Moving On Without You


3. Making Changes

When I got home I thought about James and how he "promised" me that he would keep in touch with me but that never happened. Then I thought about Jessica and how she said if I want to be her friend I have to dress nice.

I thought and thought till I got an idea to dress nice to show the "A-list" people that other people can be pretty to not just them. So I called my sister Mandy, she came over right after I called her to help me with my plan.

Mandy took me out shopping she chose the clothes because I'm not to good with choosing close. Mandy chose clothes that felt tight I didn't think the close looked good, but then boys walked past I thought I even saw James but it wasn't. The boys stared at me like I was a celebrity.

The next day I went to school in the clothes Mandy picked out for me, the clothes felt really uncomfortable

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