The incident

A girl just moved into a neighborhood full of bad boys, drug dealers. She doesn't know what she has gotten herself into when zayn the leader of "the gang" breaks into her house. This is a story if an 18 year old girl called Nayla.


1. chapter 1

Today was the day everything changed, my life, myself, just everything. I had to move out, I just couldn't stand living in hell anymore. I don't care where I'm going, I just have to go.

You might be wondering why I'm like this, well first my father abuses my almost everyday since my mother died in a car accident. My high school, I got bullied everyday. My name is Nayla. I have brown hair, and baby blue eyes. I've never had a boyfriend in my life because I'm a worthless slut. See now you know why my life is hell.

Ok, so I decided to run away from my father after I graduated from high school, I decided its my time to live my own life, so now I'm running away to Bradford. I'm quite confident that my life's gonna change there, and as sure ad hell it did change. This is my story of how my life changed from "the gang".

Sorry this chapter is so short. Next one will be longer. Like comment and favorite pleasee

Nour xxx

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