Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


6. Put your hands on my waist

Well here is chapter 6 I promise it will be longer than chapter 5. So enjoy :)

Full chapter name btw bc I felt like it was too long: put your hands on my waist, do it softly.

Sarah's hair style will be in the side :) thanks. The picture has black hair but ignore it. and its the picture of the hair style on the right sorry about 



Sarah's pov

I had finally put the final book in the case. When I felt two hands place themselves on my hips. I jumped and heard that familiar chuckle. I turned to see Harry.

"What do you think you're doing?" He chuckled and bent down. Our foreheads touching, due to his hair being pushed back like he did it on the take me home tour in 2013.

"As a matter of fact I am going to kiss my girlfriend." I smiled biting my lip. He sucked air.

"Why do you do that?"

I smirked "Do what? This?" I bit my lip but he smashed his lips on my gently. My hands reaching up to his curls. Our lips moving in sync when I heard Jane's voice yell out.

"Deary do you think Narry could handle being around a kitten?" Harry stepped back. Staring into my eyes confused and shocked. I stood there dumbfounded, and at a loss for words.

"Wait does she mean your cat. His name is Narry."

I smiled. "Yeah I guess now you won't ever ask if I don't like you my cat is partially named after you. Yea I think he'll do just fine!" I yelled back and crashed my lips on Harry's so he wouldn't say anything. I felt him smile and pull back.

"Do you think it's weird and you want to break up with me?"

He furrowed his brow and looked at me like I was crazy. "What the hell would make you think that?"

I shook my head. "Me being an insecure girl" I said looking at the ground.

Harry lifted my chin smiling at me. "You don't have to be insecure, Harry Styles is your boyfriend."

I smiled. "I want you to meet Jane." He shrugged. I grabbed his hand and we weaved through the book shelves. Finally getting to Janes office which had stairs which led to her apartment. I knocked softly. Harry's hand was behind my back but we still had our hands locked together. She opened her door and invited us in.

"Jane this is um Harry."

Her eyes went wide. "As in Harry styles the one your cat and the one you listen-" I cut her off before she could embarrass me more.

"Yeah that one. He's my boyfriend." I patted Harry's thigh.

She giggled. "Ah young love now do you guys want some tea?" We both nodded. 

We were sitting on the couch siping tea when Darby went into labor and an hour later there was three little kittens. A pure white one, a gray one, who look just like her mom, and last but not least a black one with white feet that looked like socks.

"You can pick one, you helped a lot hun."

I smiled at Jane "Harry I think we should make it out cat."

He shrugged. "It's up to you babe. I had the ones with the socks pulling at me"

"I like that one."

Harry laughed. "So what's his name going to he Sarry or Harah?"

I looked at him strangely. "You made up our ship names."

His cheeks flushed. "Awww babe. I was thinking more along the line of Socks."

He nodded "look at those blue eyes."

Then we booth shouted "Misha!" We started laughing so hard. Me and Harry held the tiny baby but not for long because Jane shooed us out.

"Misha won't be ready for a month or three. I honestly don't know."

He smiled. "So why did you come to the bookshop anyways?" His ray bans were on and we were walking the streets.

"Oh that reminds me. Tonight at six you and me. I've got a surprise for you."

I smiled. "And what would that be?"

"Well it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you." He said poking my stomach. I giggled.

"Come on." He said dragging me to my car.

"Wait what do I wear?" He gave me a lopsided grin.

"Skinny jeans, converse, and a t shirt." I nodded. 


I had just put the final touch on my hair. I'd decided on a braided poof in the front then a ponytail, leaving two prices of bang down. Though I feel this would look better and more edgy in Betthany's hair mine looks like a cheerleader. What ever, I decided in a white v-neck. I mean when you've got boobs you wear v-necks. Well that's what Betthany says to me. I wore some black skinny jeans and some black converse. It looked pretty good overall. Harry was here around 5:00 which confused me.

"Well we gotta eat."

I smiled and rolled my eyes. "I thought I was dating Harry Styles not Niall Horan."

Harry looked at me and smiled revealing his dimples, causing me to melt. "You are! I promise." He laughed out. I smiled. We pulled up at a little restaurant. I looked at Harry's outfit pretty much mine just all black.


After dinner real quick we ended up at, well I call it Betthany's and Niall's park because their first kiss happened here. 😊 (A/N I am not sure what that square is so sorry computer readers :( -Sarah) But anyways Harry parked and opened my door for me. I stepped out and he grabbed my hand.

"Hey thank you good sir." He chuckled and pecked my lips leading me down a hill. When we got to what I'm guessing was the destination, a huge black stage stood and a bunch of people wearing band tees and jeans, like how we were dressed.

"Surprise."Harry said while doing spirit fingers.

I giggled and rolled my eyes. "Well thank you. I'm guessing its a rock band." He smiled his hands behind his back. I couldn't not like this guy. But the only probably was that I was going to be this awkward girl who looked the part but didn't have the skills. I would be that one person standing while everyone was dancing. But as soon as Harry's huge hand grabbed mine and the band came out. I knew I would have to like him forever. It was my favorite rock band. The Souls. I was listening to them when I was getting ready. I grabbed his arms as we danced.

"How did you know?"

He smiled. "How many times have we hung out? I've seen you're phone a bunch." I smiled. Looking at the back of my iphone 7. The back had tiny stickers. The Soul's logo was one. I smiled. 

Harry slowly broke out of his shell too and soon we were both dancing along with every one else.

"Remember, rule one, be carefree. Youre already doing rule two wonderfully." I smiled as his hands went on my waist.

"Rule two smile a lot. It's beautiful." I said quoting Harry. He chuckled and nodded.

My cheeks were hurting so much by the end of the night. As midnight came around Harry finally dropped me off at home. I told him thank you one last time and gave him one of those lingering kisses then I walked into the house. I walked in and Betthany and Niall were wrapped together in our plaid blanket on the sofa, the tv going.

I giggled and ran up stairs and grabbed the box of condoms from the wash room. I then gently poured the condoms on them. That'd be the best prank ever. I ran up the stairs cackling to myself. Of course I'd taken a picture and sent it to Harry. I needed sleep, I was running on fumes. So finally after removing makeup taking my hair down and changing and lastly brushing my teeth, I threw myself into bed. The last thing I saw, well heard was the voice message from Harry.

"Goodnight babe, sleep well." I smiled and drifted off glad the iPhone could do that. Voice messages had been weird at first but now I thanked god we had them. I could hear his voice. I left my white v neck on because it smelt like him and I still felt his hands on my hips. His lips on my lips. Who would have ever thought this would happen. Sure as hell not me. I stared into the night sky each star twinkling. When finally sleep took over. 

Heyo so chapter 6 boom lol umm so if yah don't know who Misha Collins is he's this bad guy angel in supernatural I guess. So that's all bc Sarah and Harry love supernatural. -Betthany 

He is not the bad guy angel he is the good guy angel and has a complicated relationship with Dean. (DESTIEL FTW) Jk jk ... maybe. I hope I gave an accurate description of Cas for ya (; Thank you for putting up with me(: Idk I just wanted to say thanks(: (: (: (: (: (: (: -Sarah

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