Sofia's Story- Order of the Phoenix

It is Sofia's second year at Hogwarts and Voldemort has returned. Things are about to change at Hogwarts, and Sofia must prepare to face her fate.


10. Harry

The Dark Lord smiled. Umbridge, High Inquisitor of Hogwarts. It would not be long now before the Potter boy took matters into his own hands, before his plans were set into motion.

It was not important that there was little word about the Order from his servant. He had Severus for that. 

There was still the problem of getting Potter to the Department of Mysteries. It would not be easy, but his servant would make sure it was done. 

Sofia heard shouting as she stepped through the portal hole that led to the common room. She stayed in the shadows, listening silently. 


It was Harry. Sofia pressed herself against the stone wall. 

"You don't know what it's like! You-neither of you-you've never had to face him, have you? You think it's just memorizing a bunch of spells and throwing them at him, like you're in class or something? The whole time you're sure you know there's nothing between you and dying except your own-your own brain or guts or whatever-like you can think straight when you know you're about a second from being murdered, or tortured, or watching your friends die-they've never taught us that in their classes, what time like to deal with things like that-and you two sit their acting like I'm a clever little boy to be standing here alice, like Diggory was stupid, like he messed up-you just don't get it, that could just as easily have been me, it would have been me if Voldemort hadn't needed me-"

Sofia felt her heart twisting in pain for the boy, who in his short fifteen years had seen more pain and suffering than most wizards saw in their entire lives. 

"We were't saying anything like that, mate," Ron said. "We weren't having a go at Diggory, we didn't-you've got the wrong end of the-" 

He trailed off, and Sofia felt the tension in the room screaming loudly over the silence. 

"Harry," Hermione said. "Don't you see? This...this is exactly why we need you...We need to know what it's r-really like...facing him...facing V-Voldemort."

The room grew quiet, and Sofia could feel the tension easing. She waited quietly, until she heard Ron and Hermione stalking off to bed. She stepped into the common room only when she was sure Harry was alone. 


He was fixing a broken bowl when he looked up, his eyes looking worried. 

"Hey Sofia. Did you hear any of that?"

She nodded. "I heard enough."

Harry sat down in the closest armchair and buried his face in his hands. She walked over and sat beside him.

"They don't get it. They don't understand what it's like to face Voldemort."

Sofia did, but she could not say so. 

"Harry, why were your parents in the Order? Why did they give their lives for you? Why do Ron's parents, Lupin, Tonks, Mad-Eye and Sirius fight for the Order?"

He did not answer, just sat silently, his face covered. 

"They want to make sure that the people they love do not have to suffer. It is the same reason why you fought, rather than just letting Voldemort kill you. It's because you were protecting people you love. They all were, they all still are. Harry, Ron and Hermione want to do the same. They just want to make sure that if the time ever comes, they can protect the people they love, just like they have been protected for so long."

Harry looked up, but his face was unreadable. 

"You say that like you have experience," he said. 

At that moment, Sofia wanted to tell him. She wanted to share her story, her secret, her curse, and her sacrifice with him. But she couldn't. 

"Harry my mother and father did many things to protect me, but the most important thing they ever did was to educate me.  They never his things from me, never tried to hide the truth for fear of upsetting me. They taught me everything they could, magic and non-magic, to help me survive this world."

She stood up, knowing she had said enough. 

"Good night Harry."

She left him sitting alone in the common room, as she walked with a breaking heart upstairs. 

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