Meeting the perfect guy


2. One direction

I get a taxi to the place I am about to work at and walk inside. OMG! As I take a big breath I see these five boys rehearsing on a stage just looking at me. Their stage managers all introduce me as I walk up on to the stage .

" this is Zoe everyone. She is going to be your new makeup and dresser manager" says the big and mussily manager named Rob

I wave to everyone and suddenly made eye contact to a boy they call Harry Styles. We both smile at each other awkwardly and I quickly shift my eyes back to Rob.

The boys go on with their rehersel as I walk with my other makeup manager back stage in their dressing rooms.

The boys suddenly come into the main room (where they eat and play games) and see me. "Harry and Niall, you are with Zoe" says the other makeup manager "great!" Says Harry in a deep and sexy British accent, " and I have Zayn, Liam and Louis" says the makeup manager.

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