Sofia's Story- Order of the Phoenix

It is Sofia's second year at Hogwarts and Voldemort has returned. Things are about to change at Hogwarts, and Sofia must prepare to face her fate.


4. Guinevere

When Sofia had returned home, she told her parents everything. She told them about how her tattoo had burned last year, how she had been summoned to Voldemorts service after Cedric Diggory had died. She told them how she had transformed into a magnificent white wolf, how she had spent the summer living in fear, and how just now her fears had become real. 

When Sofia finished the story, she looked from parent to parent. Her mother met her gaze, then turned to her father. Their eyes held for a moment, then her mother stood up from the sofa and walked out of the parlor. 

"Where is Mother going?"

Sofia's father stroked his daughters hair lightly.

"She has something she must do. Don't worry, Love, it will all be alright."

"Father, why did I transform into a wolf?"

Carston Adema sighed. He had sworn to do everything in is power to protect his precious daughter from the life he was forced to live. No he was powerless to stop her fate. 

"Our tattoos literally take the shape of our spirit. If you were to produce a patronus, you would produce a wolf. At times, you are even able to physically transform into the animal."

"So, are we Animagi?"

He shook is head.

"Animagi learn how to transform themselves through very complex and painful magic. We are born this way. At first it is uncontrollable, but with practice we can learn to control it, and then we become like Animagi, transforming when we choose."

"I can learn to control it?"

"Yes, but it will take time and patience, and that is something we do not have. You must not worry. When you return to school, keep your head down and do what you were ordered to do."

"You want me to go through with it?"

"At this point, you do not have a choice.  One day you will, but for now you must wait until the time is right."


Guinevere Adema stood in front of the huge iron gates. 

"I have business with the Dark Lord" she called into the dark night. 

The gates swung open and she walked through them. She hurried up the path, her feet hardly touching the ground between steps. She flicked her outstretched wand and the door flew open as she passed through it. Once she had entered the house, she turned right into the huge dining room.

The Dark Lord sat alone at the far side of the dining table. 

"Ah, Guinevere, I was expecting your husband. This is a lovely surprise."

"Release my daughter from your service."

The Dark Lord smiled.

"I cannot do that. You know that she is bound to me. You knew, well before you agreed to marry your husband that any children you had would belong to me, that you would belong to me as well. You had a choice. You were not born with that tattoo, you chose to have it."

"I chose love.  I chose the love of a man who would rather die a thousand deaths than see any pain come to me. That is a power you can never understand."

"You made your decision, and now you must live with the consequences. This is why I have always said, love is a foolish and blinding thing."

Guinevere, who had been growing angry, sunk to her knees.

"Please, My Lord. She is just a child. I know that she is bound to you and I accepted that long ago, but I always thought you would let her grow up before you summoned her."

"Your trip here had been a waste. You will not change my mind Guinevere. All you can do now is hope that your daughter succeeds in the tasks that I give her so you do not lose more than one child."

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