Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


4. work and narry

Here's chapter 4!!! Ill be surprised when it's finished because I honestly don't know what to write but please enjoy :) library picture will be in the side➡ thanks to my wonderful editor Sarah 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Sarahs Outfit:

Sarah's pov

I grinned as I heard the little bell ring as I stepped into the old book store. The dusty shelves and books that haven't found their place yet. It was very antique and old. From the stair case to the old books. Sometimes I would just sit on the stairs and read. I laid my bag down behind the counter.

"Jane I'm here."

The little old lady came waddling down the stairs. "Oh good I was so excited for you to come, I've made some cookies."

I smiled. "Thanks Jane but cookies will not help my appearance at all." I motioned to my hips and pretending to stretch them.

She chuckled. "Back in my day women had huge hips." We laughed as she walked to a bookcase.

"So how's Darby?" Darby was Jane's cat and had a lot of attitude, but after she got to know you she was nice. "Oh she's doing wonderful, those kittens should be here any day."

I jumped up and down. "Yay I cannot wait."

She laughed. "Oh I can. Those kittens are going to be hard work." 

I grabbed my phone and started playing some old music, as I tackled the huge piles of books. The book shop used to be a dumb store and it was old and dusty. But I'd sanded the floors and painted. The only thing left was the outside.


Betthany pov

I walked past Narry, his gray tail attempting to wrap around my leg. I shook it off.

"You're getting hair on my socks!" 

I heard my phone muffle. I had totally forgotten I was on the phone with Niall.

"What did you say? Sorry it was muffled." I giggled. Niall has now found out our cats name.

"Oh I said that my socks have cat hair on them." I heard him chuckle.

"So what are you doing today?"

"I'm going to football practice."

"I should come and watch."

"If you want to but I definitely don't look good at practice."

I heard him laugh. "So I guess I'll be there, where is it at?" I sighed and texted him the address.

"Thanks babe bye."


I felt a giddy feeling in me. Niall and I had been dating for a week and a half. Harry and Sarah hasn't straightened out and said they were boyfriend and girlfriend. 

I pulled all my stuff into my mustang and drove to my practice field. It was a surreal moment when I got the job here on the team. Just like my life now. I was just a plain southern girl who got the job of her dreams and is now dating the guy of her dreams. Something was bound to go wrong. 

As I walked on the field I watched as Niall sat down in the bleachers. I couldn't contain the smile from my face. I was just like every other girl out there. The whole time Sarah and I had been obsessed with One Direction, I'd simply said. I just wanted a really good friendship, I didn't need to date him I was happy just being his friend, and that's what we'd decided on, but a couple days later we realized a friendship wasn't enough.

We were both weird and silly. I was the girl version of him, maybe not by looks but mentally. He loved the same stuff I did, which made the relationship easier. He understood my wants when I said I didn't want to move fast. I'm not the type of girl who starts dating a guy then the next day is kissing him. That's why we still hadn't had our first kiss.

Liam promised me and Niall that we hadn't kissed at all when we were drunk. Though I was laughing at the video o
f us that Louis had taken. But on the inside I was like oh god I'm never drinking again. I grabbed my red ball and dribbled down the field to where the coach wanted us.

Niall's pov

I couldn't help but smile the minute I saw Betthany on the field. She just made me feel so happy. I'm glad we'd realized a friendship just wasn't going to last, because that would be one painful friendship. I watched the way she dribbled the ball down the field. Her neon cleats glowing against the red ball. She wasn't something you'd see out of a Vogue magazine, she wasn't a Victoria Secret angel. But she was just what I wanted.

She was plain. Not over the top.

As Liam said she was quite subtle. Not that she wasn't beautiful, she got looks from guys all the time. I had taken her to a nice restaurant for a date and our waiter was a guy, a lot handsomer than I was. So of course I felt horrible, my confidence was thrown out the window and the whole time he was trying to flirt with her! I was right there.

One thing I've learned about Betthany is that she's blind when it comes to flirting, she has no idea what it is. So when the man cracks a joke and she laughs and his smile brightens and his ego boosts out of his head. She doesn't realize it. So when I told her she had to be funny and be serious every time he came by.

Once he left she'd burst out laughing. She was not a serious person when she wanted to be and spending that time serious her silliness took over. I couldn't stay serious with her either so I had to laugh too. She hadn't answered my question when I asked her if she was a fan, she'd just bit her lip and smiled. So I took it as she was a major fan. 

I looked up to see her trotting up the bleachers. I slid my phone into my pocket and stood up.

"Dude if your practices are this good I can't wait to see a game".

She blushed. 

Betthany's pov

I watched as Niall got that smile on his face that happens every time I blush. I swear, I. Don't. Do. That. But he swears I do it constantly.

"Well you're only as good as you practice."

He nodded. "Well now what?" I smiled.

"Well I am kinda-" he cut me off. "Starving." I smiled. He pulled me in and we walked, his arm draped over my shoulder and my bag resting on his right shoulder. If I hadn't put on deodorant and sprayed myself with perfume I'd been very self conscious about my particular smell. 

Niall and I, since we drove separate cars, met back at my flat. So of course I let him inside. But as we both entered the flat, I saw Narry sitting on the counting tearing up some papers, there was glass shattered from the vase that once had flowers in it, which were spread on the floor all chewed up.


He looked at me his eyes wide, then he jumped off and twitted away.

"Wait, your cat is named Narry?" I turned on my heel to see Niall leaning on the banister of the stairs and a smirk played on his face. 
Well like I said I actually was pulled out if writers block with a magnet so more stuff to come. Haha.... If I am able to write it. 😩 Because Sarah is to "scared" to write but thankfully I was able to get out of writers block. :) enjoy - Betthany 

Thanks I feel loved.. - Sarah

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