ball with Malfoy.


Hermione: What’s is your problem with her doing that Ronald?

Ron: Nothing, you know how much I hate Malfoy.

Malfoy: Well isn’t that just excellent the nerds are talking about how much they hate me. My day is just getting better and better.

Mia: Shut up Malfoy, you arrogant prick!

Malfoy: Oh, P.S’s sister wants me to shut up. Pft like I’m going to listen to you.


Mia jumped out of her seat and pulled her wand out at Malfoy, at that moment George jumped to his feat and stopped her-


George: Mia, don’t he isn’t worth it.

Malfoy: Oh, looks like Weasley fancies Shepherd.

George: Get lost Malfoy.

Malfoy: Just wait until my father hears about this.


And at that Malfoy stormed off followed by his posy.


Mia: What a dick.

Hermione: You cannot let him provoke your anger.

Mia: I’m not.

Ron: I have to say that he kinda is.

Mia: Fine, I will work on it.

Ron: What does your sister see in him.

Mia: Absolutely no idea.

Hermione: All right I have Potions now.

Ron: I have…Hermione what do I have?

Hermione: You and Harry have Transfiguration.

Mia: I have Defense.


The group got up and split off into their own directions heading off to class. –


Mad-eye Moody: Now, the Ministry has said that you are to young to be learning about the Unforgivable Curses but I say different. I say that you should be taught how to cast the most powerful and dangerous curses so then when you enter the world you can defend yourself.


The whole room went silent –


Moody: Now can anyone tell me the first curse? No one, how about you?


He said pointing at Cho –


Cho: I would rather not. Maybe Mia could tell us.

Moody: Ah.  Miss Shepherd. Would you like to tell us the first spell?

Mia: The three unforgettable curses are Imperius Curse, Cruciatus Curse and Avada Kedavra.

Moody: Can you tell me what they do?

Mia: Yes. Imperius Curse gives you total control of your victim. The Cruciatus Curse causes pain with out touching them. And…


Mia hesitated on the last Curse –


Mia: Avada Kedavra is the killing spell.

Moody: Correct, 60 points to Ravenclaw. Now I want you to write that down.

Cedric: Are you ok?

Mia: I’m fine.

Cedric: Are you sure? You seemed a little taken back when Moody asked for you to explain them.

Mia: No, I was just thinking.

Moody: Mr. Diggory?

Cedric: Sorry Professor, I was just asking Mia what the spelling for the spells were.

Moody: Fair enough. Class dismissed.


Mia grabbed her books and her bag and stormed out of the room down to Muggle Studies –


Charity: Today we are going to be studying the different transportation that muggles use.

Hermione: Charity, what types of transport are we studying?

Charity: The flying types, we thought that we should start with the basic.

Mia: Charity, why do we study muggles?

Charity: Well, so that when you finish school you can go to their world if you wish to. So that you can fit in, does that make sense?

Mia: I guess so.

Charity: All right can anyone name a type of flying transportation that muggles use?


Hermione raises her hand –


Charity: Hermione.

Hermione: Well there are Helicopters, Airplanes, Spaceships, and Jets.

Charity: Well done Hermione.


McGonagall enters and interrupts Charity. –


McGonagall: May I please excuse Miss Shepherd?

Charity: Yes you may.

Mia: Professor, what have I done?

McGonagall: I just have to ask you a few questions, that’s all.

Mia: What about?

McGonagall: About what happened in Defense.

Mia: Oh.


They made their way to McGonagall’s office –


McGonagall: Now would you like to explain to me what happened?

Mia: Well there really isn’t anything to tell.

McGonagall: Just tell me Mia.

Mia: Well Professor Moody asked what the Unforgettable Curses were and what they did. He asked Cho Chang and she didn’t know so she suggested that I tell. So I told everyone and that was it.

McGonagall: Well Mr. Diggory told me that you seemed taken back when you were asked, when you explained the killing curse that you hesitated. Is that correct?

Mia: All I was doing was thinking.

McGonagall: Yes, I understand that was what you told Mr. Diggory as well. Though what I don’t understand is why did a smart Ravenclaw such as you, would have to think about the most easily explained spell.

Mia: Well…

McGonagall: Exactly.

Mia: Is it to hard to think that maybe I had other things on my mind?

McGonagall: Well no, would you mind telling me what those other things are?

Mia: You wouldn’t understand.

McGonagall: Try me.

Mia: My sister is going to the Yule Ball with Malfoy.

McGonagall: Well it isn’t that bad, she is just going to the ball with him isn’t she?

Mia: Yes, but I don’t want her going with him.

McGonagall: Is that what you really want? Or is it jealousy?

Mia: Why would I be jealous of her going with him?

McGonagall: Do you have a date?

Mia: No.

McGonagall: Well see if you can get a date and then see how you feel.

Mia: Fine. Is that all Professor?

McGonagall: Yes it is. You may leave for your break now.


Mia headed out of McGonagall’s office and walked straight into Oliver Wood. –


Oliver: Mia!

Mia: Oliver, what are you doing here?

Oliver: I came to ask Professor McGonagall a few questions.

Mia: Oh, right.

Oliver: And I guess it was a chance to see you.


Oliver grabbed Mia’s hand then Fred and George came running around the corner –


Fred: Keep running, Filch might catch up!

George: Don’t worry I wont stop for anything.


Mia and Oliver caught George’s eye, and he stopped dead in his tracks. –


George: Oliver, why are you here?

Oliver: I was just seeing Professor McGonagall, and I thought I would see Mia if I had the chance.

George: Oh, well nice to see you. Mia.


He then flew off down the hall –


Mia: What was his problem? He has been like that all morning.

Oliver: What happened this morning?

Mia: Well I had a go at Malfoy because Pheme is going to the Yule Ball with him.

Oliver: Oh, don’t tell me you pulled your wand out on him.

Mia: I did, but then George stopped me.

Oliver: And did Malfoy make a comment on that?

Mia: Yeah, he said that George fancied me.

Oliver: And…

Mia: What?

Oliver: You are so oblivious.

Mia: What am I missing?

Oliver: Who else use to stop you hexing people?

Mia: You, so?

Oliver: And why did I do that?

Mia: Because you cared for me and didn’t want me leaving you by getting expelled.

Oliver: Exactly.

Mia: I still don’t see it?

Oliver: You don’t see it? Or you don’t want it to be true?

Mia: I would rather it not be true.

Oliver: Why?

Mia: Because I still love you.


And at that they both leaned it and kissed each other passionately, Oliver pushed Mia up against the wall –


Oliver: We really shouldn’t be doing this.

George: Too late.


The pair sprung apart, to see George standing a few feet away from them staring in despair –


Oliver: George, I’m sorry man. But she was mine.

Mia: George.

George: Oliver, she WAS your girl. But I thought that I had a chance of making her mine.

Oliver: I guess you were wrong.

George: Yeah I guess I was.

Mia: George I’m sorry but I still have feelings for Oliver.

Oliver: Ha, one for me and none for little Georgie.

George: Yeah I guess I lost this one.

Oliver: I think I should make sure that it is the last one.


Oliver pulled his wand out of his pocket and shouted –


Oliver: Cruciatus!

Mia: NO!!

George: Wha-


Oliver: Making sure he won’t get you.

Mia: I think that is my decision.

Oliver: Why is that?

Mia: Because I’m in control of my body not you.

Oliver: That’s a joke.

Mia: Really? Is this a joke as well? EXPELLIARMOUS.


Oliver shot backwards; the blast broke the connection to George. Mia kept her wand pointed at Oliver just in case. Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape were at the scene in less than a few minutes. Mia stayed with George as they took him to the hospital wing, unconscious. –


Mia: Will he be okay?

Nurse: Yes, just a good days rest. Though it could have been worse if you hadn’t of done anything.


George began to stir –


George: Where am I?

Mia: You are in the Hospital Wing.

George: Because of Oliver?

Mia: Yes…Because of Oliver. How do you feel?

George: Good, thanks to you. If you hadn’t of been there I could have possibly died.

Mia: Don’t exaggerate.

George: Well maybe I did, just a little. But my mom is going to praise you like a god.


He tried to sit up, and struggled Mia pushed him back down –


Mia: You have to stay down.

George: I’m not use to girls saying that to me.

Mia: Ha, very funny.


An awkward silence –


George: Mia, I know this may not seem like a good time and all but I was wondering would you like to go to the ball with me?

Mia: I…um…well…yes.

George: Great.

Nurse: Sorry Mia you’re going to have to leave now and go to class.

Mia: Ok, bye George.

George: Bye.


Mia got up and left. She had Herbology next, with Slytherin. –


Pheme: Hey Mia, what happened in Defense?

Mia: Nothing, just forget it.

Sprout: Now today we will be growing our own plants.

Mia: Professor what are we allowed to grow?

Sprout: Anything that is acceptable. Now, chose your plants and begin planting.

Mia: What are you going to grow?

Pheme: Well…

Malfoy: A spider plant; I heard you are scared of spiders.

Mia: You’re a self-centered cockroach.

Malfoy: First I’m a prick and now I’m a cockroach, how lovely Shepherd.

Sprout: Miss Shepherd take your rude remarks else where.


Mia walked out of the Greenhouse and made her way to the Hospital Wing to see George. She found Mrs. Weasley there. –


George: Mom I’m fine.

Molly: I’m sure you are, but if it wasn’t for Mia you could have been worse.

Mia: Thank you Mrs. Weasley.

Molly: You are such a gorgeous girl, your parents would be so proud of you.

Mia: Thank you, again.

George: So the hero returns to her person in distress.

Mia: I got kicked out of class, so I thought I would come and see you.

Molly: Well isn’t that just lovely. I think I will leave you two alone and see the nurse.


Molly walked off leaving the atmosphere around Mia and George awkward –


Mia: So…how are you?

George: I’m good, why did you get kicked out of class?

Mia: For having rude remarks.

George: At Malfoy?

Mia: Yep, only because he was teasing me.

George: He had better start running because when I get out of here…

Mia: You aren’t going to do anything.

George: That’s so unfair. You get to save me but I can’t even teach someone a lesson for teasing you.

Mia: No it is fair, because you will repay me some other day. But not today, tomorrow or the next day.

Molly: Mia, can I talk with you for a second.

Mia: Sure.


The two girls walk off and out the door of the Hospital Wing –


Molly: I hear that you are going to the ball with George.

Mia: Yeah.

Molly: And I was wondering if you wanted to come looking for dresses on Saturday with Ginny and myself.

Mia: I would love that Mrs. Weasley.


Mrs. Weasley hugged Mia –


Molly: I will get Ginny to find you later tonight and you can stay at the Hob the night.

Mia: That sounds great, and if I keep getting kicked out of class I wont have any homework for the weekend.

Molly: Just try to stay in the classes for the rest of the day.

Mia: Okay, I will try.


Mrs. Weasley hugged Mia again, kissed George gently on the forehead to keep him form waking and left. –


Mia: Goodbye George, sleep well.


Mia left George and walked to Potions. –


Snape: This week we will be learning how to brew a sleeping drought.

Hermione: Professor, how strong is the potion?

Snape: Strong enough to kill.

Seamus: And why do we need to know this?

Snape: Just in case I accidentally slip some into your goblet during dinner.

Mia: Isn’t that illegal.

Snape: When it isn’t accidental. Miss Shepherd 10 points from Ravenclaw for questioning my knowledge of the law.

Cho: Nice one Shepherd.

Dean: Just ignore her Mia; she is just trying to get you kicked out.

Seamus: She is just being a Ravenclaw.

Mia: No I want to know

Dean: He was saying that she was using your weakness against you by being smart. You meant that didn’t you Seamus.

Snape: Mr. Thomas, Mr. Finnigan, and Miss Shepherd 20 points from Gryffindor and 10 points from Ravenclaw.

Seamus: But Professor we were talking about the drought.

Snape: What about the drought?

Mia: About how strong we were going to make it and why.

Snape: Miss Shepherd, how weak are you going to make it?

Mia: Strong enough to kill but weak enough to make it drawn out and allow the person to feel the pain.

Snape: Miss Shepherd outside. Now. Class, write down the ingredients and the method.


Snape met Mia outside. –


Snape: Dumbledore and McGonagall are becoming very worried of you and your sudden outbursts.

Mia: And…?

Snape: They have chosen me to look over you.

Mia: Why you?

Snape: Because I was the closest to your parents.

Mia: Okay.

Snape: So you understand?

Mia: Yes.

Snape: Then you are allowed to go and see Mr. Weasley in the Hospital Wing.

Mia: Really?

Snape: We were told that if you were to lose your temper we were to send you to the Hospital Wing, to see Mr. Weasley.

Mia: Why to see him?

Snape: Because you and him seem to have a unique relationship.

Mia: What is that supposed to mean?

Snape: Not now, just go and cool off before I take matters into my own hands.

Mia: Fine.


Mia then walked away from Professor Snape and made her way to the Hospital Wing to see George, but his bed was empty. –


Mia: Madam Humphries, where is George?

Nurse: He left 20 minutes ago because she said that he wanted to get some fresh air. But he was expecting you to get kicked out of class, so he left a piece of paper for you. I don’t know what he wants because it’s blank.

Mia: Okay, thank you.


Mia grabbed the note and walked out of the Hospital Wing –


Mia: George what have you done now?


 Come and see me near the Forbidden Forest outside Hagrids hut. I will be waiting for you there. Hopefully it wont be too late.

Love George

Mia: Fine.


Mia, rushed out to forest near Hagrid’s hut, she didn’t see any sign of George so she went into Hagrid’s hut. –


Hagrid: Mia, Th’re ye’ is. George just lef’ ‘e went lookin’ for ye’.

Mia: Thank you. Do you know what he wants me for?

Hagrid: No idea, but I’d say ‘es got ‘is eyes on ye’.

Mia: I was thinking that. Bye Hagrid, thank you for your help.


Mia ran off into the direction of the lake, she knew this was the last place that George would go before he went back. And she was right; there he was throwing stones into the lake. –


Mia: Oi, you had me so worried. I went to the Hospital Wing and you weren’t there. I went to Hagrid’s and you weren’t there. You are so lucky I thought of this place or I would be heading back for lunch.

George: It’s so weird hearing you worry about me.

Mia: Why? I always worry about you.

George: You do?

Mia: I guess I always have, but my love for Oliver was just blinding it.

George: And…how do you feel about it?

Mia: I feel…happy.

George: Happy?

Mia: I feel that this is right, and that this was meant to happen.

George: What?

Mia: Just not in the way that it did happen.


George seized this moment to move closer to her, so that he could smell her shampoo. So he reached out and enclosed his hand around hers. –


George: So you think that it is right for us to be together?

Mia: Yes I do. What do you think?

George: I think...it is destiny.


George then grabbed her around the waist and pulled her closer he then stuffed his face into her neck inhaling her perfume. Mia’s ear rested upon his chest smiling as she heard the steady pace of his heart. His lips pressed against her neck working his way up to her lips and then he kissed her like he had never kissed before. His hands made their way up to her shirt, and then as if by them self started unbuttoning them, one by one. Mia pulled away. –


Mia: George…I cant…I’m not ready…not yet.

George: That’s ok…I understand.

Mia: So…

George: I think we should go back and have lunch.

Mia: Okay, but how do we explain us?

George: Just leave that too me.


The pair left the lake and walked into the school, the first person they bumped into was Malfoy. –


Malfoy: Weasley and Shepherd?

George: What do you want Malfoy?

Malfoy: Is it true?

Mia: Is what true?

Malfoy: That Weasley was attacked and you had to save him.

Mia: Well…

George: Yes, and if I hadn’t of stopped her this morning you would have been dead.

Malfoy: Is that a threat Weasley?

Mia: It will be if you continue pissing me off.

Malfoy: You had better not; my father works in the Ministry. He could expel you before you know it.

Mia: Well, shall we find out?


But before Mia could pull out her wand, George had grabbed ahold of her hand and pulled her away –


Mia: George?

George: What? I don’t want you getting kicked out; I don’t care how much I hate Malfoy. I’m not losing you.

Mia: Grr… why do you have to be so right?

George: Because I’m amazing.


Mia playfully slapped George on the chest, and Hermione, Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Fred all walked around the corner –


Hermione: Mia where have…oh.

Ron: Why the bloody hell does my brother get all the good ones?

Ginny: Because you’re an ugly git.

Ron: I guess that’s true.

Hermione: Have you been with him all day?

Mia: Well, most of the day anyway.

Hermione: And this is where the teachers have been sending you when you got kicked out?

Mia: Yes.

Ron: Why?

Mia: I have no idea, I get kicked out; go to the Hospital Wing.

George: Really? I though you just wanted to see me.

Mia: I did but the teachers just sent me to see you as well.

Harry: But why would she go to the Hospital Wing to see you?

George: Because…

Mia: We are going to the Yule Ball together.

Ron: You’re what?

George: Yep, I asked her this morning after she saved me.

Hermione: How sweet.

Ron: How stupid.

Hermione: Ronald! What is your thought of sweet?

Ron: Umm…

Ginny: Exactly.

Mia: Can we go to lunch now? I’m starving.

Hermione: Yes, let’s go.


The group walked towards the Great Hall, Hermione, Ginny and Ron all arguing, Harry lost in thought and Mia and George holding hands scared to stray from one another –


Mia: George, how did you know that I was going to get kicked out of class?

George: I had a hunch.

Mia: Is it because I was getting kicked out of class before?

George: Possibly, or I’m just psychic.

Mia: Or you are just amazing.

George: I know I am.


George and Mia were in fits of laughter when they reached the table, Hermione was yelling at Ron for eating too much and yelling at Harry for not sorting out the next Challenge –


Hermione: Harry, you told us that you had this figured out days ago.

Harry: I know, I thought maybe I could find out by myself.

Hermione: Harry, you know that we are in this together. Ronald if you keep eating like that you are going to choke to death.

Ron: Mae, e c’n…ook in t’e lirary.

Hermione: See Ronald, you just proved my point.

Mia: If we have to we can all go to the Library and help Harry, plus I need to go there to catch up on my classes since I was kicked out of nearly every class.

Hermione: What did you miss out on?

Mia: Well I need to do Muggle studies, Herbology and Potions.

Hermione: I can help you with Muggle Studies.

Mia: Thank you, but I think I should be fine.

Hermione: Okay.

Ron: I think Pheme can help you with your Herbology.

Mia: I don’t think she will but I will check, but if not I will ask Neville I’m sure he will help me.

Harry: and I’m sure Dean and Seamus will help you do the Potions work.

Mia: Why?

Harry: Because they have major crushes on you and don’t know that you and George are a thing.

Ginny: Are you saying that she should use that against them?

Ron: Harry doesn’t mean that.

Harry: What I was saying is that they would help her.

Mia: Thank you, guys but I think I should go and look for Pheme and ask her for help before Charms starts.

George: Do need a hand?

Mia: No I should be fine.

George: Okay.


Mia stood up but leant back over to give George a peck on his cheek, and then she left for the dungeons hoping to find Pheme –
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