Good Girls Always Fall To Hard In The End

What if you could be famouse. What if you had it all. a heart that's never been broke. A talent like no other. And then it all comes crashing down. In one moment. And all because. because you fell in love. but he only wanted to use you. What would you do? Well join me in a story you will never forget. the story of the one good girl in the bunch that stood strong against the hate the fame. and dint forget who she was and where she was from. until......she met him...the most famous person on earth.
" they say angel, I say demon from hell" this is her story,


1. intro

 Hi my name is Cassidy sanders and I'm famous my manager is Robert woods ( lol I made that up)  I act, Sing, Dance and Write on movellas ( lol see ) But anyway I love what i do I live in Canada but grew up in North Carolina. I have a vacation house in Cali tho. And one in GB ( great Britten) because my little sister lives there. And have a house in Florida and Iowa i have family there. and then i have a house on the beach and lastly in Hawaii because my mom and dad and me like to go there. i have a boat to and lastly I have 2 cars one is a black Camaro and the other is a old pick up truck. i also find it important to mention that I've never had a boyfriend before. and last but not least i am a belieber. well that's me:)  

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