"A person needs a little madness, or else they never dare cut the rope and be free."
Nikos Kazantzakis


2. Chapter 2

Ruth was quick to introduce herself, “Well hi,” she dragged her index finger down his arm, “I’m Ruth.” Doctor Styles chuckled loudly, “Hello, Ruth.”

He turned to me and asked, “Now what is your name, my dear?”

I flashed bright red, rather noticeable on my pale skin, responding timidly, “Abigail, but I like being called Abbie.” He smiled at me, this time with his teeth, which were very white.

“Abbie, what a beautiful name,” he maintained eye contact, “I’m Doctor Styles, but you, personally, can call me Harry. Okay?” He said, licking his lips quickly.

“Okay.” I nodded.

Harry didn’t acknowledge Betsy or Diana. Ruth’s eyes were burning through the back of my head. Ruth was the most beautiful girl in town. She had fiery red hair, bright green eyes, and the kind of freckles a woman actually wants to have. She was petite with wide hips.The fact that Harry didn’t give her the time of day probably added to her apparent jealousy towards me.

Harry’s deep voice interrupted my thoughts, “Now, girls, we’re going to go outside to get this large crowd to leave our office. It’s far too early in the morning for this many people wanting to meet me.”

We followed him outside as hoots and hollers were made at his arrival. Many people shouting questions that I couldn’t make out. Harry whistled loudly to quiet the crowd. They hushed immediately, then he spoke,

“Well, hello everyone,” he swallowed quickly, “I’m going to be the new doctor in town! My name is Doctor Styles. I’ll be offering the same services Doctor Anderson offered, plus some new ones. I hope to see all of you in my office soon. Thank you.” And once he was done, he turned around and rushed us all back into the small building. Once we were all inside and the crowd died down, we did what we usually did at work. My job is to take a look at the patients before the doctor does, and do a basic checkup. The rest is left to the doctor.

The work under Doctor Styles was the same as under Doctor Anderson, except Harry was intriguingly handsome. I enjoyed watching his serious expression as he paced through the hallway. I giggled when he would get angry if he dropped his pen and sigh as he knelt down to pick it back up. He would occasionally notice me glancing his way, and give me a smirk in return.
I tried to hide the fact I was staring by allowing my white blonde hair to fall into my face, or pretending to look over my clipboard. After my first week working for Harry, I felt almost unprofessional staring at my boss the way I was. I was uncomfortable and awkward at work, which has never been a problem for me before. I knew I was going to be fired when Harry called me into his office on Friday afternoon.  I closed the door behind me slowly and was surprised to see a nervous looking Harry.

“Please sit.” He offered.

I slowly sat down in the chair that was directly across from him.

“What is it that you need, Doctor Styles?” I asked, nervously.

“Abbie, I told you to call me Harry, remember?” He said sternly.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Harry…” I mumbled.

“Anyways, I was wondering if you would like to accompany me to the town festival tomorrow?” He asked.

I was confused. So, he wasn’t firing me, he was asking me on a date.

“You don’t have to… I just figured since you know the town…” Harry said, clearing his throat.

“Oh, I’d like to, actually.” I said quietly.

“Okay, great. I could pick you up if you’d like.” He offered, moving uncomfortably in his chair. 

“That sounds nice, I haven’t rode in a car in years.” I reminisced.

“Then it’s settled, I can get your address out of your folder. How about 6 o’clock?” He said.

“6 o’clock it is. I’m looking forward to it, Harry.” I said.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, enjoy your evening off.” He said.

I stood up and before I left I replied, “Thank you.” 

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