Princess Serena . Is a royal . On the night of her birthday she goes missing . Her parents are gone . The kingdom is falling apart . Little do they know Serena is perfectly fine . Her supposed lover is behind all the disasters . So she will go on a quest to find her one and only true love .


6. Chapter 6

We rode until we reached a campsite . The village was obviously deserted . The cobblestone brick , making gaps in the houses . Serena was disgusted she was used to beds with 5 mattresses , hot food , and maids ! Here it was just her and harry and who could forget niall ? . " May i get this house to myself ?" Harry nodded . " No because if there is a attack they will see you all alone and kidnap you ." He said sternly . " Well i could watch her house at night and guard the door !" Harry turned to look at niall and glared " very well then niall you do that , im going to bed ." Niall thanked the heavens . He cursed under his breath . " Sorry serena i didnt hear you ?" She sighed . " Nevermind then niall , goodnight "

Serena pov ••

I told him i liked him . He didnt hear me . Typical irish boy. Now i guess he doesnt like me , maybe ill get over it by talking to harry right now ! . I got out of bed , " Niall i need to talk to Harry !" . Niall looker sad , " Ok then " he lead me to harrys bed . " Hello Harry ! , i just wanted to apologize for being rather naughty towards you .."

Harry pov •••

She came into my room and apologized . I sighed with relief . " Serena do you like me as much as i like thou ?" She gasped . " Yes Harry i do !" I got up and hugged her . She leaned in and kissed me . Roughly . We tugged at our clothes , ( you know what happens after that ) (; . She was magnificent last night . We woke up cuddled together . " Goodmorning harry !" I turned around . It was niall . " Oh um hello niall "

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