Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


8. out and about

Heyehehgegeh it's like midnight and I'm writing this and I'm having heat waves in me though a fan is right next to me. And I feel like laughing at everything. It is time for bed 😶😶😶😲😲😵😵😵😵

Sarah's pov

After talking about some more of my life we pulled into a parking lot.

"Now, you are going to have to close your eyes and let me walk you there okay?"

"Hmm, it gets more cliche by the second. Turns out its going just like any other fanfic."

"Well I guess my fans know me well." 

We got out of the car and Harry grabbed my hands. I blushed a little but shut my eyes before I could see his reaction. We walked through what seemed to be a forest until my shoes started touching grass. I opened my eyes to see a gorgeous meadow in front of me.

"Harry this is magnificent how did you find this place?"

"It's my place to get away from people, hate, friends, family, or just life in its self."

"Wow Harry, that's deep."

"I know," he smirked.

I waked through the meadow until I got where it seemed to be the middle.

"Do you know what this reminds me of?" I asked Harry.

"What?" He questioned.

"What my little piece of heaven would look like."

"Oh a Supernatural reference."

"I was wondering if you saw that episode," I smirked looking back a Harry then sending him a wink.

"So what else do you do here?" I asked Harry rolling my head to the side.

"I sit on my iPhone and watch Supernatural from Netflix." I rolled my eyes as he chuckled.

"No seriously."

He sighed. "It's going to sound cheesy but I like to draw."

I raised a brow. "Really usually all we- I mean us fans, all we hear about is Zayn being the drawer."

He shook his head. "Nah it's mainly me but Zayn is just cooler I guess, bad boy who draws you know."

I scoffed. "Zayn and you cannot be compared you're two totally different people. Zayn's got a fiancé and is going to be a dad soon. He's far from a bad boy."

Harry chuckled. "Definitely." I was about to say something when my phone let out the tone I got when Betthany texted me. I opened it up. 

BETTHANY: Niall and I plan on going to the club tonight so if you and your little sweetie pie wanna come please, we do plan on drinking so. :)

"What'd she say?" 

"They're going to the club tonight."

Harry's face lit up. "We have to go."

I raised my arms to smooth down my hair, but Harry grabbed my wrists.


I groaned. Harry dropped my wrists and placed his arms around my waist. My palms flat against the chest.

"Please they'll need someone to drive them."

I let out a sigh. "Fine."

Harry let out a 'yay' And nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck.

"Well then I'm going to have to get ready." Harry let go of me and we walked back to my car and Harry drove back. We dropped him off where his car at and he drove home. Why had I let him talk me into going tonight. 

I threw my jacket and scarf onto the rack. "Betthany I hate you!"

She popped out of her bathroom from upstairs with the curling wand wound around her hair.

"Yeah and remember who's flat you live in." She said with a wink. I rolled my eyes.

"I'm only coming because Harry begged me to." I said grabbing her makeup bag.

"What are you doing?" I shrugged. "About to do your makeup."

She sighed. "I don't like people doing stuff for me."

Nodding, I took out her foundation, smiling as I applied it to her face.

"What are you wearing?" she shrugged

"I honestly don't know." 


(Outfit for Betthany and Sarah: )

Once done with her makeup and hair I chose a dress for her. "Now what about you?" 

"I'm just going to be wearing what I'm wearing right now."

She looked me up and down. "Hell no you're not."

I rolled my eyes. "Then what do you expect Ms. Fashionfuckingnesta."

She rolled her eyes and walked to my closet. She chose a red dress that I knew was extremely small, then she paired it with some black wedges.

"We pull your hair up into an elegant bun and then a smokey eye and red lips and boom!" I sighed as she pulled me into my bathroom.

While she was pulling my hair up I was talking to Harry. "So why don't we all car pool then? I can always call Paul." 

"I'm not drinking so." Harry didn't reply making me think other wise. Betthany guided my head up and I looked into the mirror. I'll admit I did look hot.

"Damn girl you're hot." then she smacked her hand against her mouth realising I was still on the phone with Harry.

"Is that true Betthany? Then I'm extremely excited to see you." I groaned and mouthed thanks a lot to Betthany. She winked at me.

"Okay Harry. Well we're ready so whenever you guys are." I heard him laugh probably from something he read or what ever he was doing.

"Okay babe see you then." I hung up and walked down stairs, my shoes making me sounds like a horse as I walked down the wooden stairs. 

After waiting fifteen minutes, Harry and Niall arrived with Liam driving. Harry and Niall jumped out of the car in suits.

"Um you guys are going clubbing." Harry grabbed my hand and lead me into the car.

"Yeah see when I saw the picture of you I knew we'd have to go some where else so we're going on a double date."

I gapsed. "How did you get a picture of me?"

He chuckled, "ask your trust worthy friend."

I turned around and Betthany was in a conversation with Niall, her face blushing. She was totally different around him then with me. She was softer, sweeter, caring and girlie. I mean she was caring with me but we we're always ass's to each other, I guess its because I dont spend time with her and him. 

We pulled up at this fancy italian restaraunt.

"What are we doing here? my dress is," I loked at it disgusted, "skanky."

Harry rolled his eyes, taking my hand in his. "Your dress goes to about three inches above your knees and its tight, thats all." I sighed giving up arguing with him.


We followed the hostess to our table. I could feel everyone look up and stare. This time it wasn't at me. It's not a big deal if Harry Styles is in the same restaurant as you. Everyone had their eyes on Sarah, and maybe Betthany too, but Sarah in my opinion looked way better. I grabbed her hands pushing her in front of me and I wrapped my arms around her waist. I then started to whisper little things in her ear. (Not the song) She ended up smiling and laughing. "Aren't you uncomfortable?"

I chuckled. "Dear you're only five two. I'm like six foot." She frowned.

I grabbed her hand and kissed it. "I like short girls."

As we were seated I threw glares at whatever male was still looking. We all made small talk till the waiter arrived. Niall didnt seem to bothered that it was a male. He had dark hair that was slicked back and gray eyes like a storm cloud.

"He's handsome but not as sexy as me." I whispered into Sarah's ear. 


"He'd handsome but not as sexy as me."

His hot breath fanning on my neck, sending shivers down my spine and causing the hair on the nape of my neck to stand up. I couldn't stop my cheeks from blushing.

"Definitely." I purred back, causing Harry to raise a brow. Just earning a smirk and a wink from me. Again causing Harry to be shocked. I just turned to my menu, acting as if nothing happened.

"I think she should order first." I looked up guessing "nNck" tried to get Harry to order first. The waiter bit his lip. Then smiled at me.

"So madame, what would you like?" I wasn't the least bit flattered. After ordering we all made small talk. I could tell Betthany's hand was locked with Niall's. They were so perfect. Sometimes I wish I could watch me and Harry and see how we looked and interacted.

"You know I've never officially met Liam, Louis, or Zayn." I said as I lined the rim of my wine glass.

Harry shrugged. "We'll meet up sometime. I'll just call them up. If it makes you happy I'll do it.'' Harry said in all seriousness. I smiled biting my lip as Harry patted my thigh. 

So boom idk if that's what you consider long hahaha well enjoy - Betthany

Yay Fun times! PS im five two not five one! Thats a big difference... :(  jkkkk Love each and every one of y'all soooo much!  - Sarah


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