Being their daughter

Hi.My name is Darcy Stylinson.I'm Larry Stylinson's daughter,as in Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.My life is hectic,but I love it!I hope you enjoy the story of my life!


8. hospital time.

Louis's P.O.V:

Harry called 911.I was freaking out.I saw Darcy's phone light up.It was Liz.Where they texting?The text read "Darcy,I hope your just kidding."I read through Darcy and Liz's conversation."Harry,this isn't the first time she cut herself,read the first text Darcy sent to Liz."I said,handing the phone to Harry."Why would she do this?"He asked.I remembered our argument.She said she was a nerd.Just then,the paramedics arrived.Thank god.They put her on the stretcher,then they drove off in the ambulance."Let's follow them."Harry said."Can I come?I know you think I'm a bad influence,but she's my best friend.Even if I don't go with you,I will find a way to get to the hospital."Liz said.When the hell did she get here?

_________________________________Liz's P.O.V:

I had just got to the Stylinson's house when the paramedics drove off.'Darcy,what did you do!'I thought."Let's follow them."Mr.S said."Can I come?I know you think I'm a bad influence,but she's my best friend.Even if I don't go with you,I will find a way to get to the hospital."I said."Sure,let's go."Mr.S said.On the way to the hospital,I had to find out why they think I'm a bad influence."Why do you not want me around Darcy?"I asked.They both looked shocked."Liz,we're so sorry.We were just mad."Mr.S(Louis)said."Why'd you say that though?I try to get Darcy out of trouble.Not in.I've been trying to get her to stop cutting.I don't know why you don't like me."I said."Li-"Mr.S(harry)"Don't Liz me.I did nothing but be your daughters best friend.You jug can't accept that.Can you?"I said.It was silent the rest of the way there.

_________________________________Harry's P.O.V:

All the way to the hospital,I was thinking to myself 'Don't die.Darcy please don't die.'Tears were threatening to spill,but I had to keep from not crying.I didn't want Louis to see me cry.I had to keep strong.We finally made it to the hospital."I texted everyone.They said they'd meet us here."Louis said.We went inside,and sure enough,everyone was there."What happened?"Liam asked."We got into a fight with Darcy.She ran upstairs and cut herself."I said.

-half an hour later.Still Harry's P.O.V-

The doctor finally came out."Darcy Stylinson?"He asked.We all stood up."Darcy Stylinson's parents."Me and Lou walked up."Well,she's awake.You can go see her."He said.Thank god!Louis and I walked in our daughters room."DARCY!THANK GOD YOU'RE ALL RIGHT!"I yelled.The doctor walked in."We haven't got her to talk yet.We were hoping you could.Does she have anyone really close to her other than you here?"He asked.I looked at my husband."Yes,I'll go get her."

_________________________________Louis P.O.V:

I went to go get Liz."Liz,Darcy wants to see you."I said.Liz walked right past me.I went to Darcy's room."Hey Darc.You OK?"Liz asked."I guess,I just have one question."Darcy said."What's up baby girl?"Harry asked."Who are you people and where am I?"


DUH DUH DUHHHH!!!Hope you liked that chapter.


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