Sofia's Story- Order of the Phoenix

It is Sofia's second year at Hogwarts and Voldemort has returned. Things are about to change at Hogwarts, and Sofia must prepare to face her fate.


24. The Ministry

Something was wrong. Sofia looked out of the window in the common room and saw six figures moving in the grounds below. She knew who it was. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Neville were all missing from the common room. The sixth person must be Luna. 

Sofia hurried down to them, using the secret passageways to move unseen through the castle. Just as she reached the grounds, she caught a glimpse of them flying off into the sky on some invisible thing. 

Sofia transformed and followed them from below. They left Hogwarts grounds. Sofia struggled to keep and eye on them to make sure she could see where they were going. The way looked familiar, and Sofia realized that they were heading towards London. 

Soon, they arrived at the Ministry of Magic. Sofia hid behind a building as she watched the six dismount whatever they had been riding. They walked over to a telephone booth and crammed themselves inside. A few moments later they floated down below the surface of the ground. 

Once they were gone, Sofia trotted over to the telephone booth, still transformed. She walked inside and knocked the phone off with a big white paw. She growled into the phone, hoping it would work, yet not knowing what 'it' was. 

Soon enough though she felt the floor lowering beneath her. She stepped out of the telephone booth and into the lobby of the ministry. It was empty. There was no sign of the six, but there was a very dark air in this place. Dark Magic that did not belong here was looming close by. 

The great wolf lowered her head and sniffed the ground. She picked up the scent of the six. She didn't know how she knew it was them, but she took off, following the scent to the elevators. She felt a jerk as the elevator began to fly downwards. It came to a sudden stop and the doors flew open. 

"Department of Mysteries," a female voice announced. 

Sofia followed the scent. She was walking down a long dark corridor. The closer she got to the end, the darker the air was. 

She reached the door at then end. She placed a paw on the door and it flew open easily.

She was standing in a circular room with doors all around. She immediately picked one to her left, though she did not know why. She headed to the door and just as she had done to the one before, placed a paw against it. It swung open and Sofia stepped inside. 

There were shelves upon shelves of shiny orbs, each shelf over ten feet high. There were rows reaching back farther than Sofia's wolf eyes could see. 

She followed the scent through the rows, until she heard voices. She recognized Harry's voice. He was standing at row 97. Sofia his herself behind 96 and crouched down. Something evil was coming. She could feel it. She listened to the voices of the six. 

"Hey, Harry, this has your name on it."

The next voice Sofia heard was one she had not been expecting. 

"Very good, Potter. Now turn around, nice and slowly, and give that to me."

Lucius Malfoy. 

Sofia sprang to her paws, but stopped herself just before she broker her cover. She had to stay hidden, for now. If she exposed herself, Lucius would call Voldemort, and then she would be powerless to help Harry and the others. 

"To me, Potter," Lucius repeated. 

Sofia snuck a glance in between the orbs she was hiding behind. Harry and his friends were surrounded and outnumbered. If a fight broke out, they would not stand a chance. 

"Where's Sirius?" Harry demanded. 

A woman who Sofia did not recognize laughed. 

"The Dark Lord always knows!"

It took only a moment for Sofia to put the pieces together. Voldemort had lured Harry here because he wanted whatever Harry was now holding. It had been easy, of course, once he learned of the connection he and Harry shared. He must have placed a false image in Harry's head involving Sirius. It was the only way he could have gotten Harry here. 

"Don't do anything," Harry muttered. "Not yet-"

The woman who had spoken snickered. 

"You hear him? You hear him? Giving instructions to the other children as though he thinks of fighting us!"

"Oh, you don't know Potter as I do, Bellatrix," said Lucius. "He had a great weakness for heroics; the Dark Lord understands this about him. Now give me the prophecy, Potter."

Bellatrix. Bellatrix Lestrange. The woman who had brutally tortured two of Sofia's parents best friends to the point they lost their minds. This cruel woman, free from Azkaban to do the Dark Lord's bidding again. 

"It's time you learned the difference between life and dreams, Potter," Lucius snarled. "Now give me the prophecy or we start using wands."

Sofia listened silently to the conversation ramble back and forth, waiting for her chance to strike. She knew she would only have a moment, and then one of the Death Eaters would certainly call Voldemort and she would be helpless. 

Two of the orbs above Sofia smashed, but she did not flinch as glass fell down onto her white head. She stayed where she was, ready to pounce at first moment. 

After a few moments, she heard Harry shout. This was followed by five voices shouting "REDUCTO!"

Shelves and orbs came crashing down on Sofia and the Death Eaters, as Harry and his friends took off running. Chaos erupted. Death Eaters began to chase the children. Sofia found her moment. As the began to pass her hiding space, she lunged at them. 

She hit the one in front with magnificent force and sent him flying into the shelves. Her paws hardly hit the ground before she pounced at the second one, her strong jaws clamping firmly on the arm that held his wand. He let out a shriek as there was a crunch of bone, and his wand fell to the ground. Sofia flung him by the arm into two more Death Eaters who were trying to pass her. 

"It's her!" One of them shouted as they struggled to get up from beneath their injured comrade. "It's the Adema girl. Call him! Call the Dark Lord!"

Sofia didn't wait to see them call. She hurried away, chasing the Death Eaters who had gotten away.

She saw Malfoy first. She took two giant leaps then lunged at him, her paws landing firmly on his back, knocking him to the ground. The force of Sofia's jump caused her to fly past his fallen body and land in a heap a few feet away. 

Lucius rolled over and got to his feet. His eyes found Sofia and burned with anger. 

"You!" He snarled. 

He raised his wand at Sofia, a red jet erupting from the end. She rolled out of the way and transformed, pulling her own wand out of her robes as she did. 

"You dare to raise your wand against me?" Lucius shrieked. "You will pay!"

He began to shoot spells at her. She blocked and dodged them easily, though. 

"Stupefy,"she muttered. 

The red jet was aimed straight at Lucius's head and he had to duck. Before either could react, Sofia felt herself being dragged backwards by an invisible hand. Her wand flew from her hand. 

Lucius smiled and raised his wand towards her. 


Ropes sprang from his wand and swirled around Sofia. They bound her tightly and forced her to her knees. 

"The Dark Lord will deal with you when he arrives."

Lucius sprinted off, leaving Sofia alone in the darkness. 

She struggled against the ropes but they were too tight. Her wand was too far away for her to reach, and she was completely trapped. She sat there for several minutes, trying to think of a way out, knowing that every second that passed could be deadly for her friends. 

An idea came to her. She began to transform. The ropes strained against her, digging into her flesh, and then her fur, until finally they snapped. Sofia turned human again, ran to her wand, picked it up and stowed it in her robes. The she started to run, not knowing where she was going, just knowing she had to get there. 

She broken into a room, and found Neville, Luna, Ron, Hermione and Ginny looking broken. Luna, Ginny and Hermiome lay unconscious, sprawled out on the flood. Neville stood over Ron, who was being suffocated by a long tentacle attached to a brain looking thing. 

"Sofia!" Neville exclaimed. 

She pushed past him to Ron. She pointed her wand at the tentacle. 


The tentacle disintegrated into a pile of dust. 

Sofia turned to Neville. 

"I cannot help Harry," she said. "Go to him. I'll help them." 

Neville didn't need telling twice. He ran off, leaving Sofia to care for the others. 

She looked for who to help first. She raised her wand in the air and shouted "SPECIALIS REVELIO!"

A red haze surrounded Ginny. A soft silver one surrounded Luna. Dark purple flames lapped around Hermione. 

Ginny was stunned. Luna was just unconscious. But something bad had hit Hermione. She ran to her first. 

Sofia recognized the spell. It was one her mother had studied. She knew that dark flames were now eating away at Hermione from the inside out, and if she did not receive help soon then it would be too late, if it wasn't already. 

She tried to remember what her mother had told her would stop this curse. Spells would not reverse the damage, only stop it from getting worse. If she saved Hermione, it would be a long, slow and painful healing process. 

The flames that the spell imprinted had to be drawn from the body. Sofia had never done such magic before. She had seen her mother do it and hoped it would be enough. She pointed her wand at Hermione's chest. 

"Ignis Ascendere," she muttered. 

A tiny wisp of purple rose from Hermione's still body. It was not enough. Sofia knew that more of the deadly fire was inside her, killing her slowly. 

"Ignis Ascendere!" She said again, this time with more force. 

A few more wisps left Hermione. 


Purple flames poured from Hermione's chest. 

Sofia stepped backwards, exhausted. She knew Hermione would be fine now. They were all going to be okay. Now there was just Harry and Neville to worry about. 

She had to hurry. She had to get to them before Voldemort arrived. She ran back the way she had come, searching for signs of where the fight had gone. 

Her mind was lost. She was lost. She did not know where she was or what was going on anymore. She was just walking. Somehow she found herself stumbling out of the elevator into the lobby of the ministry. 

He was there, his red eyes filled with hatred. He raised his wand and pointed it at her. 


 Sofia felt all noise leave her throat. 

"You have betrayed me," Voldemort snarled. "And you will pay for it. CRUCIO!"

Sofia fell to the floor in worst agony she had ever felt. She opened her mouth to scream but no sound came out. She felt like she was dying. She wanted to die. Anything was better than this pain that consumed her entire body. Eventually she was taken by darkness.


Sofia heard her father's voice in her mind. 

"My dear Sofia, my brave, brave child. You have made me so proud."

Sofia tried to open her eyes but all she could see was darkness. 

"My child, you have fought so bravely, when most would run and hide. You knew the consequences that would come, but you chose the love over your friends over your own safety."

But my brothers, thought Sofia. He will kill them. 

"Your brothers are safe. We have hidden them under the stringed protections your mother and I could manage together. Even if he summons them, they should be safe. Fear not, my child, for you have served them well. The world will honor your sacrifice for the rest of time. Go now, and be in peace."

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