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Movella Reviews by F.J Morgan!
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2. Victoria Wethers - A Child's worst fear

This Tragic, Heart wrenching play is probably one of the most beautiful pieces of art I have ever read. EVER. Not to spoil anything, but it's a tale of a young lady called Annabelle. She is abused by her monster of a father and just when she thinks she's away from all that, it happens all over again. I found that this screenplay was well written and extremely detailed, although that isn't always necessary unless you plan on making it into an editorial. 


I think that Victoria did a grand job when it came to setting the scene, I felt the cold wintery breeze, or I'd feel the hot, humid day. It really drew me in, I was worried at one point that Annabelle would turn around and start talking to me! It felt so real, and if you could pull off a visual version of this, I should think that whoever does the scenery does a damn good job, Or they'll have me to talk to.


In conclusion, A Child's worst fear has constant terrors and twists to enjoy, and I recommend this for teens 13+, and anybody above 18 would love it too! The reason I recommend it so young is that, though it explores very adult themes, it does not seem to offend further than the aspect of rape and murder. Curses aren't common in this work either, which suits it well. 


If you liked the sound of this book, Go check it out!



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