Rosie is treated horribly by her parents. But one day an angel comes and takes her away...


2. We Meet

I land softly in the tree in the back lawn. An hour or two goes past as I wait for Rosie to emerge. That’s one of the great things about being an angel; you can stay in an awkward position for ever, and be quite comfortable, because you have no weight.

Eventually the door I have been watching swings open, and out comes Rosie, her face red and tear stained. She crawls in behind a bush, like a hedge hog seeking shelter. After a few minutes I follow her. Kneeling behind her I whisper "Rosie". She turns around quickly and stares at me.

"Come here Rosie" I say softly, offering my hand to her. She takes it. I pull her into my body and pick her up, wrapping my arms around her. She begins to cry into my chest. She is a small child, about the age of five.

After a while she stops crying, and looks up at me. Then asks the question that every single child I have collected asks: "who are you?".

I smile down at her, "I'm the Christmas Angel".

She gapes at me.

"I'm Santa's daughter. But before I explain myself, I'll have to explain where I come from, and why I'm here..." So I tell her everything, from the icicles sprinkled above the cave entrance, to Santa's sleigh.

As I tell her all this, her eyes light up like Christmas lights, and she begins to smile. I suddenly realise I've never seen her smile before. Her two front teeth are missing! As I hold her in my arms, I feel my love for her grow. Tears start to form in my eyes at the joy of being able to save her.

After I have told everything, I ask her, "So, do you want to come with me?"

"Yes!" she whispers.

"Ok" I say, putting her down. I take a card out of my pocket. The card reads:

Dear Parents,

Your child has been taken out of your care, and taken to the North Pole, where they will life a happy life, working with the elves.

Yours sincerely,

The Christmas Angel

I give this to Rosie, saying "you'll need a coat for the journey, when you go to get it, slip this under your pillow, for your parents to find"

I watch Rosie run off into her house. When she comes out again, she's wearing an adorable purple, fluffy jacket. I beckon to her to come behind the bush again. She stands in front of me, I put my hands on her head and concentrate.

"I need to make you lighter so you can fly" I explain. When I feel the job is done, I take my hands away, and gently take her hand.

"Ready to jump?" I ask softly.

"Ready" she answers. And we jump, high up into the clouds, and make our way to the North Pole, with the setting sun on our right.

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