Princess Serena . Is a royal . On the night of her birthday she goes missing . Her parents are gone . The kingdom is falling apart . Little do they know Serena is perfectly fine . Her supposed lover is behind all the disasters . So she will go on a quest to find her one and only true love .


2. Chapter 2

I woke up to my mother yelling " Serena ! Get up it's time for breakfast !" . I got up and julliett ( my dresser ) laid out a maroon dress with a black ribbon in my long brunette wavy hair . " mother may I go down to the village , and collect some bread ? " . My mom stared outside her balcony window " Now Serena , you know how I feel about you going to the village by yourself !" . I nodded , " but um mother ! can the ostler accompany me ?" . My mom gave me a raised eyebrow . " Now Serena stay out of trouble ! Your a princess not some sort of hooligan !" . I hugged her and walked outside I headed towards the horse stables . " Hey Niall ? My mother asked if you can accompany me to the village ?" Niall sprang out from under a cupboard filled with buckets of water . " Anything for Priness Serena , he grabbed my hand and kissed it . I smiled , as we walked pass the castle gates I got a glimpse of the dungeon , which I was never allowed to go in . " Niall , have the guards ever killed anybody ? For wanting to harm us ?" Nialls face went blank . " no " . I smiled and nodded . " good " . As we walked further and further away from the castle , our conversations got deeper and deeper . Niall seemed to know a bit about everything . " Why do I have to marry prince James ?" Niall faced turned to black , " we'll you see Princess , you were supposed to Marry a prince named Harry , but his country became a troubled country . For you have to marry a peace country ." My mind wondered . " who's is Harry ?" . Niall became mute for like about 5 minutes then he whispered. " When your 19 you will meet him , I will take you ". I nodded and kissed his cheek . My birthday is in 1 week . We reached the village , we entered the bakery , the smell of buttered bread soothed me . We picked out some delicious sweet bread and headed back towards the castle . I thanked Niall and offered him some gold coins to show my appreciation , but he didn't accept . I opened the back door of the castle , and headed towards the kitchen . I placed the bread in the cupboard . I scratched my shoulder , this dress was rather itchy . I made my way to my bedroom , and changed into my horse riding wear . Today was my horse riding lesson . I went to the stables to find Niall , having a argument with my horse riding educator . " Ms . Todd ? May we make our way to the front of the castle ? I need to practice for my birthday ball !" . Ms Todd nodded and smiled , I noticed she was staring and glaring at Niall . As we made our way towards the cobblestone road , my mother came out of the front door of the castle . " Serena , can we cut your lesson short ?" I accepted . My mother paid ms Todd and she left . " mother why did I have to cut my horse riding lesson short ?" . My mom smiled and rubbed my hand . " Sweety next week you will turn 19 , there are many preparations for your birthday ball !"

*in a troubled land*

" Niall , I expect her to know who I am !"

" When can we start the plan ? "

" on her birthday !"

" It is settled "

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