Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


20. missing you

aww snap celebrating chapter 20 get the vodka lol jk Sarah doesn't drink......


Sarah's pov

i felt the book drop from my hand. she fell for it. aggggghhh where was harry, Niall must really like her, where is Harry? I felt empty, super duper empty. Betthany was to wrapped up to notice my emotion. "That's great. I'm happy for you." I said through gritted teeth. she smiled and skipped off, once I knew she was gone I let out a wail. "WHY!" I let the tears fall, I couldn't blame it on anyone. It was my fault I let it get this way, I could've pressured Harry into keeping contact with me I could've just not dated anyone. I took in a deep breath and walked to my bathroom. "You know what I'm going to look fucking amazing and I don't give a fucks sake who cares." I shouted at my mirror. I quickly brushed my long blonde and well pink hair, the purple had faded to pink or whatever color you consider it. I sectioned of my hair and started curling and hair spraying. 

The final product was good, it looked good. I then proceeded to do my makeup. Light face stuff, and bold lashes. My old makeup routine pretty much. Lots of bold mascara. Making my blue green eyes pop. I rubbed on some baby pink lipstick and then I choose some dark wash skinny jeans, some ankle boots, and a blue top, pairing it with a black blazer, it was a brilliant outfit. "lets go." I looked through my contacts and realized I barely had any. "I'll just go solo, I mean yolo right?" then I busted out laughing at how stupid I sounded. 

I drove and drove finding nowhere that I wanted to be. I ended up at the little clearing place Harry showed me. I sat there crying remembering how it was then. I took out the picture he had drawn of us. Perfect was the only word for it, it was all my fault for ruining this relationship too. After about an hour I got back in the ol' impala and drove down the road. Then she broke down. "oh my god are you kidding me right now. This is just fanfuckingtastic." I slammed my hands against the steering wheel. I looked in the mirror and cleaned up my mascara and got out. I started to open the hood when I felt a cold wet drop on my arm, then another. I looked up to feel more fall on my face. "This day just can't get any better can it?" I scream into the sky. No one takes these roads. I leaned on the hood of the car in a plank position. The ran soaking my hair. I was crying... yet again! God what is wrong with me? I started to stand up, just as I did I saw the familiar silver Audi. "This is not happening." Harry pulled up next to me. He opened the door from inside.

"Get in." he said bluntly no emotion.

"I'm going to get your seats wet." he rolled eyes.

"Just get in the damn car Sarah." he growled. I narrowed my eyes and walked over and gently got into the car. I sat there stiff as a board in the seat. I felt if I moved then it'd be like an ocean spilling in his car.

"I'm sorry." he says causing me to jump. "what for?"

"for being mean and cursing at you." I gently shook my head.

"Harry I'm the one getting your seats sopping wet." he stopped at a red light and turned to me.

"Sarah I would rather have you getting my seats soaking than to have you standing in the cold rain getting ill." I swallowed. Be a man.

"This doesn't change anything." I huff and he chuckles.

"still the same." I hear him say under his breath. I couldn't help but smile. 

Harry dropped me off at my flat. it took every ounce of me to to lean and give him a kiss. all I could do was tell him "thanks for the ride." He winked at me being his cheeky self. I rolled my eyes smiling all the way into my room.


Harry's pov

"Smooth a wink oh genius styles." I was still in my car. I looked over to the spot she sat in, it was all still wet, proof that she'd sat there. There was something on the floor it was white and folded up. I picked it up, it was so thin it was like tissue. I opened it to see the picture I had drawn of us together. I sighed and folded it back up. Was this a sign? Did she still love me? I mean I'm the one who has been the dick the whole time. I took in a deep breath and got out if my car. 

Walking inside my house to see Niall eating a bowl of popcorn. "oh hi." I just shook my head.

"What are you doing here?" Niall gave me this extremely big smile.

"guess what?" I sighed taking a handful of popcorn.

"what?" he smiled even more he looked like a clown.

"Betthany and I are back together." he shouted happily. I pretended to be happy for him, I am but what happen to being single Pringles together? what happened to that and guys night, will happen with a population of one. "Harry?" I ruffled my hair and gave Niall a smirk.

"Don't lose her this time." I said thoughtfully to him, niall nodded.

"Why aren't you over there right now."

"she's got a race and wanted practice before hand." I nodded.

"Damn she's still racing?" He nodded.

"I kinda understand why Sarah didn't allow it I don't want her to do it anymore either, it's getting extremely dangerous." I grabbed the empty popcorn bowl.

"well make sure she stays safe."

"how are you and Sarah?" I felt my hands clench on the bowl. 

"um we're, I don't know."

"Oh well I'm going home thanks for the popcorn and talk." I nodded and waved.


"I worked all day long, you better start." I leaned into the window and turned the keys. Sarah though I love her, is a straight up blonde. what was she thinking? Leaving the keys in the car? It started. I turned her off and ran upstairs, throwing on some nice clothes and I ran my hair away from my face. spraying on some cologne I walked out of my flat. The winter air just pure painful, snow was starting to fall. I drove as quickly and safely to my destination. 

I walked into the book shop, Sarah was no where to be seen. "Harry?" I turned around to see her standing behind me.


What do you guys think Harry is doing there? lol I can't stop fangirling akkkk lol not attractive Betthany just no. damn that sounds like Sarah I need to stop talking to her haha jk jk love you Sarah :) - ßetthāny 

edited by me guys yay hahaha yolo!!!!!

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