Good Girls Always Fall To Hard In The End

What if you could be famouse. What if you had it all. a heart that's never been broke. A talent like no other. And then it all comes crashing down. In one moment. And all because. because you fell in love. but he only wanted to use you. What would you do? Well join me in a story you will never forget. the story of the one good girl in the bunch that stood strong against the hate the fame. and dint forget who she was and where she was from. until......she met him...the most famous person on earth.
" they say angel, I say demon from hell" this is her story,


5. having fun

I called my friends. they all agreed o come and see me. and that what Justin did was wrong. they came down and I met them at the airport. I screamed and ran to all my girls. then the guys came out. I ran to them. james hugged me Tristen spun me around while we hugged. and logan tickled me. Cameron lifted me over his shoulder. when I got down I hopped on his back. and he grabbed my legs to make sure I wouldn't fall. I couldent stop smileing the whole way back. but I soon got a call.

Me: hello?

Robert: hey can you come to the studio?

Me: when? I have all my friends with me.

Robert: now. but they can come to.

me: okay. we're on our way.

Robert: okay see ya kid.

Me: okay.

I got off the phone and looked at the driver.

Me: sorry guys change of plans I have to go by the studio for a bit. so y'all can come if you wont. there will be free food and free wifi and cable?

Cameron: well i'm in.

I laughed and everyone else agreed. I told the driver and apoligised for the change of plans. he was kind about it and said he didnt mind


when we got there I jumped out. cam threw me on his back and I was still laughing when we got into the studio.

Me: omg! cam! put me down!

Cameron: nah I'm good.

I laughed even more. till I saw Justin. he looked even worse then he did yesterday. cam told another joke and I laughed even more. he finally put me down when we got to my dressing room. he told me he would be with the others I gave him a hug and went to get changed.


When I got done. I walked out and to the car that would take us all to the place where we were going to be filming. I got in the car and seen Justin. I had to ride with him. we got half way there and they made us get into the bike he was driving.


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