Sofia's Story- Order of the Phoenix

It is Sofia's second year at Hogwarts and Voldemort has returned. Things are about to change at Hogwarts, and Sofia must prepare to face her fate.


21. Unmarkable

Sofia was sitting in the common room when Harry came up. It was the first day back after the break. 

"Hey Sofia, did you have a good Christmas?"

Sofia smiled at him, trying to hide all of her feelings. 

"Yeah, it was pretty good."

He walked past the chair she was sitting in and put a hand on her shoulder. As soon as he did though, he drew it back quickly. 

"Are you alright, Harry?" Sofia asked. 

Her tattoo was tingling, and she put her other hand over it. 

"Yeah, I'm fine."

He was not fine though. He rushed away from Sofia and hurried up to his dormitory. 


Harry was scared. When he had touched Sofia, his scar had begun to burn painfully. It still burned now. Voldemort must be feeling something really powerful. Despite the fact that he was supposed to block out the connection between his mind and Voldemorts, he was curious as to what Voldemort had been feeling. He thought back to the moment. It was fear. Voldemort had been afraid. 

Of what, though? What could terrify the Voldemort so much in a single moment? Harry continued to wonder for the rest of the night. 


It was a few weeks later when Sofia finally had to do the task Voldemort had given her. 

Marietta Edgecombe was walking up the stairs to the DA meeting. Sofia saw her, and though she tried to stop herself, found her pointing her wand at the older girls back. 

"Imperio," she whispered, though her mind was screaming at her to stop. 

Marietta froze. 

"Go to Umbridge and tell her about the DA. As soon as you have told her where it is meeting, you will forget that there have been other DA meetings and you will tell no one why you have done this."

Marietta began walking again, except this time she turned in the direction of Umbridge's office. 

Sofia gulped, the hurried away to the Gryffindor common room. She was thankful that it was empty, and she sat alone holding back tears, completely disgusted with herself. 


What seemed like hours later, Dean, Seamus, Lee, Fred, and George came running into the common room. They collapsed into the chairs, out of breath, looking around. 

"Is no one else back yet?" George huffed. 

"Back from the meeting?" Sofia pretended to be stunned as she looked at her watch. "I thought it wasn't over for another hour."

"We've been betrayed!" Dean shouted. "Someone turned us in. Umbridge and her Inquisitorial Squad came after us tonight. We all had to split up to get away. We don't if everyone got away all right."

Sofia tried to look stunned. 

"But who would do that?" She cried. "Who would turn you in."

"Well," Fred said, "my first guess would've been Michael Corner. Everyone know's he's a huge prat."

"Yes, but he was at the meeting the entire time," Seamus said. 

"It was Marietta Edgecombe!"

Everyone turned to see Alicia Spinnet walking up the portal hole with Parvati, Angelina, Colin, Dennis, Lavender, and Katie. 

"I never liked that girl," Angelina growled. "She never liked the DA from the beginning."

"She got what she deserved though!" Dennis exclaimed. "Did you see her face? She has 'snitch' written all over it."

Sofia lifted a hand to her own cheek, worried that she too would be marked as the traitor she felt she was. 


Sofia woke in the middle of the night. She left the tower, and crept along the castle until she found her secret passageway behind the mirror that everyone believed to be caved in. 

She had not used this passageway since last year, when Draco had followed her outside. This time, however, she knew she was alone. 

The cool air chilled Sofia, and she wished she had brought her warm cloak.  As soon as she had left the tunnel, she transformed into the great white wolf, thankful that over break her parents had taught her how to control it. 

She crossed the familiar countryside quickly. There were no starts in the sky that night. They were hidden behind clouds, along with the moon. 

Sofia stepped into the Malfoy Manor and transformed again. She opened the door to the dinning room, where she knew he would be waiting for her. 

"Ah, Sofia. What news do you have for me?"

She bowed her head. 

"It is done, My Lord. Dumbledore has left the school."

"Excellent. You have done well, child. You will be rewarded for that."

"Thank you, My Lord," she said, trying to sound thankful. 

Voldemort, who had been sitting in his usual seat, stood up and walked towards her slowly. 

"I sense that there is something bothering you," he said thoughtfully. "May I ask what that is?"

"The girl who I cursed, she was cursed when she betrayed the group. Why was I not cursed as well?"

Voldemort stopped a few feet from her and placed a hand on the back of a chair. 

"Ah, it is more ancient magic. You see, your family are known as Unmarkables. Magic that is permanently engraving cannot touch your skin. Am I correct to assume that this curse engraved something upon her skin?"

Sofia nodded. 

"Then that may be why. You see, Sofia, if I, or anyone else, was to try and brand you in any way, it would simply fail. Whether a traitor's mark, or, let's say, the Dark Mark, such a curse would never breach your skin."

Sofia nodded. 

"I think I understand. Thank you, My Lord."

He smiled. 

"Of course, child. Lord Voldemort will always help those who serve him well."

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