Zayn is the chosen one to save Lilly Ann Rogers, he is the one who has to take this broken girl and repair her, and he does just that, but a certain man that lilly ann would do anything to avoid, comes and asks this one deed of her, will she do this task or will she go back to her old, broken ways?


5. pack a suite case

Lilly-Ann's pov

I paced my bed. Zayn had gone back home to get some clothes. The thought of him being a smoker. He was or had been a singer. What's weird is he hasn't said anything about the boys or why he doesn't call them. And why the hell does he live in my ghetto ass neighbor hood? I sat down on the raggedy couch and stared at the one picture on the wall. It was back when my family was whole. I had a dad a mother. And I was innocent. Never had a taste of alcohol. Never smelt the smell if cigarets or weed. Went to the doctor to get check ups. Normal. The sad thing about that was if do anything for it. "What ever happened?" I stood up so quickly putting, as the boys say my dukes up. I relaxed when I saw it was zayn. "Damn you zayn." Sorry was all he said. He sat there for a minute staring at me. "Oh, sorry, umm well my dad was cheating on my mom. My mom was a tattoo artist and my dad was a teacher at Harvard. So the two didnt mix." "But your mom doesn't have any tattoos." I sighed "my dad wouldn't let her said if she got any tattoos he'd take me away and I'd never see her again. Sometimes I wonder what it'd been like if I had stayed with him. What would I have grown up to be." "Where are they now?" I felt a tear escape as I stared at the ceiling. I was laying across zayn's lap propped up by a pillow. I quickly wiped it away hoping he didn't see it but unfortunately he did.

Zany's pov

I watched her blue eyes glaze over. I wanted to kiss her to run my hands through her auburn hair. She was truly vulnerable and inside of this stone girl there was a sweet one who loved school and had a passion for mixed martial arts. I wanted her no matter who she was. I watched as she talked, staring at the ceiling. Her talking slowed down and her voice was going high pitch. She was blinking more, and then a single tear slid down to her cheek but she moved it away, probably hoping that I'd never see it, but I did. I stared into her blue orbs and she stared into mine. I leaned down and pressed my lips softly on hers. She will be mine my heart thought.


Lilly-Ann's pov

I stared into zayn's eyes searching for all the questions that filled my head. This boy looked like an easy one to judge but he was by far the hardest. I watched as he gently pressed his lips on mine sending tingles through out me. I kissed back. Our kiss slowly instead of being a soft playful one, became a serious I need you, one. I felt his tongue ask for permission and needless to say I gladly gave it. I wrapped my arms around his neck for more support. One of his hands was snaked In my hair, while the other traveled up my thigh causing it to feel like fire wherever he touched. His hand inching closer to my inner thigh when yes, of all moments one of the legs of the couch breaks causing us to fall. Once I had stood up and dusted myself off I could tell my face was beet red. But I felt a smirk play across both of our faces. Zayn pushed me against the wall and we picked up were we left off. "No interruptions this time." I whispered he smiled in my lips. Well I spoke too soon because his phone rang. Causing him to back up and growl in frustration. He answered his phone. "What?" He growled. His face turned grim. Then it filled with sorrow and regret. "Is she...." He let out a sigh "thank you ill be there in a minute." He hung up. And turned to me "it's my mom she fell down the stairs and dislocated her hip and fracture her tailbone. She probably fell on that broken step I told her I'd fix." He said as he buried his head into my neck." "I'm sorry but why are you still here go see her! I guess I'll just stay here...." I trailed off starting to walking away. But he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into his chest. "Oh no it won't be that easy missy, your staying at my house now. So you're coming." He smiled. I crossed my arms, closed my eyes, and stuck my tongue out like a child. I squeled when zayn carefully caught my tongue between his lips. He laughed "pack a suit case." He gently shoved me in the direction of my room.


Well this was a needed update. Things will start to heat up more and more. ;) so no young readers. Haha hope you enjoy.

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