1D IMAGINES! *Hatius*

Hi guys! I'm going to be writing one direction imagines , readers request.
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5. Imagine for Emillee πŸ’•

You looked at yourself in the mirror, as you put on your earrings, they were navy blue with white crystals around them. You put on your necklace and looked at yourself, mainly your body. You sighed. Today you were wearing a  Royal Navy blue dress. It was above your knees, sweetheart neckline, and strapless. You looked at your body from different angles. 

Harry was behind you buckling up his jeans. You sighed as you pinched  your stomach. "I'm so fat!" You mumbled. Harry noticed so he came up to you and wrapped his arms around you. "You look beautifull love." He said. You smiled at the ground. You knew he was only saying that because he saw you looking at your body like that. 

You kept on staring at yourself, you thought about not attending the VMA's "Harry I don't think I want to go anymore." You lied. "What why not?" He asked shocked. "I mean look at me and all those celebrities I will never fit in!" Harry spun you around. "All those 'celebrities' are normal people! Just like me and you!" He said gesturing celebrities. You turned to the mirror again.

"This isn't about the celebrities is it?" Harry asked, he knew you so well. "Harry look at me I'm so fat!". "You are not fat Emilie! You are the most beautiful girl I've ever met! Stop doing that to your body Emillie! Your amazing just the way your are!" He stared into your eyes. You knew when he used your full name he was being serious. "Thank you Harry!" You say. You look at the ground. 

Harry made you look at him. "Your the most amazing person I have ever met!" He placed a peck on your lips. You haven't felt that in a long time."I love you" you say. "I love you more!" He replies. "Well we should get heading or we'll be late!" He went to put on his tux.

You left the room and went into the bathroom. You sprayed some perfume on. Harry was finished with his tux but had trouble putting his tie on. You walked up to him and helped. "Thank you" he thanked placing a sloppy kiss on your cheek. He walks away to find his socks. You sit on the bed and put on your high heels, and get your clutch purse ready.

After ten minutes you and Harry exit the hotel room. Harry locks the door and takes your hand in his. You get in the elevator and press the button you need. There was a couple of directioners in the elevator so Harry signed some things, and took pictures. "Bye girls!" He yelled leaving the elevator. They were to busy screaming to here. You love how Harry can brighten up one persons day, you always thought of him as a hero, turning people's frowns upside down.

You and Harry were the last ones to get into the limo. This was the order they sat in Liam, Danielle, Niall, Barbara, Eleanor, Louis, and Zayn, Perrie probably went in a limo with her band. You sat beside Zayn and Harry. Barbara was kind of new to the group, so she was shy and didn't talk much. You understood because this was how you were almost three years ago.

The limo stopped and you all got out, paparazzi already snapping pictures. You and Harry walk to the red carpet where people took some more pictures. "Emilie are you and Harry fine now" , "Emillie when is Harry going to propose?" You hear the paparazzi yell things at you, as you spot Taylor making her way to this section. You smile at her, but she just ignores you. 

After fifteen minutes of pictures you guys finally walk into the theatre and the show finally begins. After a couple of awards there was a performance. Miley Cyrus jumped out. You and Harry were laughing, and kind of shocked at what she was doing. "I'm glad I came." You tell Harry and then kiss him. "Me too!" He replied. Next up was best breakup song. You kind of twitched when Taylor's swifts I Knew You Were Trouble came up.

"And the winner is...... I Knew You Were Trouble!" The song played and everyone clapped as Taylor made her way to the stage. She thanked some people and it got to Harry. "I would also like to thank the person for the reason behind this song, he knows exactly who he his and now I got one of these, so thank you." The camera turns to you and Harry. Harry just claps and stares up at the ceiling. "She's just immature! Don't listen to her." The camera catching every word you spoke.

"Who cares about her Em" . He kissed you and then pulled  grinning.

It finally came to the boys. "And the winner is....." You held Harry and Danielle's hand, who was sitting beside you. "ONE DIRECTION!". BSE started playing, as you gave Harry a big kiss to send  him off with. Louis started. "Wow this is amazing! We would just like to thank everyone for this award, every time it's like a new feeling." Harry grabs the mike. "We would like to thank our families management and our girlfriends. But most of all, you guys! Thank you every single one of you guys for making this be ours. This is all you! We love you and thank you!" The boys finish as they run of stage.

After the show is over you guys head to the after party. You talked to Demi, Selena, Ed, and Miley. Demi and Selena said that you guys should hang out some sometime, you got there number which was pretty cool. You talked to Taylor a little bit, but not to much she seemed a little bit jelous. 

You decided to look for Harry, but you couldn't find him. Suddenly he's on the kereoke stage. 'Marry Me' begins to play as Harry sings. As he finished he gets on one knee. You gasp in shock. "Emilie since the day I've met you I knew it was love at first sight! You make me happy and you are my reason to live! So will you make me the happiest man on earth and Marry me?" Everyone cheers, as you walk up to the stage. "Of course!" You say with tears. He slips the ring on your finger and you kiss passionately.

Everyone awes. "Come here!" Harry says as he pulls you to him. You guys walk out to a balcony. You stare at the breathe taking view. "I love you more then anything in this world!" You smile at him. He kisses you and you kiss back. "I love you!" You say before going In for another kiss. Today was the best day of your life. You were glad you came. You made two new friends, and best of all you got all these celebrities to follow you on twitter. Just kidding you get to marry the love of your life. You get to be Mrs. Styles. Well soon. Oh Boy here comes the wedding planning...

*Hope you like it Emillie let me know what ya think :)




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