A George Weasley Love Story

Mia is a normal witch except that her parents hid a secret from her and her sister Pheme. Their parents died trying to keep them safe but the girls don't know what the secret is. This story follows them through their lives at Hogwarts, with conflict, relationships and the magic.


2. Secrets Revealed



Fred: Hey George, are you okay man?

George: Yeah I’m fine just still getting my head around Mia and me.

Ron: Well at least she’s a keeper.


The boys were cackling loudly. –


Fred: I’m so glad she was able to take over Oliv-

Ginny: Please don’t say his name.

Fred: Oh-yeah, sorry man.

George: Nah its ok. I just can’t believe that after everything that he turned on me like the way that he did.

Hermione: Did he seem the same when you spoke to him before hand?

George: He seemed a little tense, but I guess that was just awkwardness since I had interrupted their little regrouping sesh.

Ginny: Aw, do I hear a little bit of jealousy in that?

Fred: I do.

George: Guys stop, but he just seemed like the same old Oliver.

Hermione: Harry I think that we should start helping you find some kind of answer to the next event.

Harry: Okay, bye guys.

George & Fred: Seya.


Harry, Ron and Hermione made their way out of the Great Hall and headed towards the Library. –  

Ginny: Don’t you guys have someone to play a prank on?

Fred: Well I do have a grand idea.

George: And.?

Fred: Could we write a letter to Seamus and Cedric and tell them that the other is gay for them and then see what comes.

Ginny: That is absolutely barbaric.

George: Sorry Fred but Ginny is right for once.

Fred: I think Mia is making you soft because the old George would be right into it.

Ginny: How about you just go and drop water on someone’s’ head?

George: See that will give us enough time to come up with a huge plan.

Fred: I guess so.

Ginny: Whose head are you going to drop it on?

George: Why our darling sister, who else?

Ginny: Maybe the Slytherin?

George: What a great idea.


The twins made their way to the entrance of the Great Hall and waited for Draco and his posy to walk underneath and that was when they dropped the bucket over their heads. –





Draco: How about we go and visit the Weasley girl?


George sprung from behind the corner and pulled his wand out at Draco. –  

George: You keep away from my sister or I will keep Mia’s promise.

Draco: Oh-really?

George: Yes, really.

McGonagall: Mr. Weasley put down your wand immediately.

George: But-

McGonagall: There will be no buts.

George: Fine.


George followed McGonagall to her office. –


McGonagall: Now, why were you threatening Draco Malfoy?

George: Because he was threatening to hurt Ginny.

McGonagall: But did he do her any harm?

George: No.

McGonagall: So then if his father decided to take this to the Ministry, we would have no real evidence.

George: So…?

McGonagall: Then left up to his father and you would spend the next couple of years in Azkaban.

George: Oh.

McGonagall: And I doubt that your mother would want you so young in Azkaban.

George: I guess that’s true.

McGonagall: Precisely.

George: Can I leave now Professor?

McGonagall: You may. But try not to get into any more trouble.

George: Okay.


George left the office and made his way to the Gryffindor common room to meet up with Fred. –


George: Fred I reckon the teachers are way too uptight.

Fred: Well George its because of this Triwizard Tournament business, I think they are trying to make it seem the best that the Wizarding world has seen.

George: Well that would make sense, but I think they just need to loosen up their corsets.

Fred: I would hate to think of any of the professors in corsets.


The twins were in a fit of laughter when Ginny and a bunch of girls dragged Ron into the room. Harry and Hermione sprung to his side and the twins went and stood behind him.


Hermione: What happened?

Ginny: Ron asked Fleur to the Ball.

Hermione: He what?

Ron: She was just walking past, you know how I like the way they walk? And then it kind of slipped out.

Ginny: It was more of a shout, it was quiet frightening.

Harry: What did she say?

Hermione: No of course.

Ron: -shakes his head. -

Hermione: She said yes?

Ron: Don’t be silly. After I asked I did the most sensible thing, I ran.

Harry: And what did she do?

Ron: I don’t know I didn’t want to look back. I can’t go out now. My life is ruined.


Fred and George walk into their dormitory. –


Fred: Seems like our little brother has some female problems.

George: Should we be good big brothers and help him out?

Fred: I think not.


The twins open the door to find two bodies entwined in Seamus’s bed. –


Seamus: Oh! Cedric!

Fred: What! Are Seamus and Cedric?

George: Gay? Yes, it would seem that they are.

Cedric: Seamus…I…. think there…. is someone else…. in the room…. as well.


Seamus ripped the sheet off his head and saw the Twins. –


Seamus: Fred! George!

Cedric: The Twins?

George: Don’t worry we aren’t going to say anything.

Seamus: You wont?

Fred: We wont?

George: We wont. And that is final.

Fred: Okay, we won’t.

Cedric: Wow, Mia is right about you George. You really are a sweet soul.

Fred: She said that about him?

Seamus: She told us. And she is the only other person besides you and Dean who know about us.

George: That’s why she became so offended this afternoon.

Fred: It must be.

Seamus: Would you two mind leaving and giving us some privacy?

George: We don’t mind. Come on Fred.


The twins hadn’t closed the door when the creaking of the bed started…. again. They made their way around the group of students around Ron, and began to look for Mia. –


George: Where do you think Mia is?

Fred: Probably at the Library, or down at the Dungeons still looking for Pheme.

George: True, let’s try the Library first.

Fred: Okay.

Ginny: Where have two been?

Fred: Merlin’s Beard! Where did you come from?

Ginny: The Library. Where Mia is.

George: Why did you want to know where we had been?

Ginny: Because Mia is going dress shopping with me and she wanted to discuss the colors with you.

Fred: Did you hear that George she wanted to talk to YOU about the colors that YOU two are going to be wearing for the ball when YOU go TOGETHER?

George: What’s the matter Fred?

Fred: She has made you HERS and it’s making me feel like there is no US.

George: But Fred there will ALWAYS be an US.

Fred: Well maybe not when SHE is around.

Ginny: This may come as a surprise to you Fred but she also wishes to talk to you as well.

Fred: Really? WHY?

Ginny: It’s got to do with Pheme and Malfoy.

Fred: What has that prick done now?

Ginny: Maybe that is the question to ask Mia.


The trio made their way to the far end of the library that seemed to be the only area lite up. And there was Mia; her hand scribbling down some notes on a parchment. –


George: Mia?

Mia: Oh, Ginny found you?

Ginny: Yes I did.

Mia: Thank you Ginny.

Ginny: Any time Mia.

George: So what colors are we wearing?

Mia: I have no idea.

Fred: How about blue, for Ravenclaw?

Mia: Well that is a good color, and I am in Ravenclaw. But then George is in Gryffindor and that is red.

George: I agree with Fred. It is blue.

Mia: Are you sure?

George: Definitely.

Mia: Okay, that makes my job a whole lot better.

George: Is that all for me?

Mia: Yes, it is.


George gets up and walks further away with Ginny. –


Fred: Now what did you want to ask me?

Mia: I have seen that you have some kind of love for Pheme, either in strong friendship or in love.

Fred: You have?

Mia: Well yeah. I have to look after my little sister.

Fred: Well, I guess its true.

Mia: And that is why I need you for this next thing.

Fred: Let me guess you want me to bribe her to go with me and not with Malfoy?

Mia: Well, not exactly. I have heard rumors here and there that Malfoy is planning to have sex with her at the end of the night.

Fred: HE IS WHAT?!?!

Librarian: Quiet please.

Mia: Sorry. I have spoken to her and she doesn’t believe me, she is still head over heels in love with him. So I was wondering if you could keep an eye on her for me?

Fred: If it keeps a prick like him away from her, then yes.

Mia: Thank you so much Fred.


Mia walks around the table and gives him a grateful hug. She then kisses him on the head. George sees this and jogs over. –


George: Mia please tell me you haven’t fallen for the other twin?

Mia: Nope its nothing like that, I’m just so happy of what he is doing.

George: And what exactly are you doing Fred?

Fred: I will tell you later George.

Mia: Well its time that Ginny and myself begin our wondrous adventure of gown shopping before it gets too late. See you in the morning George.


Mia passionately kisses George on the lips and her returns the favor then she is gone running down the library with Ginny in a flash of blue and red. –


Fred: Isn’t she great?

George: Not just great but also an excellent kisser.

Fred: Just remember where those lips have been.


Fred and George jokingly fight on the ground but are quickly broken apart by Snape and are given a weeks detention. As they make their way back to the Common room they hear Ginny screaming Mia’s name. The twins run down the next corridor and see Mia and covering Ginny’s mouth and a blue dragon lying on the floor in front of them. –


George: Mia, Ginny move away slowly.

Fred: Please do say we say.

Mia: But it’s hurt, I need to help it.

George: Please don’t do that.

Mia: But I need to.


Mia took one step forward and Pheme cam running around the corner followed by Malfoy. –


Pheme: I’m sorry Draco but I heard a scream that sounded like Ginny’s.

Malfoy: And now we have sorted out that…Merlin’s Beard it that a dragon?

Fred: Yeah it is Malfoy.

Malfoy: P.S please lets go and let the retards take care of it.


At that moment a black dragon came flying in and attacked the blue dragon. When the blue dragon kicked the black dragon away Mia ran over to it and picked it up and moved away.  –


George: Mia, what are you doing?

Mia: Looking after the dragon.


The black dragon got back onto its feet and started towards Mia and the blue dragon. George pulled his wand out and the black dragon coward away from him. Pheme then struggled out of Draco’s grip and dropped to the ground in front of the black dragon. –


Pheme: IM going to keep this dragon and look after it.

Mia: Well I hope that Trixie likes dragons because it looks like she has a new friend.

George: You can’t be seriously keeping that?

Mia: Yes I am, and you can deal with it.

George: Well I guess I could get use to it.

Mia: And it’s a girl.

George: So what are you going to call her?

Mia: Phoebe meaning the shinning one.

George: Well we had better take her to Hagrid’s and there he can look after her.

Mia: Thank you.

Pheme: I think I will go and take Ebony to my dormitory.

Malfoy: You’re keeping that thing as well?

Pheme: Yes.

Malfoy: Wicked.


-Malfoy and Pheme walked off with each other to the dungeons for the Slytherin dormitories and Fred, George, Mia and Ginny all made their way to Hagrid’s hut. On the walk through the courtyard Mia and Phoebe began to glow bright blue. And then Mia collapsed to the ground, George for one time in his life felt like his heart had been destroyed. –


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