Good Girls Always Fall To Hard In The End

What if you could be famouse. What if you had it all. a heart that's never been broke. A talent like no other. And then it all comes crashing down. In one moment. And all because. because you fell in love. but he only wanted to use you. What would you do? Well join me in a story you will never forget. the story of the one good girl in the bunch that stood strong against the hate the fame. and dint forget who she was and where she was from. until......she met him...the most famous person on earth.
" they say angel, I say demon from hell" this is her story,


6. apolagies and black eyes and dont forget the tears

kebufbwe I got on the motorcycle and rode the rest of the way there with him. but he took me down an ally way and we ended up stopping somewhere I didn't know. I got off the bike and looked at Justin. ' where are we? and why are we here?' he looked at me and I felt like crying. he had hurt me but I had hurt him to and mamma had always made sure to let me know that two wrongs certainly didn't make a right. so I put my feelings aside and walked up to him I was about six inches away from him and held out my arms for a hug. and he wasted no time in wrapping his arms around my neck and burring his head into my hair. after a few minuets I finally spoke up. 'Justin I know what I did was wrong and that I should have just let you explain yourself but I was just so hurt. and so confused as to what I could have done to make you act that way towards me but...... I don't even know all I know now is that I'm so so soooo very sorry.' I had started to cry. he looked at me ' no I'm the one that should be sorry I shouldn't have treated you or anyone like I did. can you ever forgive me?' I nodded and then we got back on the bike and he drove us the rest of the way to the filming sight. but when we got there cam was pissed as sson as we got there he grabbed Justin and punched him in the face. I got off the bike and started to scream. ' CAM!!! WHAT AE YOU DOING?!!!?!?!??!? CAMERON STOP IT YOUR HURTING HIM!!! CAMERON MICHEL LEE SHOOK STOP IT!!!!! PLEASEE CAMERON STOP IT!!!! STOP IT !!!!! STOP ITTT!!!!!PLEASE YOUR HURTING HIM CAMERON!!!!.' the secerity garuds finally came and broke up the fight. and I ran over to Justin. as soon as I got to his side I dropped to my knees and held his head in my hands then moved it from the ground to my lap. ' Justin? Justin are you okay?' he gronded and I called over the EMT's and they helped him into the ambulance. I told them that I would follow them. I walked over to the police car and herad camerons voice. 'yes offier he slapped her across the face and I just went off...'  jumped into the conversation. ' No he didn't!!!!! he never once put his hands on me!!!!! as soon as we got back here from stopping to talk about the argument we had you yanked him off the bike and started to beat him like some deranged animal!!!!!' 


as soon as I said what I had the cops arrested him till Justin decides on weather or not to press charges. and as fo me well I'm at the hosbital waiting for the docters to give me the news on Justin. 


a doctor just came out and I waited impatiently for him to call a name. ' Bieber?!' I immediately stood up along with his family and other friends. and then the doctor spoke. 'hello I'm doctor peirce and I presume you are her with Justin Bieber?'

his mother dtepped forward. ' yes we are how is my son?' he looked at her ' Mrs. Bieber you're son is......'

A/N sorry for not updating guys but if you look at my mumble you'll see why but anyways. dun-dun-duhhh whats wrong with Justin? is he going to be ok? or is something drastic going to happen? ;) have to wait and see love ya

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