Princess Serena . Is a royal . On the night of her birthday she goes missing . Her parents are gone . The kingdom is falling apart . Little do they know Serena is perfectly fine . Her supposed lover is behind all the disasters . So she will go on a quest to find her one and only true love .


5. Chapter 5

Harry's POV ••

I kissed her . She was stunning her beautiful hair her olive green eyes . Her beautiful body . Simply everything about her made me fall in love . I kissed her passionately . She put her hands through my locks . " Serena your beautiful and you deserve better than Prince James !" . I heard the door open but I didn't care who it was I wasn't going to stop this session yet . When she finally needed to breathe she pulled out of the kiss .

Serena POV ••

We kissed . I kissed another man other than James . Harry made me feel good . " Harry may I ask where your from ?" He put 2 fingers to my lips and shushed me " princess that doesn't matter right now " he calmed me down . With just 6 words . " We'll Harry why am I here !" . He sat down and grabbed my hand . And led me to a chair next to his . " Princess Serena we are on a mission , we need to find the peace pendant , it will put our 2 countries at peace and we can be together . Our 2 countries are planning war my lady !" He sighed . " it is our job to fulfill this mission , and if we succeed , we can be married !" . A tear fell down my cheek . I nodded and stood up and walked to my room , I stopped at the door of the entrance " Harry when do we leave ?" . Harry checked a piece of paper " Tomorrow " I nodded once again and walked out . I saw that Niall had brought me clothes . I changed into some leather pants and brown leather boots , I put on a green shirt with a brown leather vest . I braided my hair and tied a brown ribbon into it . I tied up my boots and tied my vest . I smeared off all the powder that Marriet had applied yesterday . I walked out of my room , and went up to a rack of tools . I got a sword and a bow and arrow . I got a basket and went to the kitchen . It was rather filthy but how would we eat on the Mission ? I grabbed a few apples and a loaf of bread and some sliced of cheese . I grabbed a pitcher of water . I got on the platform and cranked the lever I went back up the second floor . I grabbed a bag and placed the bow and arrow In it . I saw my tiara on the floor . I put it in my bag , for I was still a princess . I reached into my dress pocket , I has 15 gold coins . I put them into my pant pocket . I saw the sun go down I washed up and kept all my clothes on including my shoes . I drifted off to sleep . I woke up to Harry standing in my room . " Mission time , get ready !" I glared at him , " Save it Harry I'm all ready ." He looked down and nodded . I walked to the platform that replaced the stairs . Harry behind me . I cranked the heavy lever , " May I help you ?" Harry said . I stared at him and gave him a ugly look . Which meant no . We finally got to the first floor . I went to the kitchen and got a knife . I put it into my bag . Niall grabbed my hand and led me to the carriage . " Thank you Niall !" I said passionately . I noticed Harry glaring at us . Then Niall started the carriage and the horses burst out . We were going fast I looked out the door . I noticed my castle ! I looked out it was deserted. A tear fell . I was leaving everything I've ever known . To god knows where we're heading .

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