Being their daughter

Hi.My name is Darcy Stylinson.I'm Larry Stylinson's daughter,as in Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.My life is hectic,but I love it!I hope you enjoy the story of my life!


5. next day and first kisses

I woke up to Liz snoring.I try to tell her,but she never listens.I woke her up.Before I did,I got a marker and wrote "I <3 THE STYLINSONS"on her face.She was going to scream,but it was going to be worth it.I woke her up.We got dressed,and went downstairs."Good morning girls!"Dad said.He took one look at Liz,and started laughing."What's so funny Mr.S?"She asked."Oh,nothing."Dad said."I'm gonna go to the bathroom."Liz said."3....2....1.."Daddy counted down."AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!"We heard her yell."DARCY MARIE STYLINSON YOUR DEAD!!"She yelled."Can I give you a word of advice?"Daddy said."What?"I asked."RUN!"He sad.I took it and ran up stairs.Liz was too fast.Curse her being on the track team.She attacked me,and by attack,I mean tickle.She knows how ticklish I am.Curse this!I screamed,and what did that do?Get my dads to join in tickling me!!"STOP!I GIVE!I'M SORRY!"I yelled.They finally stopped."Well,I'mm gonna go."Liz said."I'll come with!"I said."Be back later dad!"I yelled.

*skip walk*

"Hey dad!"Liz said."Hello ladies!How was your day?"Mr.Hanson(Liz's dad)asked."AWSOME!"Liz answered."Darcy,would you like to stay for dinner?"Liz's mom asked."I would,but I can't because it's family night at my house."I said.Every Sunday,My uncles,aunts,and cousins come over."Well,our door is always open,come over any time."Mrs.Hanson said."Ok,thanks!"I said.On my way home,I saw Alex."Hey Darcy!"He said."H-h-hey."I said.Really?Shyness,now!"So,where you headed?"Alex asked."I-I'm going h-h-home."I said."Cool,I'll walk with you!"He said,putting his arm around my shoulder."O-o-ok!"I said."I broke up with Sara,I caught her cheating on me."He said."If you don't mind me asking,why are you telling me this?"I asked."Because your my friend."He said.Did I hear that right?We're friends?Yeah!"Well,I'm sorry about Sara.I knew you liked her."I said.Now that Sara is out of the picture,I might have a chance."It's ok,I feel like a bad person,because even though I just broke it off with Sara,I kind of want to kiss you.That was weird.Sorry for being creepy."He said.Wait.Did he just say he wanted to kiss me?"I-I wouldn't mind.."I said."Are you sure?"he asked."Yeah,I'm sure."I answered.We were at my door now.He leaned in,I closed my eyes,and leaned in to.We kissed,it was amazing,it was also my first kiss.We heard someone clear their throat.I looked over and saw Dad.I was busted now.


Hey!I hope you liked that chapter!What do you think Louis will say?I'm sorry for the short chapters.I will make a long one and upload it tomorrow.


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