Zayn is the chosen one to save Lilly Ann Rogers, he is the one who has to take this broken girl and repair her, and he does just that, but a certain man that lilly ann would do anything to avoid, comes and asks this one deed of her, will she do this task or will she go back to her old, broken ways?


10. Hesitation

Zayns pov

I watched her sip her coffee. "Hey um, the note." She waved it off. "Zayn it's fine."
"No it was important." I gave her the look. She looked at me her blue eyes wide. I grabbed her hand and my coffee, as did she. I dragged her out if the café. Once alone I told her about the address and the the code. She nodded. "Well I hope you know I have a match here soon." I smiled. "And you're going to win." She nodded. 

Lilly Ann's pov

I took a swig of the water then spit it out. Walking to the door I scanned the crowd. Catching zayns eyes on me. 


"Don't stop the fight-"

Zayn interrupted me. "I know-" 

"No you don't. Shit gets real zayn." He put his hand on my shoulders. 

"Lilly how many of your fights have I been to? A lot so don't worry." I smiled. "If things get to bad for you...walk out." Zayn gave a sad smile. And kissed my lips. "Rogers mouth piece." I turned and grabbed my mouth piece from my coach. When I turned back zayn wasn't there. I sighed.

*end of flashback*

"Lilly Ann Rogers!" The announcer screamed into the mic. I bounced out the snap back that was zayn's but it read Rogers and his shirt that said team Rogers. All the unnecessary stuff he made a while ago. Demons by imagine dragons being my intro song. Not very intimidating but it's my theme song. I patted hands though guards weren't happy 'bout it. "Rogers Rogers Rogers!" The crowd cheered. When I got to the doc my hair slicked back into the hardest tightest gelled hair sprayed bun. Hair grabbing was a Shame. If I said it was an accident, which sometimes it was, then you were clear, but no accident you were disqualified. I watched zayn's face the whole time the doc rubbed Vaseline on my face. I walked into the what ever you wanna call it. Ring, octagon, whatever. My opponent, a girl. Eleanor Caldwell, I heard pretty good smack about her and now we were competing for the championship. I've won every fight so has she. I guess she was cool. 
My shirt and hat lay on the ground by my team. "This'll be a clean fight-" I zoned out. Staring into her brown eyes. Her dark hair looking just like mine. Bet zayn was relieved to see a girl. My last fight were all guys. He did not like that at all. We tapped gloves and the whistle blew. I automatically threw her against the fence. Her grappling. She was strong and knew just as much as I did. "So your zayns girlfriend." I ignored her comment she elbowed me in my kidney. Causing me to cringe and let loose. We were back in the middle. She swung at me but I blocked with my arms. Not thinking about her leg getting me in the thigh. Which caused me to stumble. I felt the adrenaline rush through me, I took her down, throwing hits on her face. "He and I once dated, he was great in bed, Louis was pissed." Louis. I stopped. Which was not good she rolled out from my legs and got me in the face. Causing my cheek to split open. I held back a growl as I threw her on the ground again going in for harder, faster, and stronger punches. I got her nose bleeding. When she got up I threw my last punch and the bell rang. First round over.

"What were you thinking? Don't stop or hesitate." Coach said to me as Vaseline was applied on my cheek. Ice on my back, water going in and out of my mouth. The whistle was blown and I stood before louis's girlfriend. I had to kill him. Better start with his girlfriend. She opened her mouth. But I stopped her. "Listen here bitch this is a ring not a coffee shop." With that I took her head throwing my knee into her forehead. She fell to the ground as I hammered my fists down on her. Blood everywhere. I felt the ref throw me back. The crowd was going crazy. "Rogers Rogers Rogers!" I couldn't hold back my smile. The doc came over and cleaned me up again. Zayn was there this time. "Hey." I said as he put his shirt and hat on me. "You did good I'm proud of you!" He had a huge grin on his face. "I'm proud." I pushed the nerve to kiss him and jump up and down. I walked up to the ref, my heart beating crazy. i felt like I'd had a couple rock stars. The ref had my left hand. Eleanor's right. "And the winner is by TKO Lilly Ann Rogers." The ref raised my hand. Reporters rushing up to me as I got my award. But I finally got to leave. 

We sat in the car driving back home as I wondered about what she said. Should I tell him? I threw my bag down. Zayn tossing the keys on the couch. I opened my mouth but my stomach all of a sudden felt like shit. I grabbed it feeling very nauseous. 

Zayn's pov

I looked at Lilly, her cheek had that long thin gash. She threw her bag down on the ground. She looked, was exhausted. She started to say something when she got this pained look on her face and she turned a pale color. Clutching her stomach she ran to the bathroom. What was wrong? I ran to my mom on the patio. "Mom something's wrong with lilly." She got up and rushed to the bath room with Lilly in it. I walked in. Lilly was crouched on the ground by the toilet. She looked terrible. "Go away zayn." Lilly spoke out barely at a whisper. "Lilly..." My mom gave me a frown and nodded toward the door. I sighed walking out. I paced the living room fighting the urge to go take a smoke, but i finally went to my room and sitting in the chair at the desk. I didn't mean to fall asleep but I ended up going into a deep sleep. 

When I woke up. I looked around. Lilly was asleep on her left side. I stood up and gently climbed into bed with her. Placing my arm over her. She let out a sigh. "I'm sorry." She said hoarsely. I propped my head up with my arm. "It's fine I understand." I got up and handed her, her water bottle. "Zayn Eleanor-." "I know she's Louis's girlfriend." She looked at me shocked. "They were together when I was in the band." She nodded. "Is that why you hesitated?" She looked at me her blue eyes wide. "Mainly."

Lilly Ann's pov

"Mainly." I watched as a scowl played across zayn's face "what else did she say." I fiddled with my bruised hands. "Lilly." I looked at zayn. "Shesaidthatyouguysoncedatedandyouweregreatinbed." I mumbled out extremely fast. He sat there a minute putting it together. He looked up at me his brown eyes sad. "We never dated. Ever. And we definitely didn't sleep together." I breathed a sigh of relief. He brushed my hair away from my face. Tracing the red line on my cheek then he took my bruised hands and left small delicate kisses on them. "You kicked ass." I laughed. "Yeah to bad I feel like ass and look like shit." Zayn shook his head. "No you look beautiful." I smiled as he laid a kiss on my forehead and sank into the mattress next to next to me.
Kicking ass and taking names lol jk. Not yet... Dun dun duhhhh

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