Sofia's Story- Order of the Phoenix

It is Sofia's second year at Hogwarts and Voldemort has returned. Things are about to change at Hogwarts, and Sofia must prepare to face her fate.


22. How to Survive

"You should have seen Potter's face! That little coward telling everyone to run."

Draco laughed at his own words. Sofia forced a smile, feeling like she was the most awful person in the world. 

"You should have seen them all running," Draco continued. "They fled like ants, all over the place. I wish we had caught more. Then we could properly punish all of those who deserve it. Oh well, at least we got Potter."

Sofia didn't look at him. She stared at the essay she was writing for potions. She had been working on it all morning, but it was hardly a quarter of the way finished. Her heart was not in it. These days, her heart was not in anything. 

"Dumbledore is gone, Potter has been given a lifetime ban from Quidditch, he, Granger, and all of the Weasley's are a step away from being expelled. I'm one of the most powerful students in the school, and we've finally god a headmistress who can appreciate good punishment."

Draco was too full of himself today. Sofia could no stand it. She jumped to her feet and grabbed her essay and quill, shoving them into her school bag. 

"What's your problem?" Draco demanded. 

"You," she snarled. "Going on about how great this year has been. Well maybe it's been great for a select few like you, but for the rest of us it's been a living hell."

Draco looked angry but before he could say anything, Sofia continued. 

"Just because you take pleasure in everyone else's suffering doesn't mean we all do. Just because you worship dark magic doesn't mean everyone else does too."

She ran out of the library, ignoring him call after her. She knew he was chasing her, but she didn't stop. She didn't want to hear what he had to say. She knew he would catch up to her, but she would not give him the satisfaction of waiting for him. 

"Sofia, stop!"

He grabbed her arm and pulled it backwards and she came to a halt. 

"What?" She shouted. 

They were in the middle of the Grand Staircase. There were students around and they looked at the two questioningly. 

"Stop trying to avoid what's happening. The Dark Lord is back in power. He is going to take charge over the wizarding world. Anyone who stands in his was is going to be destroyed. Have you ever thought that maybe I don't worship dark magic, and that maybe I'm just doing what I have to in order to survive?"

Sofia pulled her arm away from him. 

"I think you'll be safe. Now leave me alone."

She tried to turn away but he grabbed her shoulders and held her in place. 

"Sofia I'm trying to help you! I'm trying to get you to realize how to survive, how to keep your family alive! Don't you realize that if you stand against him he'll kill you and everyone you love?"

Sofia glared at him. When she spoke her voice was calm and steady. 

"There's a difference between doing what you have to in order to survive and doing what you want to see others suffer."

"Is everything okay?"

Sofia looked behind her and saw Luke standing there looking worried. 

"Everything is just fine!" She snapped. 

She pulled away from Draco and pushed past Luke, who was too stunned to stop her. 


Luke glared at Draco after Sofia stormed away. 

"What did you do?" He snarled. 

Draco glared back. 

"Mind your own business, Wolfrick."

"She is my business, Malfoy," Luke said, pulling out his wand and pointing it at Draco's face. "If you hurt her, I swear you'll regret it."

"You have no idea what's going on!" Draco shouted. 

Luke stepped forward and out his wand against Malfoy's neck. 

"I know enough! Don't think I didn't see the way you were staring at her on Christmas. You want her for yourself. Well guess what, she picked me. Why? Because she can trust me, because my family doesn't delve in Dark Magic."

"You think she chose you?" Malfoy sneered. "Tell me, when she needed someone to comfort her, did you stay by her side all night long, holding we while she slept so she would feel safe?"

Luke opened his mouth to curse Malfoy but before he could, his want flew out of his hand. 

"Mr. Wolfrick, that will be twenty points from Ravenclaw and a detention for you."

Umbridge was walking down the stairs, her wand in hand.

"Now I suggest that you run along and get back to your common room before I take more points."

Luke stalked away, picking up his wand as he left. 

"This isn't finished, Malfoy," he called over his shoulder as he walked away. 

"Oh I think it is," Draco called back. 


Sofia sat in her bed, going back and forth between feeling anger and betrayal. She once again felt alienated from the world, alone and helpless. She held the wolf figurine that Draco had given her last year. It howled in her hand. 

"Oh my goodness, Sofia, what happened?"

Sofia put down the figurine as Natalie ran into the dormitory. 

"What?" She asked. 

"Luke and Malfoy! They started arguing on the staircase. Luke was about to curse Malfoy when Umbridge came along and have him detention."

Sofia leaned back against her pillow. 

"I got into a fight with Draco. Luke saw as I was leaving. I didn't want to deal with either of them so I left."

"Sofia," Natalie said softly. "Does Draco, you know, have a thing for you?"

The question caught Sofia off guard. 

"No of course not!"

Natalie looked doubtful. 

"Are you sure Sof? Cause they way he stares at you sometimes, it looks like he does."

"No. He doesn't."

Natalie looked relieved. 

"Okay good. You know I just cannot stand him. Plus, Luke is so much cuter!"

The girl giggled, and Sofia forced a smile. But what Natalie had said really made her think. Did Draco like her like that? He couldn't. He had been like an older brother to her. That's all she had ever wanted from him. 

It didn't matter anymore though. She was furious with Draco, repulsed by the joy he took in the troubles he caused other people.

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