Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


16. The Shit Has Hit The Fan

Gahhhhhh zerrie is fake and Niall is not mine. The world shall end.

(We're gonna get hate for that ya know -säräh)


Sarah's pov

I grew tired of the same old conversations I'd have with Nick, all the of them had the same ending 'stop talking about Harry I'm not him.' 

Facing the tele I flipped through channels. The news, once again caught my attention. "Harry's style has to change phone number." the lines read. "Yesterday night Harry Styles' actual phone number was leaked from an unknown source. Let's see what he has to say about it." 

Harry came on screen he looked like his usual self but his eyes looked tired and pained. "Well I only know of one person who could do this and I'm pained to think she would do such a thing." Was he talking about me? "So who are you talking about? it can't be Sarah, can it?" 

He nodded, "It can."

"So are you guys together?"

"At this point no. We talked about it and now we're over." Ouch, that hurt. "We did not talk about it Styles!" I screamed out at the tele. 

"Apparently she's moved on too." I watched pain go across his eyes. "Yeah I guess stuff like this happens." 

"So what about Niall and Betthany?" He shrugged. "They've been over way longer. Betthany's got this guy everywhere she goes. We're just feel like we were Thrown out like garbage, used for fame." I let out a scream if sorrow.

"No, no, no this is not true Harry." I threw my face into the pillow and started crying. Why? Why? Why? We were officially over. I was no longer Harry Styles' girlfriend and probably would never be, ever again. I cried and cried till I heard a knock in the door. I sauntered over there, wiping my eyes as I opened the door, just to see Nick. 

"Nick it's not a good time, I just want to be alone, okay?" He looked me up and down and nodded. Then he turned on his heel and left. I slammed the door and stomped up the stairs. I looked over at Betthany's room to see her and Carlos laying on her bed. I slammed my door shut and ran to the bathroom. The shower hid my never endless tears.

Betthany's pov 

As soon as I heard Sarah's door slam I knew something was up. I started to get up but Carlos grabbed hold of my waist and pulled me back. 

"Babe let her be," he said into my ear. I turned around and looked into his black eyes. 

"Compromise," I said as I kissed him.

"I could deal with that," he said as he knotted his fingers in my hair. We sat there kissing for a few minutes before I pulled back. 

"I paid my debt. Gotta go see what she was doing, her last known whereabouts."

"What?" He asked confused. I turned around and walked out. Niall would've understood. Those were lines from my favorite tele show, Whodunit? I ran down the stairs and threw myself down on the couch. I rewinded what Sarah had just watched. I watched in horror. Niall and I were officially over. We'd been together this whole time, I'd been cheating on Niall. I immediately felt waves of emotion go through my body. disgust. Guilt. I widened my eyes and told myself I wasn't going to cry. 

"Not going to cry, not going to cry." I felt a hand on my shoulder. I jumped just to see it was Carlos. "I'm sorry do you want some space?" I looked at him, his dark eyes sincere. I nodded. 

"Thanks Carlos." He smiled. "Call me if you need anything." I nodded as he kissed my cheek. I sunk down on the couch and curled up with the pillow.

"Are you sure? Your hair is such a lovely shade." I nodded. Sarah was videotaping for our followers on Smile. It was this new social media, it was like all the old ones combined. I loved it. The lady brushed through my long dark hair then she started layering in the dye. Was I nervous? Yes. Did I care? No.

About a couple hours later she had washed my hair; blow dried it then curled it. "It looks hot girl you're so going to make Ni- everyone jelly." I looked at her. She was going to say Niall and maybe that was the reason I was doing this. I spun in my chair and Sarah snapped pictures.

"You should do this to your hair." 

Laughing she said, "are you crazy?" I shook my head. 

"Technically yes. So come on." I stepped out if the chair and checked it out for myself. The blonde ombré was done perfectly and it wasn't like I bleached all my hair. Just some of it but it was Sarah who went all out. Sarah ended up bleaching all her hair, though it was already blonde, then she did a color ombré. It was pink to purple. 

"Looking good chica." we then posed for a bunch of pictures to post on Smile. 

Harry's pov (sob sob)

I scrolled through smile. stopping at the trending tags. 

#BritishSisters was trending. I clicked on it and sure enough a bunch of pictures of Sarah and Betthany popped up. A part of me didn't believe Sarah would release my number and a tiny part of me did. Sarah had dyed her hair as well as Betthany. Sarah's hair was now white blonde not the usual golden, and her hair had pink and purple in it. The color scheme made her eyes pop. She was more beautiful than ever. 

I knew that smile was hiding so much. Why wasn't I texting Sarah? Because I'm supposed to be doing One Direction things, not looking at my ex-girlfriend. The thought of that just hurt. I love Sarah, I really do. It was management. If it wasn't for our remaining fans I wouldn't be here, I would be with Sarah. I've lost her too. I scrolled through her smile page. There were pictures of her and this guy named Nick, he looked familiar. I clicked on his page his last name was Velspar, isn't that Veronica's last name? 

Of course! Sarah was dating Veronica's brother. I wanted to throw the phone. It was Nick who released my number, it was so simple. Well I hope it was. I turned to Niall and mouthed 'Look at Betthany's Smile' He nodded and about five minutes later he threw his phone down, and rested his hands in his head. 

"They hate us."

"We were the ones to dump them but they already had guys before it was official."

I threw my hands up. "We can't do anything about it. They have boyfriends now, we're lost causes." Niall shook his head. 

"Sarah said she loves you. You'll get her back mate, I promise." I titled my head to the side. "What about you?" 

He motioned to his phone. "Did you see who Betthany was dating?" I shook my head picking up his phone I looked at the guy. He was a lot larger than Niall and had tan skin with dark eyes. 

"I'm nothing compared to him." I shook my head. 

"His name is Carlos like what the fuck?" I said chuckling. Niall jumped out if his seat. "Carlos?" he stole his phone back and started frantically searching. 

"She's dating a racer. He races, we met him at the race I took her to." 

Just as I looked back at Sarah a guy came and took our phones away. I groaned and laid down back into my bed, the picture of Sarah imprinted in my head. I missed her smile, her touch, her voice, but then again I wasn't her boyfriend, Nick was. 


Awww poor hazza. :( so Sarah is totes not keeping up haha. I just gahhhhhhhhhhh. I need my Niall back. I don't need no buff tan dude I need my Niall :( - again another sad Betthany

Our hair should be on the side. What will happen with the boys? Will Betthany or Sarah ever forgive Harry and Niall? Hmm -Säräh

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