Rosie is treated horribly by her parents. But one day an angel comes and takes her away...


1. In The Park

I crawl silently towards the child leaning against the tree. Her tiny hands move gently over the bark as she tries to find a comfortable spot. So close, so close I can almost touch her. Reaching out,  just about to put my hand on her shoulder when I hear a noise. A great thudding noise. Some one- an adult is walking towards us. I quickly retreat, bending my legs and flying swiftly backwards, until I am behind a tree. There I crouch, waiting, watching in dread, knowing there is nothing I can do without being seen. A man walks up to the child, seizes her by the wrist and drags her away. The child begins to cry.

"Hurry up Rosie. Your mother and have been waiting." the man says fiercely. "If you ever do that again I'll write a letter to Santa and tell him not to bother with giving you a present."

I almost choke on the air I am breathing at those words. Dad would never, ever leave out a child on Christmas just cause they have horrible parents. No, he does more for them. He adopts them. I am one of his two blood children. My little, seven year old brother, Samuel is the other. He is also the heir to the Sleigh. Santa Clause is not immortal, he just has heirs. And if a Santa doesn't have a son of his own, the most dedicated adopted son is chosen. And whether Santa is adopted or blood, he choses his wife from the adopted females. Both of my parents were adopted. And now, as the first born (and only) daughter, it is my duty to collect the unfortunate children, and take them to our massive under-ground cave in the North Pole, where they will be trained and work among the elves to make Christmas a success. I was given my wings, made an angel, for this purpose.

I leap into the air, right up to cloud level, where I can cloud-hop. It is particularly hard today, I love work in the southern hemisphere, but it can be troublesome some times. Trying my best to stay hidden, I fly from cloud to cloud, following the car I saw Rosie being dragged into. It leads me to a nice, small house, with a small back lawn. 

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