Keeping your cool

when Niall brings in a best friend from grade school, she catches the eye of harry,and louis. the two boys will either both give her up or one gets her. which one? will she even like them or does another boy member catcher eye. so harry and louis will have to learn to keep there cool, because they are best mates, or will a girl break their relationship.


3. Inside joke

Niall's pov


She had asked about a billion immature fan girl questions.

"andiamo Elliot è il momento per i ragazzi di lasciare avete tutta l'estate con loro."

Louis pov

I watched as she asked her billion questions. The way she focused when typing In Italian, she would squint her eyes and hold her tongue between her lips. It was late in the night and I could tell Harry was fighting to stay awake Zayn was already snoring but I wasn't the least bit tired.

Niall was tired too so he said "andiamo Elliot è il momento per i ragazzi di lasciare avete tutta l'estate con loro."

I was confused.

"Elliot?" Niall and her both looked up. She giggled, a very cute giggle.

" uno scherzo che è una lunga storia." Which translated out to be an inside joke that is a long story. I smiled, I'll hold it to her. Liam was making us rush out of the house so we could all go home and sleep, and I would peacefully, as I dreamed about her smooth golden skin and silky gold hair and her bright green eyes.


Elena's pov

I laughed once all the boys were gone except the ones that lived here.

"What are you laughing about?" Liam asked while he opened a bottled water.

"She's laughing at her new game she invented."

I scowled and rolled my eyes. " I'm having fun being a fan girl making myself seem mysterious and romantic."

Liam and Niall both rolled there eyes causing all of us to laugh.

" Zayn doesn't like girls who play games." Liam said matter-of-factly.

I sighed, "oh well Niall said to stay away from them all so.."

Liam looked at Niall. "Good call now off to bed, both of you!"  

I walked into my new room and changed into some spandex and a camisole. I braided my hair into a French braid, then washed my face and brushed my teeth. I laid in bed and thought of who I liked the best. Nope can't choose I like all three of 'em. But one had my eye but I doubt he liked me.

Niall probably said all sorts of threats to them about dating or touching me. I might as well call him brother. Harry was cute and I think what made me attracted to him was his flirtatious demeanor and his cheekyness. Then Zayn was quiet and respectful, but if he didn't want games he was no fun. But Louis, he was handsome and liked games. Perfect. I finally was able to drift off to sleep. 


I woke up to sunlight peaking through the cream lace curtains. I stretched and got my clothes together. Shorts and shirt that ended right at the top of my shorts. Would I wear a cami underneath? Nope, as long as I kept my arms down. Hmm, my vans with no show socks or my grey toms? I'll decide later. After setting both pairs of shoes down I hopped in the shower.

When I got out I just let my locks towel dry and then I brushed them out. Perfect waves that girls use heat and product to get, when I just get my hair wet. I applied some lotion on my face and shaved my legs and then put lotion on everywhere. Lastly I put on some powder and bam, I was ready to eat.

I walked into the bright living room. Liam was pouring himself some orange juice. I grabbed a blueberry bagel and some butter.

"Good morning." Liam said

" buongiorno, I meant good morning." I said, Liam chuckled.

"So, where is Niall."

"Meh!" Niall yelled. I watched as he shoveled waffles into his mouth.

I laughed, "at least one things still the same." Liam laughed. "So what are the plans today?"

"Well we're going to the studio to write new songs but, you can stay here and go shopping with Danielle." When Liam said her name his eyes sparkled.

"Sounds fun. Don't worry I won't speak in only Italian to her."

He chuckled "I'd hope not."

Niall came in and threw away his plate. "Mornin."

I nodded. I threw my plate away and walked back to my room, plugged in my phone then walked to my bathroom and brushed my teeth. I then ran my brush through my hair and slipped on my toms. I was going to the mall with Danielle Peazer!! My inner fan girl was screaming but I contained her.  


Well here's chapter 3 haha enjoy!!! Love you guys and all the support though no one reads my books :(

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