Being their daughter

Hi.My name is Darcy Stylinson.I'm Larry Stylinson's daughter,as in Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.My life is hectic,but I love it!I hope you enjoy the story of my life!


17. Alex asks me!!

Darcy's P.O.V

I woke up,Emma,my new little sister,was still asleep.I woke her up by gently shaking her.She woke up,giggling."Good morning,Em!"I said."Good morning sissy!"She said.It felt good to be the big sister.We walked downstairs to the smell of bacon and pancakes."Good morning girls,how'd you sleep?"Dad asked."Pretty good,you?"I answered."We slept good,knowing our family is complete!"Daddy said.The doorbell rang."I'LL GET IT DADS!!"I yelled,earning a glare from both of my fathers.Emma just laughed.I opened the door to Liz and Alex."Sup' curly?"Liz asked me.I decided to annoy her."The sky,blondie!"She hated when I called her that."Hey,are you ok?I'm sorry I got you in trouble."Alex said."I'm fine."I said."I want you guys to meet someone,hey Emma!?"I yelled.I soon heard footsteps."Yes,Darcy?"She asked."I want you to meet my best friend,Liz,and my..."I didn't know what to say."I'm you're sisters boyfriend,if she wants me to be?"Alex said.I nodded,happily."WHO WANTS TO GO TO THE WATER PARK!?!"Dad yelled."ME!"We all yelled."It's a good thing I have my swim stuff!"Alex said.Emma,Liz,and I went to my room to get changed."Hey,Darcy,what's a water park?"Emma asked.Oh.My.Gosh!She's never been to a water park!"It'll be fun,trust us!"Both me and Liz said.This was gonna be fun.


Hey!What do you think about Darlex!If you have a better ship name,please comment.I'm excited to write the next chapter!


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