Moving On Without You


2. A-list

After James left, I gave up on my dream to be a model because I've been called ugly or loser they even said that nobody likes me. By the popular people witch are called the A-list people what does that name even mean. I heard some girls from the "A-list" talking behind my back so I turned around and yelled.

"Why do u have to do this to people if there not A-list people you call us losers, well, correction if you think your being cool your not your just being jerks and there's only like 12 of you guys and hundreds of actually nice people"

One of the girls looked at me with an evil eye and said.

"Well at least we have friends and we don't get called names and we can do anything we want haha"

After that I ran home one of the A-list girls that used to be my friend ran after me and said

"Wait up" I went a little slower

"Why" I said when I was crying

"Tomorrow meet me in the back of the school dressed nice if you want me to be your friend again"

I didn't say anything. The next day I dressed the same and skipped to the back of the school, I was at the back of the school and I saw Jessica there waiting for me. She looked at me and saw what I was wearing Jessica didn't look to happy.

"Hi!" I said

"I told you to dress nice else we can't be friends!"

"I,I,I thought looks never mattered when we were friends"

"YA WELL NOW IT DOES!" Jessica yelled and walked away

"Jessica wait!" I touched her shoulder

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" She screamed as loud as she could.

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