Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


39. the old is new

So close I'm trying to think of when I'm ending this forever continuing book. 


(Sarah's pov) 

"Mom!" I said launching into her arms. she laughed and gave me a tight squeeze.

"oh darling I know you said you were big but you're big!" I smiled as Harry wrapped his arm around my waist.

"It is twins. Come on in get yourselves situated." I gently pulled out of Harry's grip and waddled my way to the kitchen. 

"so are you guys finding out the sex of the babies?" I looked at Harry he shrugged.

"Its up to you babe." I smiled and looked at the fridge. 

"Drinks?" I took everyone's preference and walked to the fridge just to have Harry beat me to it. 

"I'm not helpless." He kissed my cheek. 

"you're already doing enough." I smiled and sighed following harry into the living. 

"So how has everyone been?" I got the usual answers. 

"Well lets get down to business, this wedding of yours." My dad said pulling out his notebook. And in we went to an in depth planning of Harry and I's wedding. We would clearly have to buy a maternity dress since Harry insisted on getting married before the babies are born. After what felt like hours I was exhausted.

"I'm going to lay down." my mom smiled and my dad nodded.

"well we are going to check into our hotel then we will tour the town. I nodded and Harry helped me up. My parents left and Harry laid down next to me. 

"I'm surprised I'm still awake." I said to Harry, he laughed and brought me closer to him. Harry kissed my lips and started to play with my hair, after a bit I fell asleep.

I woke up a bunch of noise coming from the room next to ours. I sat up slowly, I had to get used to the whole standing and sitting up the twins would move a lot when I would stand up, which then caused an immense amount of pressure. the first time it happened I thought the babies were going to fall out of me, then I laughed for the next thirty minutes at my blonde tendencies. I waddled down the hallway and slowly walked down the stairs. 

"babe I didn't mean." I cut him off with a kiss. 

"Its fine I woke up on my own. He sighed and rubbed his face then continued with what he was doing, he looked so stressed out. 

"what on earth are you doing?" Harry looked up and smiled. 

"I'm um building something." I looked at the mess around him, there was trash everywhere. 

"We haven't even moved in yet and you're making a mess." I said bending down to grab a sheet of bubble wrap. 

"what is it you're trying to build." Harry blushed. 

"A carseat." 

(Betthany's pov)

"Oh the irony." I felt the chills run down my spine. I slowly turned around, I knew that Georgian accent anywhere, I just wished I didn't here. "it is um pretty ironic." I said tucking back my ear, my eyes didn't meet his. I looked up just a smidgen and by his posture he was nervous too. "I'm so how's London." I smiled and kicked at the carpet. "uh it's nice soccer is great, Sarah's pregnant and getting married." I blurted out. He chuckled, oh how I missed that chuckle. "yeah I heard about it, just like I hear about you, dating that Niall guy." he was very cautious when saying Niall's name. 

"yeah lately we haven't been talking, he's really busy. How's um America been?" 

"In all honesty, I wish I had gone with you to London." this time I looked up, his blue eyes met mine, it was like coming home, he face, so familiar. 

"You've I'm changed I see." he said I smiled. 

"Not really just a few tattoos and maybe hair dye."

"You really got those tattoos?" he asked, surprised. I was surprised too, he remembered. 

"yeah I got then over the summer last year. I'm surprised you remembered." he smiled. "I really like the knew show you've been on, among the between." his eyes widened. 

"I didn't think you would watch it." I crossed my arms. 

"Come on you know me, I watched walking dead, treated it like a religion, a way of living." 

"Well if you uh like it so much you can come on set and I can give you ah tour." he still looked like the same, maybe it was because of seeing him on tv every Friday night. 

"I would like that a lot actually." He smiled and the we exchanged numbers. I didn't want to leave so soon but taking out my phone to put his number in, showed I had thirteen unread messages. I added his number and then closed my phone. 

"I'll see you later Betthany." I smiled at how my name came perfectly out of his mouth, his southern accent making it even better. 

"Bye Chandler." I said waving behind me as I went off to find Grace. 


"What on earth took you so long, and what is up with that smile." I felt my smile grow even more. 

"Guess who I just exchanged numbers with." She tapped her chin. 

"someone really important for you to be smiling like that." I nodded. 

"Chandler." I said twirling on my toes. 

"holy shit for real?" I was surprised by grace's words. 

"No you goose I met the fish named Chandler." She shrugged and started walking out of the building. 

"Tell me about it in the car, we've got a long drive."



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