Zayn is the chosen one to save Lilly Ann Rogers, he is the one who has to take this broken girl and repair her, and he does just that, but a certain man that lilly ann would do anything to avoid, comes and asks this one deed of her, will she do this task or will she go back to her old, broken ways?


2. Staying out late

Zayn's pov

"Makin secret drug deals in dark alley ways ey?" I asked her as I sped up next to her. "What the h-.. What does it matter to you?" She had almost cursed but she didnt. "Nothing just wondering what you plan on doing with it." She rolled her eyes and said "I plan on sprinkling it on the ground hoping grass grows." She waved the bag around and I took my chance to take it from her. I succeeded. " give it back boy I serious." I sped up. Next thing I knew I was tackled. She snatched it out if my hands and sped away on her board. I had failed at my mission.

Lilly-Ann's pov

I heard zayn speak behind me. So he had seen my secret. Great. I used to like him when I actually cared about shit. But now I don't care about anything. Except how my drug deals go and how many cigarettes I have. Zayn was handsome, he had a nice jaw, high cheek bones and messy black hair. He had the prettiest eyes that where a chocolately brown, huge eye lashes surrounded them. He was to die for handsome but he would never like me, no one did. I was talking to him waving my weed around like a complete idiot and he snatched it out of my hand. Half of me was relived but the other side got extremely pissed. He sped off. God damn. He was hot, even some stupid girl could see that. I sped up and tackled him. Got my weed and sped off. I got home threw my shit down and went to my room to get my escape.

Zayn's pov

I drove passed her house, I knew what she was doing already. It tore a massive whole in my heart. I liked her ad it felt my duty to save her. I grabbed another cigarette and light it. Damn this was never going to stop. I decided to stay out late.


Lilly's home room teacher

I could tell Lilly wasn't in her right mind from the minute she stepped into class. So I sent her to the nurse. To come to find out she won't be back in class.

Zayn's pov

I had just gotten into my second period class. When the teacher told me to go to the principles office. I walked in and he told me to sit. And asked "are you well acquainted with Lilly-Ann Rogers?" Shit why did she come to school higher than the clouds? "Um yes sir she lives in my neighbor hood." "Good good.... Lilly- Ann has come to school today in a way we don't want our students to see. And knowing your the schools role model." If only he knew about my smoking habits. "I was wondering if you would return Lilly-Ann to what she used to be." He wanted me to fix her? "So d you agree?" " yes sir I will try my hardest, when do I start?" "Right now, here is her work and yours today, take her home until she's... Um better?" I nodded collecting our stuff. "She's in the nurses office lying down." "Thank you sir." He nodded and I left. I dropped the stuff in my car then went back to collect Lilly. She was a mess, she was saying unintelligible things. I picked her up as the nurse gave me an apologetic look.  

I drove to her house and dropped her off on her bed.

It took about five hours for her to be half normal. She looked at me and said "shit what did I do?" I chuckled " you went to school higher than the clouds." She nodded "why are you here?" I sighed "you are know glued to my hip!" "What!!" "It starts with you drinking some water and taking this aspirin." She rolled her eyes as she stood up and went to her draw. The one with her under garments in it, the place where she kept all her drugs. She looked at me her face red with embarrassment and anger. "Where did you put it?" I just smiled "I payed big bucks for that shit, where!" "Big bucks that little bit was worth five bucks." "oh what would you know about drug dealing." I laughed as I shoved her a glass of water and aspirin. She took it and rolled her eyes as if to say it was like a surrender. I made her do her home work while I did mine, and then I checked over it to make sure she actually answered it correctly. It was late at night and she fell asleep. So I snuck out for a quick smoke because I was desperate. Then I ran to my house to get clothes. When I got back she hadn't moved. Good. I went to sleep trusting her not to take off.

I woke up before she did so I went to shower and make breakfast. I knew she was up when I heard the shower turn on. She came out wearing skinny jeans a white shirt that had the vans logo and was wearing her all black vans. Her brown hair was down and wet. It was all the way down to her mid back. She was gorgeous.

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