Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


30. Merry Christmas

guys this chapter idk how its going to go but you're forewarned but aside from that hey guess what chapter it is? chapter 30!!! celebration in need dramatically. we don't have fans to thank bc we don't have fans but who gives a shit we don't need fans. psh obviously.

Okay if you are under 13 don't read this chapter you're not missing anything but a bit of some sexy scenes.

Everyone was seated and eating, having a jolly good time. except for me. why? Carlos was directly across from me. I was trying not to act different. I never made that race. I just hope Niall hadn't spotted Carlos.

"Hey you okay?" Harry surprisingly asked me. I nodded and smiled.

"I'm fine. I'm just going to go use the restroom real quick." I quietly stood up. Niall hand lightly still attached to mine, which slid off as Niall gave me a worried look. I quickly walked to the bathroom.

"hey where are you off to?" I froze and turned around. Carlos looked like he gained much more muscle.

"I'm going to the bathroom where the hell else would I be going?'' he frowned

"you know I'm surprised you're alive."

"what are you talking about."

"How's your motorcycle?" I clenched my jaw.

"What are you trying to say." he chuckled.

"Some one wanted you dead." I felt the color drain from my face.

"who?" I said glad I didn't stutter. He smiled.

"Me." I felt my blood run cold. Why him. psh why would he not want me dead.

"But I'm not going to kill you if, you stay away from racing like you have. I am the only winner. I don't want to ever see you on the track you here me." I narrowed my eyes but really I was cowering.

"Fine. stay away from my friends and family." he shrugged.

"Deal." he placed a kiss on my cheek and turned on his heel. I gagged and walked into the bathroom, wiping my face down with a damp tissue. 

"What took you so long." Niall whispered in my ear. I bit my lip and pulled out my phone and typed in what happened. as Niall read it I watched as his jaw clenched tighter with each word. his hand was squeezing my phone hard. I was afraid he would crush my phone.

"He kissed your cheek, he almost fucking killed you." Niall was raging.I closed my eyes and nodded. Niall kissed both of my cheeks. Causing Sarah to scrunch her nose up. Harry giving Niall a humored what the fuck look. I just waggled my eyebrows at both of them. which was hard to do since i was not in the cheekiest mood but i had to hide the truth.

"You've got everything?" Niall asked standing behind the cab. I checked my list and nodded.

"Now you actually get to see where I was born and raised." Niall smiled. I bet that was something he wanted to see, maybe it's just a girl thing but I sure wanted to see every millimeter of mullingar and just ever inch of Ireland. 

The plane ride didn't take too long thankfully, it was just a ride over the ocean. Summerville is right on the coast of South Carolina. After we gathered out bags. Niall was still able to find a way to hold my hand.

"Niall I'm right here." He blushed a little.

"I know but I want them to know you're mine." I tried to make a joke about it but just the statement made my insides turn to mush.

"Niall it's fine, I understand." I smiled and kissed his hand.

"Hey madre." I said as I hugged her.

"where's the rest of us. And the last of us." I whispered the last sentence but my mother knew what I had said.

"Still the same girl, your dad and brother are at home playing video games." I rolled my eyes typical Mikey and typical dad. Niall shook my moms hand and as soon as his hand fell back to his side it locked with mine. which just caused me to smile as I stared off into space. 

"So what hotel are you guys staying at?" my mom asked, she'd been her normal quiet self.

"The country inn and suites." Niall answered boldly. I smiled at him giving him props. He shouldn't be shy. she just looked at me and I rolled my eyes.

"Mom you don't have to look at me every time Niall answers." Niall's hand tightened nervously in mine. 

My mom lets us check in and unpack. I ran to the bathroom looking at the decent size.

"shall this be enough your majesty." Niall said coming up from behind me. I smiled.

"Man do you see that bed, its quiet too large." I said turning around as niall wrapped his arms around my waist. he smirked.

"oh but don't worry dear I'll be there in this empty hotel room, just me, you, and the air." he said each word he got closer to my mouth. I placed my index finger over his lips.

"My mothers waiting you goose." he narrow his eye brows, his arms released me and I walked to grab my purse. as I opened the door Niall wasn't following me.

"come on." he started making this bird noise.

"Niall!" I said half laughing half shouting.

"Oh but your mothers waiting mustn't bring her a goose now." I frowned.

"Okay I'm sorry you're not a goose but lets go." As we walked outside Niall was looking at my face. We had been unpacking and laying out clothes for a good twenty minutes.

"What if she thinks we were doing something." Niall raised a brow.

"you mean like each other?" Niall cheekily replied. I nodded Niall sighed and grabbed both my hands.

"we were doing something, unpacking, if she thinks we did that, you shouldn't be ashamed or embarrassed, right?" I took in a deep breath and nodded. Getting in the car was a bit awkward but Niall kept a conversation with my mom going. I texted Sarah and asked how they were doing. They were spending the Christmas at Harry's and New Years at her family's house. Me and Niall were staying here the whole two- three weeks.

"So what's planned for chow?" I asked as my mom turned down Main Street, she shrugged,

"fin for yourself." Niall looked at me confused. I opened my mouth to answer but instead yawned. My mom started laughing.

"At least we all now know your mouth is still big." she said laughing. I turned to Niall to see a Cheshire grin spread across his face as he waggled his eyebrows. I felt my jaw drop, but I quickly closed it not wanting anymore embarrassing suggestive remarks from Niall. Niall just laughed and patted my hand.

"I'm pretty sure you guys are jet lagged, so its fine if you go out to eat and then go to your hotel, Betthany scoots is in the garage." I nodded and got out of the car Niall followed right behind me. We told everyone hi and made small talk, but soon, me and Niall were walking to the garage. Our hands shoved in our pockets as the wind blew our hair.

"This is scoots, scoots meet Niall." I threw open the garage and there was my first car, the periwinkle bug. Niall started laughing.

"This thing, you're going to drive this thing, Betthany you drive a mustang that did street racing and a crotch rocket now a little bug." I jumped in front of him and shushed him.

"Nobody knows about racing and I don't want them too okay." Niall's features softened and he nodded. We drove around Summerville looking for food, I had spotted my favorite restaurant, zaxby's. But Niall insisted on chilies because of their hard eggnog. That's one thing we both wanted to try. I dialed my mom and told her our plans of drinking and we'd need a ride. she agreed thankfully. 

"Okay so I finished wrapping everything." Niall said running his hands between mine at the table.

"you didn't need to get me anything you know that right?" He smiled And kissed my hand. The waitress dropped off, may I say lastly, we had our food and were stuffed but we had to have this drink. she dropped it off with the check.

"ladies first." Niall waved to the drink/shake. I giggled and grabbed the straw and took a sip.

"so?" I smiled.

"It's tasty." 

I stumbled into the hotel room, Niall following. I was tired, only a little buzzed but little buzzes only tire me out. we hadn't but half of that but still. I took off my clothes and threw on a large shirt. leaving my socks on. I didn't know what Niall was doing so I started scrolling through smile. All of a sudden my hands were separated. Before I could look up, Niall's lips were connecting with mine. Our tongues met each other and Niall's hand played with the hem of my shirt, which was almost to my knees. His hand went up my shirt and he gently massaged my breast. I let out a moan and I knew that would make Niall crazy. His hand left too soon but this time it went right to 'me'. I gasped at the feeling. As we scooted back some, Niall continuously kept rubbing me. my hands clutched the sheets, I had never felt anything like this before it was all new to me. Niall's lips traveled down my neck, he kissed me in my favorite place, right under my ear, causing me to let out yet another moan, causing his fingers to move faster. I wasn't going to last much longer and Niall knew that. His lips finally met back to mine and I was glad. I felt the orgasm come and when it did I was fisting Niall's hair. His hand slowly left me and I automatically missed it, which I mentally slapped myself because stuff like this leads to things. Niall kissed my forehead, which was sweaty, the heater was on way to high. I sat there and recovered for what seemed like forever. After I padded over to the heater realizing that it was set the right temperature I was just all hot. The steam from the bathroom wasn't helping either. I quickly shredded my clothes and pulled back the shower curtain. I stepped into the warm stream of water. Niall had his eyes squinted shut and shampoo on his hair. I chuckled and one eye peeked open. He then closed both again and rinsed the shampoo out. When he opened his eyes again he stood there frozen. Then his eyes traveled down my body, He frowned and pulled my arms away, revealing everything to him. His eyes continued to travel up and down my body. His eyes met mine, but his got larger for a second. That's when I started to look down. But he stuck his finger under my chin and prevented it.

"Don't look down." he said in a serious tone. I raised a brow.

"Why you don't want me to see that you're sexually attracted to me?" My finger was gently tracing patterns over his bare torso. it was taking everything in him not to moan.

"Oh trust me I'm way beyond sexually attracted to you." I nodded biting my lip.

"Okay and you helped me so I'll help you." he gave me a confused look and then realized as I got down onto my knees.

"you don't have to." Niall stuttered out. I shrugged.

"I want to at least try, It'll be my first." I said with a wink. Niall threw his head back and rubbed water on his face.

"Hello you're a guy you gotta explain." he chuckled and gave me the instructions. I'm not going to explain his length because I feel that's just a bit degrading, so lets just say he's a good enough size for me. I did as Niall said and I grabbed ahold of his hips for stability. I got himself into my mouth and started bobbing my head back and forth like he instructed. As soon as he was in my mouth he had started moaning, weakling. Niall had ahold of my head and was guiding me.

"Betthany if you don't want cum in your mouth you better stop." yep I do not want that. I pulled away from him and he turned around probably finishing, I rubbed my face with water, rinsing my mouth out, Niall probably didn't want to kiss his own dick. Niall turned around and I was already shampooing my hair. He smiled and helped me. I had my body washed and hair but Niall didn't let me leave just yet. His lips melted into mine as my back was pressed against the warm plastic of the cheap shower.

"Thank you." he whispered to me. I smiled.

"And thank you, for satisfy my hormonal needs, for another week." I said teasingly. He rested his forehead on mine.

"I want to take you so bad but I can't." I let out a sigh.

"I know we will wait but I'm sure we will be fine." he nodded and turned the shower off. 

I laid I bed my wet hair in a bun. I kissed Niall's nose.

"Merry Christmas." he said into my neck. I smiled. "So that was my Christmas present." he shook his head.

"Oh no if I had that planned as a gift it would've been so much better. I chuckled and closed my eyes. 

Aw snap guys lol a lot of beni action. Hawt Hawt stuff guys. :) 

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