Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


18. You can't you just can't

Niall's back my Irish love is back he's back he's back he's back. I. Love. Him.


Third Person POV

"You can't get on that bike." Sarah told Betthany.

"The hell I can't," Sarah rolled her eyes as Betthany mounted the bike. "You're wearing a dress." Betthany rolled her eyes yet another time.

"When are you going to stop being my mom?" Sarah felt like it was a slap in the face. "When? That answer is never because you're the only god damn friend I've got here! My parents can't fly over here anytime soon and I can't fly back. So I'm stuck. You're all I've got and I don't want to lose you either."

Betthany let out a sigh as a tear slipped from her eye. She dismounted the bike and gave Sarah a tight squeeze. "I'm sorry, you're all I've got too. But come on I've got a match tonight." Sarah let go of Betthany and Betthany again mounted the bike and sped off. Sarah sat there waiting for absolutely nothing, the cold London air blowing through her hair. She was about to turn around when a motorcycle that was clearly not Betthany drove by.

Sarah didn't stop to think who it was till she was half way home. Harry. The only one she knew in the whole entire country who had that hair and who would need to drive that way, to get to their, his meadow. Sarah contemplated turning back to see if he was there but voted against it. "Can't come running," she had said to herself, changing from her dreary clothing.

She decided to wear something cute and bright, to at least cover up her mood. Which was the total opposite. Sarah decided on some white skinny jeans and of course the only clean shirt happened to be Harry's button up. Sarah tucked it into her pants and left it open. Throwing on her pair of white converse, she then proceeded to apply a generous amount of blush, but not too much, she wasn't a clown. After combing through her straight hair, she could see the golden roots coming back, they weren't noticeable, just to Sarah they were. Going with a lovely sheer lip gloss Sarah felt or looked at least like a normal person, well apart from her pink and purple ombre hair.

Grabbing her keys and patting Misha on the head, Sarah bounced her way to the car.


The crowd was pumped and loud. tThe players were all warmed up and so was Sarah. She finally felt good, for some odd reason. Life had others plans. about forty minutes into the match Sarah spotted the last and first person she wanted to see, and that was Harry Styles. He was sitting next to his best mate, Niall Horan. She wasn't baffled. Of course he'd be here because everyone else is.

Sarah was waiting for that awkward moment to happen where Harry would look dead at her but instead it was Niall who saw her. He gave a small smile and turned back his attention to the match. Sarah followed his train of vision and it landed on Betthany, his eyes glued to her. Sarah went back to observing them and caught Harry's eye. Sarah's blue/green eyes meeting Harrys jade eyes.

Her breath stopped and she felt as if Harry was reading her soul. She turned away blinking fast as just the sight of him hurt and brought tears to her eyes. Taking in a big breath of air she turned her attention to the match ignoring that Harry was right across from her, then the feeling of anger arose, all the pain he'd put her through. She stood up quickly and stormed out of the stadium, not wanting to even be in the same place as him. Opening her car door she felt someone grip her wrist. She turned around the hand belonged to exactly who she figured it was, Harry.

Sarah's pov

"Leave me alone." I breathed out, jerking my hand away tears stung my eyes. "I can't Sarah. That's the problem."

"Your problem not mine." I watched pain wave over his face, the sight made me wan to just run up to him and hug him. But I couldn't, I wouldn't. I had to be strong, to show harry he wasn't the source of my weakness and my broken heart.

"Please let's just talk." I shook my head. "You can't just come back here and act like nothing happened or it was a mere break up. I can't deal with all this shit in my life. I have lost everything except Betthany."

He stepped back in confusion. "What about Jane?"

I narrowed my eyes. "She's dead. I held her hand as she died Harry and no one was there to comfort me. I was on my own, Betthany is pretty much gone. I tell myself I have her but she's either racing, working out, or at football."

"Sarah I'm sorry."

I shook my head. "Goodbye Harry." I got in the car and slammed the door, he shook his head the lights of the stadium glinting off of his tear filled eyes. I was fighting myself to run to him. When I knew he was gone, I leaned my head on the steering wheel and cried, letting out all my frustration. I don't know how long I was in the car crying until there was a knock on my window. I wiped my eyes and looked up. Betthany stood there, worry written on her face. I unlocked the car and she got in.

" I saw Harry...and Niall." Her voice wavering as she spoke Niall's name. "Yeah so did I. Harry was so close to me asking to talk but that's the problem, I can't just get over this, I need time." Betthany nodded.

"I thought I was ready for anything but I'm not either, it needs to be gradual." I nodded. "Let's go get some food."

"So you won right?" I asked through the phone. The whole me not living in Betthany's flat anymore was still awkward.

"Honestly I can't remember. But I gotta let you go I'm leaving." What?

"Where are you going to this early?"

"To the body shop." She said in a "duh" tone.

"Why?" The hesitation was evident. "She got a little beat up last race."

I let out a dreaded sigh. Crazy how one boy can change a girl so much. "Okay well I'll probably go to the mall with absolutely no one."

Betthany let out a laugh. "I'll be done at the shop around ten. Can you wait till then?" I ran the brush down my wet hair one more time. "Sure."

Betthany said bye and I hung up. "Look good, don't be bothered." I said to myself as I took my hair and wrapped it into the towel defeating the purpose of brushing it. Walking to my small closet, it was the truth I wasn't going to lie, I had down sized. It was like my old house before I moved here into Betthany's huge flat. I looked at each article of clothing I owned. Deciding on a pair of torn up skinny jeans and a pair of pumps, matching it with a red sweater and a gray beanie. I decided to straighten my hair and then leave it down. For my makeup, I went with winged liner and a bit of blush, leaving my lips a soft pink. My foundation, unlike Betthany's, went down a shade while hers went up. Just another thing that changed. She started wearing much more makeup.

I decided while I waited to play with all of Jane's cats. The kittens were going to have to be sold sooner or later. I got a text from Betthany saying she was driving to the mall. I locked the apartment and did the same with the bookshop. A good song came on so I turned it up, driving down the road. Pulling into the mall parking lot I couldn't hold in my excitement to be doing normal things. I liked the sound of that. Normal. Something I'd like to get used to.


Well -Betthàny

Harry... You can't just do that to a girl! I mean come on bro you should know better -_- -Såråh

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