Sofia's Story- Order of the Phoenix

It is Sofia's second year at Hogwarts and Voldemort has returned. Things are about to change at Hogwarts, and Sofia must prepare to face her fate.


9. A Trip to the Owlery

My Lord,
It is as you predicted. Earlier this evening, the ministry official who has taken over the Defense Against the Dark Arts position made it very clear that she was displeased with the way things are at Hogwarts. She made it very clear that things were going to change. I suspect it shall not be long before the changes become public knowledge. As for the Order, I have very little to report. It seems that Dumbledore shut Harry out this summer, not telling him anything. Though Harry's friends were reportedly at the headquarters of the Order all summer, they were left out of Order meetings and know no more than Harry.  I shall update you when I have more to tell.
Your Humble Servant

The letter hurt to write. Sofia tried to resist, even tried to toss the letter into the fire several times, but she was bound to her master. No matter how hard she tried to fight it, she was unable to stop herself from walking up the stairs to the Owlery to send the letter. Her body would not stop, though every nerve screamed in protest. 

She wanted to see Draco, to talk to him and confide in him, but they had both been busy, and other than brief passings in the Great Hall where they were surrounded by people, she hardly ever saw him. 

"Hey, wait up!"

Much to Sofia's relief, her feet stopped moving and she was able to turn around. Luke was running up the stairs after her, a letter in his hand. 

"Hey Sofia. How are you?" 

He was smiling, his eyes gleaming in the soft glow of sunset. 

"I'm okay. You?"

"I'm doing alright. Hey listen,I've been hoping to get a chance to talk to you but every time I see you you're always hurrying off somewhere."

Sofia felt guilty. She had been avoiding him, afraid of developing any sort of relationship with him, afraid of what might happen to him.  

"I'm sorry. Umbridge has had me doing twice the work of anyone in my year, all because I've already read that stupid book she gave us, and all the ones after it."

Luke's face softened to a sympathetic smile. 

"I'm sorry. She's a foul woman." His eyes began to sparkle lightly again. "Perhaps you can tell me this, is there actually anything useful in those books?"

Sofia laughed, feeling the tension in her body relaxing. 

"I mean, if you want to know about all of the spells you are unable to do if someone attacks you."

Luke laughed. She liked his laugh. It was cheerful, coming from his heart. 

"You were on your way up, weren't you?"

He motioned up the stairs, and Sofia nodded. 

"I'll walk with you."

His voice was kind, and Sofia was glad for the company. It almost made her forget the awful things that she had been ordered to do. 

"I really wish Professor Dumbledore had been able to find a real Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher," Luke said as they made their way side by side up the stairs. "We need one now, more than ever, since You-Know-Who is back."

"So you believe he's really back?"

Luke nodded. 

"Of course. Dumbledore would never lie. Besides, my parents say the signs all point to You-Know-Who being back."

"What signs?"

Luke's smile faded a bit. 

"My parents are Readers. They're the only two alive I believe."

"What are Readers?"

"They sense magical energy. Usually it is balanced, calm with minor ripples and waves. They said that the night Cedric died though, there was a huge crash in energy balance. It was similar to the crash that happened when Harry defeated You-Know-Who all those years ago."

"That's incredible. I didn't know there were people with those abilities."

Luke looked down at the steps. 

"That's because most people think it's a bunch of rubbish, just like Seers."

Sofia felt bad for him. He seemed almost ashamed of his parents skill. 

"True Seers aren't rubbish. And I'm sure your parents aren't either." 

Luke smiled and looked up again, as they stepped inside the Owlery. 

"Thanks Sofia."

"What else can they do?" She asked, as her black owl flew down to her. 

She began to tie the letter onto it's leg, feeling the tension in her body building back up again. Her owl flew off, and Sofia wished she could call it back. 

"They can identify someone's emotions based on the energy they emit. They can recognize locations of energy disturbances which has been quite useful for the ministry in the past."

He paused for a moment as a brown owl flew down to him. He tied the letter to it's leg and it soared off into the sky. 

"My parents said that love happens when two people meet who have compatible energies. They say energies are like puzzle pieces, and you have to find the one that fits to you perfectly."

He was staring at her, and Sofia realized how close he was. Normally she would have been uncomfortable this close to someone, but now she just wanted to get closer. 

"I think that's absolutely romantic."

It happened so fast. One moment, they were standing face to face, neither daring to breathe. The next , his lips brushed hers softly, resting for hardly a second before he pulled away again. 

"'d better get going. My friends are waiting for me" he said nervously. 

He ran off before Sofia registered what had happened, and she was left standing alone on in the Owlery to soak up the feelings flying through her mind.   She completely forgot about the letter she had just sent, unaware that the receiver was eagerly awaiting the black owl's appearance.

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