Being their daughter

Hi.My name is Darcy Stylinson.I'm Larry Stylinson's daughter,as in Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.My life is hectic,but I love it!I hope you enjoy the story of my life!


3. Liz the bad ass

I can't believe I'm actually doing this!Why did I agree to skipping?Oh right.Alex Riton.I just hope Sara wasn't skipping to.She bullies me 24/7.It sucks.We used to be bffs!Then junior high came,we drifted apart.Next year,freshmen year,will be much worse."Hey,Darcy,you know my girlfriend Sara,right?"Alex asked.Sadly,I thought."Not really."I said."Alex!Why are you talking to her?!Get over here now!"Sara yelled.See?Bitch.Sara started walking over with her wannabes.Me and Liz call them bitch clones."Hey babe!"Alex said with a smile.Why did he have to have dimples!!I thought."Hey!Why are you talking to nerdy styles?"she said."My name is Darcy Stylinson."I stated."Who cares,nobody was talking to you."Sara said.Thats when Liz stepped in."Ok,look.You may be rich,but that doesn't give you the right to say that.Your probably paying Chloe and Ella to be your friends."Liz said.Way to go Liz!"Watch it Eliza!"Chloe said.Liz hated being called that."My name is Liz.Call me Eliza again,your gonna need another nose job."Liz said.Liz was in a roll!"Whatever.So,we still going to skip Alex?"Sara asked Alex.NOOOOO!!!!She can't come!"Yeah,Darcy's coming to."Alex said."I am too!"Liz said.Wow.She really wanted to piss Sara and her bitch clones off."Who invited you two?"Sara asked."Uhhhh..."I said.See?Total shyness."Alex did."Liz said.Thanks for the save."Well,I don't want you to come."Sara said."I do,I think they're kinda cool!"Alex said.He may be a bad ass,but he was nice."Fine,but that doesn't make us friends."Sara said."Uhm.."I murmured."What was that orphan?"Sara said.I wasn't an orphan.My fathers hired a surrogate."Uh.."Where was the courage I had talking to Alex when I needed it!"Just stop talking to us!"Liz said.Sara walked away,with her bitch clones and Alex right behind her."Thanks Liza-bear,your awsome."I said."Only you can call me Liza-bear,and thank me by paying for my Starbucks."She said.

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