Sofia's Story- Order of the Phoenix

It is Sofia's second year at Hogwarts and Voldemort has returned. Things are about to change at Hogwarts, and Sofia must prepare to face her fate.


3. The Task

Sofia was sitting in her bed.  Over the past few days she had refused to
leave her room except for meals. She had made the excuse to her parents that she wanted to spend the last few days of summer studying in preparation for returning to school.  She knew they were worried about her, but they had no idea what was really going on.  They did not know that she had met Voldemort face to face. They did not know that she worried every day about being called by him. 

She set down Daily Prophet as her tattoo suddenly began to burn.  She pulled up the sleeve of her robe and saw it glowing bright red.  She barely had time to catch her breath before she felt herself being dragged into
an abyss.

She was running on the huge white paws that did not belong to her.  She was running so fast that she could hardly see her surroundings.  All
she could see were dark blurs rushing past her.

All of a sudden she saw a huge iron gate rising in front of her.  She tried to stop but her paws kept propelling her forward.  She closed her eyes and braced for a collision but it never came.  She opened her eyes and realized that she had passed through the gate and was now running down a path towards an ominous mansion.  

She felt her paws slowing.  The mansion was not nearly as big as either of Sofia’s homes, but it was much larger than an average house.

As Sofia slowed to a trot, the huge doors in the front of the mansion swung open.  She walked inside and stopped inside a dark entrance hall.

A door to her right opened and she stood up and walked inside.  This time however, she was back
in her normal body.

“Miss Adema, so good of you to join us,” a cold high voice sounded from the opposite side of the room, sending shivers down Sofia’s spine.  

A long dining table was in front of her.  At the head of the far side, Voldemort sat calmly, staring at her with his red gaze.  Beside him sat Lucius Malfoy, looking incredibly smug.

“Please, Miss Adema, sit down.”

Voldemort motioned towards the empty seat on his left with a
pale white hand.

“I’d rather stand,” Sofia snapped.

“There is no need for that harsh tone, Miss Adema.  You will treat me with more respect.”

Sofia felt a very inhumane growl rising in her throat.

“You don’t deserve respect.”

Sofia felt her body being flung backward and she crashed
into the wall behind her.  She fell to
the ground, her body throbbing in pain. She looked up as she climbed back to her feet and saw that
Voldemort was standing now, his wand pointed towards her.

“You are fighting your servitude, much like your parents did
when I first called upon them.  I would give you the same advice I gave them, in the hope that you will be as wise as they were.  You belong to me.  You eat, sleep, breathe, and live because I allow it, as does everyone you care about.  I allow you to live.”

Sofia hung her head, knowing that now was not the time to

Voldemort smiled.  He knew she was giving in.

“Now, please come and sit.”

He motioned again to the seat to his left as he sat down in his own seat again.  Sofia stepped towards the table but instead of walking to where Voldemort wanted her, she sat opposite him at the near end of the table.

The smile faded from his pale face and became serious, though not as cold as Sofia thought it would have been.

“We have some business that needs to be taken care of.  This year, changes are coming.  As you may have noticed, the wizarding world
is not yet aware of my return.  That will remain the case until I will it otherwise.”

The last statement was firm, more of a warning towards her than anything else.

“Now, my task for you is a simple one.  Things are going to be very different at Hogwarts this year, and I believe it will work to our advantage.  You see, the ministry believes that it is time for them to step in at Hogwarts.  They intend to oust Dumbledore, though they must do it discretely.  Once he is gone, nothing will stand between me and Harry Potter.”

“How does any of this involve me?”  Sofia asked.

“You must encourage the students of Hogwarts to resist the ministry interference.  You must encourage unrest and disruption.  You must help drive Dumbledore away.”

Sofia felt her temper rising again, threatening to escape her control.  How could he possibly expect her to agree to any plan that would remove one of the people she respected and trusted the most?

“Do not worry; you will not be working all by yourself.  Harry Potter will lead his own resistance against the ministry.  You must support him, fuel him, but not be caught. Once you arrive at Hogwarts, you will understand.”

“And if I fail?”

Voldemort smiled again.

“You won’t fail, because if you do, you will be forced to watch as torture your brother until he begs for death.”

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